Event #98 – 2nd April, 2016: Pairs

Our landmark 100th parkrun may be only a fortnight away, but this week’s events set a high benchmark for it to live up to. The warmest parkrun of the year thus far saw a number of remarkably fast times and a very happy group of runners snaking through the park for three laps yet again.

Early birds ready to catch some worms

With many regulars away on Easter break, the numbers were lower than usual but more than compensated for in quality stories. Some 111 runners finished the event, 13 of whom on their first foray into parkrunning and a further ten experienced parkrunners who visited Peckham Rye for the first time.

Before we get into the details, however, it would be remiss of me to fail to congratulate two of our regulars - Greg Nicholas and Helen Covich - on their recent wedding. This time last week both were running at Curl Curl parkrun in Australia, and managed to brush off the jetlag to join us again this week, and indeed in some style...

Leaders of the Peck
With many regular frontrunners missing this week, Greg was left to focus on his own run at the head of the pack, and ultimately finished 1m 20s quicker than the second runner, Luke Pettit. And, on his 42nd visit to Peckham Rye and 22 consecutive visits timed between 17:00 and 18:00, he finally dipped under the 17-minute mark for the first time, becoming only the tenth runner at Peckham Rye to do so and earning a new PB in the process. Neatly, it was also his 17th first finish at the event.

As if that wasn’t enough, we also had a sub-20 female this week in Hannah Ewens (19:50), marking the first time we’d had both sub-17s and sub-20s since August 2015 and only the third occasion on which the ‘fast pairs’ feat has been achieved in the history of Peckham Rye parkrun. Yet, somewhat perversely, this was the first time that Hannah didn’t achieve a PB - her most recent visit (back in January) saw her run 19:37 and evidently there’s more where that came from!

Gathering at the start line, ready for the off

Rye Regulars
In spite of 21 PBs being recorded, few of these fell to members of the Rye Regulars this week, likely due to so few of them (those who’ve run here ten times or more) being in attendance.

Asides from Greg Nicholas’ exploits, other runners shaving seconds off their previous bests include Tom Hatfield (13s), Jon Drever (2s) and Guy de Glanville (5s). Steve McVickers also took 12 second off his best and racked up his fourth consecutive PB at Peckham Rye to steal the Hot Streak Award prize for this week. However, the PB of the Week belongs to Grace Blackwood, whose time of 27:15 represents a 48 second drop compared with her previous best a fortnight ago. Well done to all!
The milestones are coming thick and fast among our regulars these days, and another was achieved this week as Sharon Hall completed her 50th parkrun. Director Kev was on hand to snap her leading a pack around the bend at the top of the slope - congratulations, Sharon!

Sharon Hall, leading the way

Helen Covich still has a healthy 219 point lead at the top of the ladies’ Points Race leaderboard and looks set to claim the title with only two months remaining in the parkrun calendar year. By virtue of being almost ever-present, Martin Kelson continues to command a similar lead in the men’s equivalent.

Peckham Rye Tourist Board
We welcomed four 50-club members to Peckham Rye parkrun for the first time - Ben and Christopher Pettit (56 and 55 runs respectively), presumably related to second finisher and fastest Junior of the week, Luke Pettit, are regulars of Tees Burbage in Middlesbrough. Michael John Grant (82 runs, usually of Greenwich) has recently become a serial tourist and was our most experienced visitor this week. And finally, Liz Pepper (51 runs) is more typically found at Crystal Palace parkrun, but joined us for the first time.

Unfortunately Google Sheets have let me down this week, so I was unable to track the exploits of runners featuring elsewhere this week. If you achieved a spot of tourism, well done, and sorry to miss out on the namecheck...!

Token Tombola
Continuing our spotlight on a random selection of runners who otherwise might not have received a mention this week, picked by virtue of their finish token numbers:

54 - Kathryn Lamb
A 14-time parkrunner, all of which with us here at Peckham Rye, Kathryn is coming up to the 1st anniversary of her first parkrun. Whilst she wasn’t able to set a new PB this week, five of her previous seven runs were, and she looks set to eclipse her current best of 23:40 again very soon.

63 - Brendan Macdonald
Brendan was a first time parkrunner with us this week (one of 13) and became the 2,695th runner to complete a parkrun at Peckham Rye. That’s not a typo - we’ve really now had over 2,700 different runners at our events now!

10 - Coleman Long
With 13 runs at Peckham Rye now, Coleman recently joined the band of regulars having completed nine of them in 2016 already. Last time out, Coleman earned a PB and this week fell just six seconds short. Having only been bitten by the parkrun bug since September, one suspects we’ll be seeing Coleman amongst our ranks plenty more this year.

Top Threes
16:56 - Gregory Nicholas (Windrush Triathlon Club)
18:13 - Luke Pettit (Middlesbrough AC)
18:23 - Tom Hatfield

19:50 - Hannah Ewens (Crystal Palace Triathletes)
21:25 - Laura Benton (Windrush Triathlon Club)
22:46 - Carly Bedwell

18:13 - Luke Pettit (Middlesbrough AC)
24:05 - James Blackwood
26:09 - Christopher Pettit

77.1% - Gregory Nicholas (Windrush Triathlon Club)
76.4% - Luke Pettit (Middlesbrough AC)
74.6% - Hannah Ewens (Crystal Palace Triathletes)

First Timers at Peckham Rye:
18:13 - Luke Pettit (Middlesbrough AC)
20:53 - Colin Wilson
21:16 - Matthew Leslie

Age Category First Places:
JW10 - Robin Hallett
JM11-14 - James Blackwood
JW11-14 - Rowan Hallett
JM15-17 - Luke Pettit
SM20-24 - Zach Sewell
SW20-24 - Hannah Locke
SM25-29 - William Barraclough
SW25-29 - Hannah Ewens
SM30-34 - Gregory Nicholas
SW30-34 - Laura Benton
VM35-39 - Mark Edwards
VW35-39 - Kirsty Jones
VM40-44 - Chris Flint
VW40-44 - Johanna Honey
VM45-49 - Javed Chughtai
VW45-49 - Helen Sheridan
VM50-54 - Jon Hopkins
VM55-59 - Habib Abdullahi
VW55-59 - Paula Bennett
VM65-69 - John E. Turner
VW65-69 - Maz Turner

Director Dave, moonlighting as timekeeper, clocks another pair of finishers

As always, it goes without saying that our events simply wouldn’t happen without volunteers and we’re enormously grateful to this week’s army, led by Director Kev. Dave Burgess timed everyone out and back in, while Juliet Bristow was on hand five yards beyond the finish line with the tokens. Your tokens were kindly scanned by one of the trio of Alexandra Balding, Paschlis-George Militadou and Stephen Kakoulli, whilst the course was enthusiastically mashalled by Tony Donalson, Sarah Parkuns and Elli Kakoulli.

If you’re considering volunteering at a future event, please do. Many find that marshalling an event is a great introduction to supporting the events without having too much responsibility, and we definitely require marshals at all of our coming events. If you’d like to put yourself forward, get in touch with one of the Directors on a coming Saturday, or email peckhamryehelpers@parkrun.com.

Only two weeks to go until the century event, which is also set to coincide with a couple of individual milestones too. There’s the promise of baked goods on hand at the end, so do make sure you’re there!



Event #94, 5th March 2016: Shiny

Runners at Event 94 were greeted with the sight of a new addition to the Peckham Rye parkrun furniture - thanks to all those whose recent donations to our event have meant that the start/finish is now adorned with a shiny new parkrun flag, along with a fresh set of finish tokens.

From now on, you won't be able to miss us

146 runners defied a March frost to line up at 9am on yet another Saturday morning, including a fantastic 49 members of the Rye Regulars, returning for at least their 10th parkrun at Peckham Rye. Additionally we welcomed six runners taking part in their first ever parkruns as well as a further 12 with parkrun experience at other venues.

Leaders of the Peck
Whilst Matthew Lewis and Andy Bond set off fast, leaving a trail of dust in their wake, Alastair Locke eventually prevailed as the first finisher this week, for the second time in his nine visits to Peckham Rye, and in so doing setting his own PB for the course in a time of 17:20.

Our first female finisher this week was Kim Hainsworth - three times a sub-20 runner at Peckham Rye, Kim came in at a slightly more leisurely 21:35, followed by Lucy Ashton who managed to equal her time from last week’s run and Anna Westcott, only a few seconds further back, but the claimant of a third consecutive PB (albeit that her last visit was in August!).

We had a fantastic crop of junior this week, with seven completing the three laps. James Blackwood was the first to collect his finish token, missing out on his own PB by just four seconds. However, the two juniors who did collect PBs this week were the youngest - Iris Tunley and Ralph Greer-Walker. Ralph snipped a whopping 2m 38s off his previous best time on his third full parkrun, while Iris dipped under the 30-minute barrier for the first time,

Rye Regulars
There were eight PBs falling to members of the Rye Regulars this week, though none could have been as well-timed as Daniel Watson who did so on the occasion of his 50th parkrun - congratulations on reaching the milestone, Daniel, and thanks for the cakes!

Fantastic themed cakes, courtesy of Daniel Watson's milestone event

Among the other seven shiny new PB claimants were Andy James (9 seconds), Eric Richardson (21s), Fiona Helen Sands (3s) and Pamela Buxton (31s). Patrick Insole took 14 seconds off his previous best to nip below the 20-minute barrier for the first time.

This week’s PB of the Week, however, is awarded to Judy Cransberg who not only trimmed her previous best time by 42 seconds but also earned the best female age-graded time of the week. And, finally, with consecutive PBs, Will Lush earns this week’s Hot Streak Award. Will took a massive 20 seconds off his previous best this week and is no stranger to the feat, having embarked on a sequence of five PBs in a row at the same time last year.

Daniel Watson’s 50 was the only milestone hit this week, but Johanna Honey and Martin Kelsen are each just one away from joining the red t-shirt brigade. Martin still leads this year’s male points race, 300 points clear of James Venn, which has only three months left to run.

Male Points Race leader Martin Kelsen (right) debriefs with Gokhan Ozen

Token Tombola
Continuing our journey through the assorted runner types at Peckham Rye, this week we stumble upon:

#71 - Ana Soria
Ana is only three runs into her parkrunning exploits, having taken the plunge only last month, but we’re pleased to spot that she’s complete all three with us here. Last week she shaved almost a minute off her first run time, and the 25-minute mark appears to be her next target!

#31 - Remi Lacroix
Remi was a serial runner at Brockwell parkrun before our own event was hatched, but has clearly never looked back since taking part in our 10th run back in August 2014. Remi boasts an impressive PB of 21:14

#28 - Matt Baker
Matt completed his 5th Peckham Rye parkrun this week, but has a colourful parkrun history. With half of his runs completed in Leeds, he also ticked off a couple of events in Northern Ireland, but so far this year has only run in South East London, with one-time visits to Greenwich and Bexley. This week he fell just 10 seconds short of a PB, but is well on the way to becoming one of our own regulars.

Peckham Rye Tourist Board
This week we were joined by four centurions visiting Peckham Rye for the first time. Lorraine and Derek Garrod have both completed 100 runs at Banstead Woods parkrun, but joined us for the first time, as did Steve Clark and Peter Griffiths, both more regularly found at Bexley parkrun.

Taking tourism to extremes, this week we spotted not one but two of our own regulars at events in the southern hemisphere. Helen Covich popped up at the fantastically named Curl Curl parkrun in Sydney, Australia, while Cleo Oliver appeared at George parkrun in South Africa! Kudos to them both. Helen still leads this year’s Female Points Race at Peckham Rye, some 300 points ahead of Helen Stephen.

Top Threes
17:20 - Alastair Locke (Dulwich Runners AC)
17:49 - Matthew Lewis
17:52 - Ben Cook

21:35 - Kim Hainsworth (Dulwich Runners AC)
22:24 - Lucy Ashton
22:27 - Anna Westacott

21:50 - James Blackwood
27:09 - Lucy Hetherington
27:09 - Luke Horner

76.9% - Garry Parsons (London FrontRunners)
76.2% - Andy Bond (Dulwich Runners AC)
75.8% - Daniel Johns (London Heathside Runners AC)

First Timers at Peckham Rye:
17:52 - Ben Cook
19:16 - Ben Unsworth (Thames Turbo Triathlon)
20:42 - Peter Griffiths (Bexley AC)

Age Category First Places

JM10 - Ralph Greer-Walker
JW10 - Iris Tunley
JM11-14 - James Blackwood
JW11-14 - Sassafras Thomas
JW15-17 - Lucy Hetherington
SM20-24 - Jack Smith
SW20-24 - Hannah Locke
SM25-29 - Andrew Garrod
SW25-29 - Anna Westacott
SM30-34 - Alastair Locke
SW30-34 - Kim Hainsworth
VM35-39 - Matthew Lewis
VW35-39 - Lucy Ashton
VM40-44 - Mark Callaghan
VW40-44 - Helen Groothues
VM45-49 - Garry Parsons
VW45-49 - Suzannah Kinsella
VM50-54 - Peter Griffiths
VW50-54 - Catherine Roulson
VM55-59 - Gary Mayo
VW55-59 - Judy Cransberg
VM60-64 - Derek Garrod
VM65-69 - Ian Mitchell

We extend our immense gratitude this week to John Monach (and kids!) and Andreas Tober for guiding us round the park as marshals, to Neil Borthwick for keeping time and Joanna Brady for dishing out the finish tokens. Those two tasks were particularly unenviable this week with a number of finishers bunched together at various stages. To our clan of scanners (there needs to be a collective noun for barcode scanners - any suggestions?), thanks for keeping the queues down Valeria Macleod, Sarah Parkins and Stephen Kakoulli! And of course, our appreciation to Director Kev for pulling the strings (and lugging the equipment, old and new).

I’m taking a break next week. Any budding or experienced writers who fancy documenting the 95th event (in the style of their choosing, of course) are thoroughly welcome to get in touch via any of the usual media.



Event #93, 27th February 2016: Plummeting

Though a chill hit the air, it wasn’t just the temperature that dropped this week as the queues that have blighted runners’ post-run experiences in recent weeks diminished. Courtesy of our brand new scanner, finishers faced the much more satisfying experience of barcodes being scanned within seconds of being assigned their tokens! Thanks to all those who kindly contributed to our equipment fund - hopefully everyone will reap the rewards at future events.

"Look Mum - no queues!"

There was also a reduction in the number of runners this week as the smallest attendance at Peckham Rye since the 2nd January lined up - 118 runners, 102 of them returning (four of whom are parkrun centurions) and 16 first time visitors. 36 of those returning runners set PBs on the course, while nine took part in their first ever parkruns. For details of those new best times, our visitors and more, read on...

Leaders of the Peck
Greg Nicholas confirmed his status as King of the Rye with a 16th first finish - Greg’s last three trots around the park have been so consistent that they’ve differed by only three seconds, and 18 of his last 19 visits have been in the 17:00-17:30 time bracket.

Greg was followed home by two familiar faces at the head of the pack, Matthew Lewis and Andy Bond - the three have 33 first finishes between them yet somehow this was only the second time that they have all turned out at the same event, and the only previous time (event 73) Andy was pacing his sons partway down the field. Here’s looking forward to the continuation of a very healthy rivalry!

Emma Ibell fell just short of a PB as she was the first of the ladies home, followed by Rose Sampson Geroski on only her third parkrun and Emma Sherwood at her first. We hope to see you all coming back in the coming weeks to cut your own times down as the weather improves.

There was one new age-category record set this week, as Rex Toop in the VM70-74 group came home in a sensational time of 24:13, beating out the previous record holder in that category by over half a minute.

Peckham Rye Tourist Board
Rex was by far and away the star name at this week’s run, having recently earned his milestone t-shirt for completing 250 parkruns - this was his 257th, and whilst half of those have been at his local event in Poole, more than 100 have been spread across a multitude of other events, with no more than two runs at any of the others. What’s more, Rex is a serial parkrun volunteer, having registered a massive 225 volunteer occasions!

Our next most experienced tourists this week were Lew S (70 parkruns, mostly in Cardiff) and Laura Russell (51, Fulham Palace) who are both evidently attempting to tick off as many London parkruns from their list as they can.

There were a few notable exponents of parkrun tourism among those more usually found at Peckham Rye this week. Gorleston Cliffs parkrun in Norfolk welcomed Stephen Kakoulli and Sarah Parkins, while Ian Mitchell appeared at the 500-strong Cardiff parkrun.

Token Tombola
Randomly plucking three more finishers this week, we have:

#7 - Ivano Maggiulli
A ten-time parkrunner, Ivano has completed seven runs at Peckham Rye having completed three at Hilly Fields last autumn. Today he came within one second of matching his PB, in a time of 19:28.

#12 - Mark Carlyle
Mark has completed all 14 of his runs with us at Peckham Rye, all of which have been since June last year, including five of our last eight events. Mark shaved five seconds off his previous best time today to set a new PB of 20:14.

#35 - Ally Rosam
Rounding off our trio of parkrunners this week is yet another who discovered the joys in the last year - Ally has completed 11 runs at Dulwich Park but her last three have been with us at Peckham Rye, and she also recorded her fastest parkrun here. Today’s effort came just 13 seconds shy of that time, and hopefully the coming weeks will see her best that yet again.

Rye Regulars
There were no major milestones hit this week, but all eyes are on a number of regulars who are within spitting distance. Daniel Watson took his total to 49 today, Martin Kelsen to 48 and Gila Tabrizi who notched another appearance at Hilly Fields now stands just two runs away from 100. They’ll likely all be sporting new parkrun-branded milestone t-shirts come our 100th event in April.

PBs falling to regulars this week include the aforementioned Mark Carlyle, Will Lush (taking one second off his best to register his first PB since May), Claire Barnard (with PBs in consecutive weeks to dip below 24 minutes for the first time) and Juliet Cooper.

The biggest dent put into a previous best time, however, was by Simon Ewing who trimmed the PB he recorded last week by exactly a minute, and for seven days the PB of the Week title is his. Consecutive PBs aren’t enough to secure the Hot Streak Award, however, which goes to Justin Siderfin’s four-in-a-row, with a further 14 seconds trimmed today.

As is traditional at this point, we turn our attention to the top threes in various categories, and the age-graded first finishers:

17:15 - Gregory Nicholas (Windrush Triathlon Club)
18:13 - Matthew Lewis
18:21 - Andy Bond (Dulwich Runners AC)

20:41 - Emma Ibell (Dulwich Runners AC)
21:13 - Rosa Sampson Geroski
22:13 - Emma Sherwood

24:05 - Joe Panni
31:19 - Iris Tunley

78.9% - Ebe Prill (Dulwich Runners AC)
76.1% - Emma Ibell (Dulwich Runners AC)
75.7% - Gregory Nicholas (Windrush Triathlon Club)

First Timers at Peckham Rye
22:13 - Emma Sherwood
22:21 - Jill Kisler (Sunderland Strollers)
23:01 - Zach Sewell

Age Category First Places:
JW10 - Iris Tunley
JM11-14 - Joe Panni
SM18-19 - Eoin Mcmahon
SM20-24 - James Thompson
SW20-24 - Hannah Glaister
SM25-29 - Joe Kavanagh
SW25-29 - Rosa Sampson Geroski
SM30-34 - Gregory Nicholas
SW30-34 - Emma Sherwood
VM35-39 - Matthew Lewis
VW35-39 - Jill Kisler
VM40-44 - Andy Bond
VW40-44 - Emma Ibell
VM45-49 - Daniel Watson
VW45-49 - Vanessa Mcvickers
VM50-54 - Ebe Prill
VW50-54 - Juliet Cooper
VM55-59 - Andreas Tober
VW55-59 - Judy Cransberg
VM70-74 - Rex Toop

We were caught out this week as two volunteers failed to show up. Our events simply can’t take place without a number of crucial roles covered, however, and it was only due to Sass Thomas’ generosity stepping forward to hand out the finish tokens that we were able to go ahead. It’s true that we can never have enough support on a Saturday, so please do consider taking a turn once in a while.

Greg and Julia scan whilst Andy observes the finishers

Director Kev steadied this week’s ship, aided by Sarah Tizzard on the stopwatch, Julia Robinson with our third scanner while Andrew Hickleton and Steve McVickers stewarded the course itself. Not content with zipping around the park in their usual speedy fashion, Greg Nicholas and Andy Bond also then kindly doubled-up to bring our complement of scanners up to three. Thanks once again to them all.

Next week will be Event 94, and we get to do it all over again. See you there!


Event #92, 20th February 2016: Bunged Up

Peckham Rye Park was alive to the sounds of sniffs and snuffles this week, as 153 parkrunners made their way around three traditional laps to signal the start to their weekends, many evidently coming off the back of a seasonal cold. The rain kindly held off long enough to make for decent conditions, though it was a little breezy along the exposed section between the Oval and the start/finish.

13 of our number this week were first timers at Peckham Rye, five of whom took part in their first parkruns. Some 29 PBs were recorded among those returning for another crack of the whip, meaning that more than one in five went faster than they had before - whether newbies or veterans, welcome all!

Queues - soon to be a thing of the past?

Once again you’ll have noticed that the queues for barcode scanning are still quite long. Thanks for being patient while we work through everyone. The good news is that whilst we wait for regular numbers to increase so that Parkrun gift us a third scanner, we plan to buy one directly ourselves. The bad news is that we’ll only be able to afford it with event funds. With that in mind, our Run Director Overlords would like to subtly point out that there is a direct paypal link on the parkrun website here, though the section to add a comment to ensure that the money is allocated to our event isn't particularly obvious.

Leaders of the Peck
We had a new first finisher this week in Charles Lound, in a time of 17:46 and just shy of his PB. He was followed home by Matthew Lewis (buggy handicapped once again!) and Theodore Code who were only five seconds in Charles’ wake. Theodore did set a new PB in the process, running 46 seconds quicker than his previous visit to Peckham Rye.

Ellie Osmond was the first of the ladies home, making it a dozen first finishes from just 19 runs at Peckham Rye. Lucy Ashton and Helen Linberry were sandwiched between Ellie and the quickest ladies PB time of the day, recorded by Claire Barnard.

Peckham Rye Tourist Board
With only eight runners making excursions from other parkruns, tourists were few and far between this week - James Thompson (22 parkruns) and Harriet Quigley (18) were our most experienced visitors.

There were, however, plenty of exploits from our own regulars at other events. Usually found at the head of the crowd at Peckham Rye, Gregory Nicholas and Andy Bond turned out at Ludlow and Weymouth respectively, each finishing second.

Darren McCreery appeared at the coastal Sewerby parkrun, Sam Crump visited the spiritual home of parkrun, at Bushy Park, and Gila Tabrizi took on the challenge of the new Tooting Common parkrun at only its fourth event.

Token Tombola
In the second instalment of what may or may not become a regular feature in this column, the spotlight shines upon three more randomly selected finishers, those who were handed finish tokens with numbers 128, 147 and 64.

#128 - Jose Vargas
Jose appears to be relatively new to parkrunning, but the bug has definitely hit as he’s turned out to four of the last five events at Peckham Rye, and today set a new PB of 30:06, representing a massive improvement on his first visit (36:22) less than a month ago. With form like that we’ll likely see his name feature here plenty more in the future!

#147 - Gyorgyi Valenti-Ferrinho
Much like Jose, Gyorgyi is a 2016 convert to parkrun, having appeared at each of the last six events here at Peckham Rye since her first foray back on 16th January. It’s great to see that so many who’ve found parkrun have stuck at it so committedly! Gyorgi’s times have also been tumbling, registering three PBs in her last five runs.

#64 - Ian Mitchell
I’m delighted that the random runner generator provided me with a chance to write about Ian this week. Among the many wonderful people that I’ve had the opportunity to meet and get to know at Peckham Rye parkrun, Ian is definitely up there as the friendliest, and what’s more is one of the runners to whom I most aspire. Last week signalled Ian’s 50th parkrun and he’s now completed 45 of them at Peckham Rye, dating back to event #11 in August 2014, and his PB is 23:48, good for an age-grade of over 70%, something most of us can only dream of. In fact, Ian’s age-category score often puts him among the fastest at Peckham Rye parkrun, and this week his time of 24:51 was the 9th best grade among the 153 runners. Not only that, but Ian is also a 15-time volunteer. Here’s to the next 50!

There’ll be more Token Tombola next time out - if you finish 7th, 12th or 35th then prepare to have your name in lights!

Rye Regulars
Five shiny new PBs fell to members of the Rye Regulars this week, those runners who’ve completed ten or more parkruns at Peckham Rye. Congratulations to Simon Ewing (4 seconds improvement) for his best time in over a year, Lee Hatch (35 seconds, recording consecutive PBs) and Butch Ali (6 seconds, having equalled his previous best last week) for their great times.

The PB of the Week award goes quite deservedly to Claire Barnard who took a massive 52 second chunk out of her previous best time recorded back in October. The Hot Streak Award, however, goes the way of Michelle Key; not only was she able to take 36 seconds off her PB, but did so having taken a further 10 off on her last visit a fortnight ago, and has registered eight PBs from the last 11 attempts.

The two Helens, Covich and Stephen, continue to do battle at the head of the Female Points Race. Helen Covich’s lead was cut into slightly this week but she still nurses a 400-point advantage. Meanwhile in the Male race, whilst his PB powers may be fading of late, Martin Kelsen continues to top the list, more than 200 points ahead of James Venn. There’s still time for plenty of change in the respective races, but with just four months left the chasers have their work cut out.

Two runners at this week’s event hit the 50-run milestone. One, Gary Mayo, also has the joint honour of joining the Rye Regulars having completed his 10th at Peckham Rye. Gary is more regularly found at either Hilly Fields (where he’s run 22 times) or North Beach parkrun (13 times). If you’ve not heard of North Beach parkrun, there’s probably a good reason for that… it’s in Durban, South Africa!  Unbelievably in recent weeks, there’ve been around 1,500 runners at each event there! I’m not quite sure that Peckham Rye would cope with that number quite yet…

The other milestoner was… me! I shan’t bore our readers to tears with details of my much less glamorous parkrunning history, but will take the opportunity to mention that it’s been a great pleasure to share the paths around Peckham Rye park with so many wonderful people and acknowledge that it really is due to the persistent dedication of Kev and, more recently, Dave, that I and the rest of us have been able to enjoy giving our weekends a great kick-start and whilst we 50 clubbers might wear the t-shirts, they’re all testament to the ongoing support from the volunteers. Huge thanks to those who give up their time so that others may parkrun.

Anyway, enough of the sentiment, on to some more facts and figures…

This week’s Top Threes and Age Category first finishers were:

17:46 - Charles Lound (Dulwich Runners AC)
17:50 - Matthew Lewis
17:51 - Theodore Code

21:29 - Ellie Osmond (South London Harriers)
22:29 - Lucy Ashton
23:01 - Helen Linberry

21:29 - Ellie Osmond (South London Harriers)
25:40 - Sam Osmond
28:20 - Eleanor Elias

81.7% - Charles Lound (Dulwich Runners AC)
74.9% - Matthew Lewis
74.3% - Ellie Osmond (South London Harriers)

First Timers at Peckham Rye:
20:07 - James Thompson (Cardiff University AC)
20:19 - Thomas Mccredie
22:17 - Robert Searle

Age Category First Places:
JM10 - Sam Osmond
JW10 - Eleanor Elias
JW11-14 - Ellie Osmond
JM15-17 - Ianto Jones
SM20-24 - James Thompson
SW20-24 - Olivia Fairfield
SM25-29 - Theodore Code
SW25-29 - Claire Barnard
SM30-34 - Tom Hatfield
SW30-34 - Helen Linberry
VM35-39 - Matthew Lewis
VW35-39 - Lucy Ashton
VM40-44 - Patrick Insole
VW40-44 - Catherine Mcdonald
VM45-49 - Charles Lound
VW45-49 - Fiona Helen Sands
VM50-54 - Martin Kelsen
VW50-54 - Juliet Cooper
VM55-59 - Roger Beardsworth
VW55-59 - Anna Stobart
VM60-64 - Jeremy Crump
VM65-69 - Ian Mitchell

With Director Kev busting out yet another sub-20 time, even whilst recuperating from a chest infection, it was left to Director Dave to oversee events admirably once again this week. Sarah Parkins set us all off and logged our times on the way back, and Catherine Roulson kindly dished out the barcodes before Sara Faulkner and Julia Robinson scanned them all up.

The marshals on the course this week were Oliver Osmond, Stephen Kakoulli, Joseph Booth and Justin Siderfin. Thanks also go to Butch Ali and Sara (again) for sorting all the tokens back afterwards.

Thanks to those who responded to Dave’s call for volunteers at upcoming events. If you’re still looking to log a contribution in the first three months of 2016, now is a great opportunity to put your name down for one of the events in March. Just drop a line to peckhamryehelpers@parkrun.com.

In the immortal words of Porky Pig… That’s all folks! See you next time!


Event #91, 13th February 2016


Peckham Rye parkrun event 91, 13th February 2016

There wasn't much love in the air for the grey and cold morning on this Valentine's weekend but for the 153 finishers their love for parkrun triumphed over the dull February weather - impressive stuff! We had a bit of a glitch with the results this week, with the times originally recorded as 17 seconds faster than they should have been. We apologise for any disappointment caused by any surprise PBs that were later rescinded, thankfully such incidents are rare and our run director David Burgess worked incredibly hard to correct the results and ensure everyone had their accurate time by the end of the day.

Top Threes

In a tight finish for the top three men, Thomas Woolway bagged his first top place in the seven appearances he's made at Peckham Rye in 19:06, Guy Reder was second over the line in 19:07 and James Rixon, running his first ever parkrun, was third in 19:09.

For the women, Claire Pepper was first (18th overall) in 21:26, Naomi Aylwin was second (19th overall) in 21:34 and Victoria Matthews, also running her first ever parkrun, was third (21st overall) in 21:47.

First Timers

Welcome to the parkrun family: James Rixon, Victoria Matthews, Rachel Gomme, Debra Dean, Vanessa McVickers, Guillemette Bazieu and Ianto Jones who all ran their first ever parkruns today. We hope you enjoyed it and that we'll see you again soon!


Regular runner and volunteer Ian Mitchell ran his 50th parkrun, 44 of which have been at Peckham Rye. Congratulations Ian, we hope to see you wearing your red 50 T-shirt soon!

Tourist Board

We had some very experienced parkrunners joining us for their first time at Peckham Rye this week. Brian and Natalie Longman with over 200 runs each, the majority in the North East London/Essex area, Graham Buckle with over 100, mostly at Hampstead Heath, Dan Spinks nearly at 150 runs mainly at Gunnersbury and Dan Houghton with 170 runs, the majority also at Gunnersbury. We hope you enjoyed your trip to the Rye.

Rye regulars

Regular runners and volunteers Stephen Kakoulli and Sarah Parkins popped up at Royal Tunbridge Wells this week, event director Kev Chadwick slotted in a stint at Bromley parkrun as part of his long run marathon training and Giles Thomas and Judy Cransberg were at Medina, Isle of Wight.

A huge well done goes to Sara Faulkner for her PB of 25.48, that makes Sara's third PB in her last seven runs at Peckham Rye and winner of this week's hot streak award!


Thanks to our high-vis heros who made your parkrun happen this week – David Burgess (run director), Lois, Zara and Emilia Barmby, Juliet Bristow, Juliet Cooper, Fabian Joseph and Rebecca Palser.Let us know if you fancy helping out in the future!


Our Facebook page has photos from the event which tourist Brian Longman kindly took after his 220th and 1st visit to Peckham rye, They can be found at:




Event #90, 6th February 2016: Mystery Runners

06 - 02 - 2016

Event #90

So it was a pretty cold morning and slightly windy, As usual around 08:50am it was looking like our recent higher attendance may drop for the Second week running. Then as Run Director David Burgess asked everyone to go behind the start line runners  just appeared from nowhere! with everyone sticking to those New Years resolution's, So well done to you all. Maybe I am wrong and maybe it being early 2016 is just a coincidence and the numbers will stick as we have just naturally grown. Time will tell I guess but for the mean time I am sure you all wont mind if you have a little wait at the end to get those barcodes scanned. First time volunteer Emily Miller was teamed up with regular Andrew Finnerty and both did a great job in getting everyone scanned. However we did have lots of "Mystery Runners" 9 Runners did not have a barcode including our First finisher who ran 17:29 But sadly as these runners had no barcode or had not even registered with us online we may never know who they were!


So please remember to register online and bring a printed scannable barcode!


The results this week:

Male top 3:
An unknown runner was first.
Guy Reder was second over the line in 19:16
Tom Hatfield was third over the line in 19:20


Female top 3:
Carly Bedwell was first (36th overall) over the line in 23:19
Helen Covich was second (38th overall) over the line in 23:29
Rebecca Palser was third (40th overall) over the line in 23:35

Congratulations this weeks goes to Leigh Simpson for completing his 50th parkrun of which 17 have been at Peckham

This week there were 156 runners, of whom 24 were first timers and 29 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 9 different athletics clubs took part.

Its a real shame to put in the effort to run 3 laps of the Rye and not get recognised. I am pleased to say we had less "Funnel Duckers" this week and with Sharon Hall ensuring everyone took the correct finish token and stayed in line all results were processed smoothly.

Most of the runners will have noticed we were short of volunteers this week and sadly only had One marshal John Monach + Buggy Run director David Burgess stood in at the oval gardens for 2 laps. I cannot stress enough how important it is that we have marshals on the course, They are our Eyes and Ears if anything was to go wrong, So please if you have not helped out yet, then consider giving it ago.

Kev Chadwick - Event Director




Event #89, 30th January 2016: Punctual

A slightly gloomy day brought with it a depleted crowd at this week’s Peckham Rye parkrun, though with a huge swathe of volunteers it made for a thoroughly enjoyable occasion once again.

One of the things I often remark upon to others is how I enjoy seeing the calm before the storm.  I like to arrive at the assembly point around 10-15 minutes before the start of a run, and then watch as runners appear from all directions - those who drive often through the Colyton Road gates, those walking in from East Dulwich up what Director Dave calls the ‘gentle incline’, and the Peckhamites appearing through the middle of the park.  For some reason, it never fails to amuse how things change in the course of ten minutes - those of you who have your routines down to a tee and arrive with a few minutes to spare might not recognise this, but here is what the start line looks like at 8:50…

A typical scene at 8:50am
A typical scene at 8:50am

Before you knew if, that sight was transformed and the picture then filled with 136 runners and ten volunteers, ready for another parkrun!  An hour later and the scene would be clear again.

Of those, we welcomed 24 newcomers to Peckham Rye, a dozen of whom were taking part in their first ever parkruns, the other 12 who’d completed a parkrun elsewhere before.  Among the returning runners, 25 (22%) earned PBs, and 44 of the “Rye Regulars” turned out once again.

Leaders of the Peck
The early running was taken up at the front by occasional buggy-runner Matthew Lewis and current first-finish champ Greg Nicholas, with Director Kev in hot pursuit.  However, on this occasion, Greg was dethroned by Matthew who racked up his third sub-17 minute time on the course (16:56).

Our first three female finishers were covered by just over half a minute, with Olivia Fairfield (with a PB on her third visit), Laura Addis (a first time visitor) and Ally Rosam all coming in at 22:30 or quicker.

Peckham Rye Tourist Board
Our sole tourist today with over 50 runs to their name was Chris Morton, finishing in a time of 21:31.  Chris has 115 parkruns to his name now, a veteran of 15 different events but most often found at Lloyd parkrun in Croydon.

We also welcomed Salvatore Maggiulli (31 runs, Harlow) and Philip Mosley (13 runs, Bournemouth, Brockenhurst and Poole) among our dozen tourists - whatever their parkrunning history, we hope they all enjoyed their visit to Peckham Rye!

Again, there were few tourism escapades this weekend by those regulars at Peckham Rye.  Yaw Kusi completed Greenwich parkrun in 24:20, and the Osmond family popped up en masse at Dulwich, with Sam recording a fantastic PB of 24:06.  We’re hoping to see you match that back here very soon, Sam!

Token Tombola
In a new run report feature, I thought I’d flash the spotlight onto a variety of runners who might not have appeared for reasons of speed, regularity or feats of tourism, but help to highlight the welcome range of types of parkrunner at Peckham Rye.  Using a random number generator, I’ve plucked out three finish token IDs and found out a little bit about each of their respective runners:

#78 - Joe Cooper
Joe completed his 15th parkrun and his 11th at Peckham Rye.  It was his first run back with us since June of last year, but he has made a few visits to Lowestoft parkrun this month already.  Joe’s PB came back in May last year, so here’s hoping that he’s rediscovered that bug and will be returning time and again in 2016.

#117 - Eleanor Elias
A junior runner, Eleanor has completed each of the last four runs at Peckham Rye and last week earned an amazing PB of 28:52.  She’s well on her way to that coveted white ‘10’ t-shirt, and hopefully we’ll be reading more of her running exploits in the weeks to come!

#111 - Victoria Adams
Victoria completed only her second parkrun, having made her maiden trip to Peckham Rye only two weeks ago - she managed to chop over two minutes off that time this week, however, to finish in an excellent 29:50.

More random runners to come, next time!

Rye Regulars
Have you run at Peckham Rye ten or more times?  Well, you might just feature in this section, one day…

Of the 25 PBs this week, I only managed to uncover three that fell to Rye Regulars.  Martin Kelsen managed to trim yet another second off his best, but is beaten to the Hot Streak Award by Edward Davis who has a fantastic four consecutive PBs to his name, this week trimming a further 15 seconds off his best.

The PB of the Week award, however, goes to Fiona Helen Sands whose time of 26:35 eclipsed her previous best from back in October last year, and marked her first PB in 9 runs.  Well done, Fiona!

Sadly there are no big milestones to report this week, but there are a few runners on the cusp of hitting 50 in the coming weeks.  Another occasional buggy runner, Leigh Simpson racked up his 49th and Ian Mitchell recorded his 48th run this week.

Two of our regular runners and frequent volunteers, Ian & Gila
Ian Mitchell and Gila Tabrizi: regular runners and volunteers at Peckham Rye, yet again the first finishers in their respective age categories

Here are your regular stats for this week, beginning with the top threes:

16:56 - Matthew Lewis
17:14 - Gregory Nicholas (Windrush Triathlon Club)
18:30 - Sam Murphy

21:54 - Olivia Fairfield
22:09 - Laura Addis (Windrush Triathlon Club)
22:30 - Ally Rosam

21:46 - James Blackwood
25:36 - Clive Burgess
30:38 - Eleanor Elias

78.8% - Matthew Lewis
75.4% - Gregory Nicholas (Windrush Triathlon Club)
74.6% - Martin Kelsen (ParkrunnerPB)

First Timers at Peckham Rye:
21:09 - Lee Greaves
21:22 - Caspar Digby
21:24 - Alex Swabey

Age Category First Places:
JM10 - Ralph Greer-Walker
JW10 - Eleanor Elias
JM11-14 - James Blackwood
SM18-19 - Eoin Mcmahon
SM20-24 - Edmund Lewry
SW20-24 - Olivia Fairfield
SM25-29 - Joe Mortell
SW25-29 - Sarah Ventress
SM30-34 - Gregory Nicholas
SW30-34 - Laura Addis
VM35-39 - Matthew Lewis
VW35-39 - Gila Tabrizi
VM40-44 - James Venn
VW40-44 - Claire Johnson
VM45-49 - Daniel Barley
VW45-49 - Sara Faulkner
VM50-54 - Martin Kelsen
VW50-54 - Midge Cameron
VM55-59 - David Mullany
VW55-59 - Judy Cransberg
VM60-64 - Jeremy Crump
VM65-69 - Ian Mitchell
VW65-69 - Maz Turner

We are immensely grateful to the many volunteers as always.  Neil Cole was your timekeeper, whilst the Barmbys (Lois, Zara and Emilia) managed the finish tokens.  Greg Nicholas and Will Lush took on scanning duty under the tree and this week’s marshals were Paschlis-George Militadou, Sarah Parkins and Stephen Kakoulli.

Our finish token volunteers welcoming home another runner
Our finish token volunteers welcoming home another runner

Many of our volunteers in recent weeks are now veterans but we’re always in need of first-time volunteers to keep the roles ticking over and ensure that we aren’t always relying on a small pool of supporters.  It’s very easy to put your name forward, and simple training is given ahead of every run, so please come along and join us one day soon, and discover the joy of volunteering!

Queuing for the scanners, under the tree
Under the tree is where you can get your barcode scanned every week - don't leave home without it!

I’ll be off visiting another parkrun next week, but will be back with another run report too long for its own good later in February.  Until then…





Event #88, 23rd January 2016: Queues!

Was that really it - all that the winter could throw at us? Event number 88 was much milder than last week’s tundra-like experience, with yet another fantastic turnout, just going to show what a success Peckham Rye parkrun is, whatever the weather! The result of our increased popularity, unfortunately, has been much longer queues for barcode scanning for those runners finishing in positions 50 and higher - thanks for your patience, though hopefully if our numbers continue to rise we’ll be afforded a third scanner!

184 runners completed the course this week, 40 of them for the first time while the other 144 returned for more of the same, more than a quarter of them earning PBs in the process! Curiously, last week’s PBs all appeared among the quicker-timed runners, whereas this week’s were more evenly spread, with a small concentration of faster times at the half-hour mark.

We were joined this week by a few runners with interesting international stories to tell, from Chilean Jose Vargas to a group of runners preparing for a marathon in Uganda this summer! They coordinate an annual trip to a town just south of the equator to conduct voluntary activities, and then round the week off with a 10k, half marathon or full marathon, along with local runners. To find out more, check out their website at www.ugandamarathon.com.

Leaders of the Peck
Once again King of the Rye, Greg Nicholas took up the early pace at the front and was soon out of sight from us mere mortals, well before the lake came into view for the first time. Greg is still chasing that elusive sub-17 minute time, but clocked up his 15th first finish and then was kind enough to stick around and scan half of the runners’ barcodes afterwards!

Greg was followed home by a couple of first time visitors to Peckham, Alex Green and Theodore Code. Unlike last week, however, none of the first seven finishers recorded PBs. Four of the first five female finishers did, however - congratulations to Helen Covich, Emma Huckerby, Kathryn Lamb and Lara Hayward on their great times! Helen finished first among the ladies for the first time on her 37th trip around the course, and incredibly took half a minute off her previous best - whatever it was that you bottled up on touring last week,we all want some!

Peckham Rye Tourist Board
Supplementing our visitors with international flavour this week, we welcomed serial tourists Daniel Comens on his 158th parkrun at his 26th event, and Stephen Howson who has squeezed his 69 parkruns into a staggering 34 separate events! We hope that they, and all our other first timers enjoyed the park and the run, and spread the word about our event.

We didn’t spot any of our own regulars appearing elsewhere this week - not beyond SouthEast London, anyway! If you completed some parkrun tourism then get in touch and we’ll be sure to give you a mention in next week’s report!

Rye Regulars
Five of the growing band of runners who’ve completed Peckham Rye parkrun ten times or more earned PBs this week, among them Fred Sharrock (3 seconds off, down to 20:34) and Simon Roberts (22 seconds, 22:48), along with the aforementioned Helen Covich. The PB of the Week award, however, goes to Kate Slattery who absolutely demolished her previous best by over a minute, going from last week’s 27:21 to 26:18! - amazing work!

The Hot Streak Award belongs to a new inductee into the Rye Regulars - Edward Davis. Edward chopped 12 seconds off his best time this week (22:03) and has hit PBs on each of the last three Saturdays. Edward just pips Fred Sharrock to the accolade, who has hit three PBs across his last four visits.

Rarely, there were no big milestones hit this week by any of our runners, and little impact was had on either of the Points Races, with the top two in each earning a decent haul of points once again.

The top threes in each category, and age-category first finishers this week were as follows:

17:12 - Gregory Nicholas (Windrush Triathlon Club)
17:37 - Alex Green
18:37 - Theodore Code

22:43 - Helen Covich
22:49 - Michelle Lennon (Dulwich Runners AC)
23:52 - Emma Huckerby

22:02 - James Blackwood
24:26 - Alex Bond
24:45 - Toby Bond

76.7% - Garry Parsons (London FrontRunners)
75.6% - Gregory Nicholas (Windrush Triathlon Club)
75.3% - Bernie Hutchinson (Kent AC)

First Timers at Peckham Rye:
17:37 - Alex Green
18:37 - Theodore Code
18:54 - Alex Forse (King Henry Vlll School Runners)

Age Category First Places:
JM10 - Alex Bond
JW10 - Eleanor Elias
JM11-14 - James Blackwood
JW11-14 - Sassafras Thomas
SM20-24 - Noah Pryke
SW20-24 - Lauren Clampton
SM25-29 - Theodore Code
SW25-29 - Emma Huckerby
SM30-34 - Gregory Nicholas
SW30-34 - Helen Covich
VM35-39 - Rob Green
VW35-39 - Caroline Maynes
VM40-44 - Patrick Insole
VW40-44 - Lucy Thomas
VM45-49 - Garry Parsons
VW45-49 - Michelle Lennon
VM50-54 - Martin Kelsen
VM55-59 - Bernie Hutchinson
VW55-59 - Judy Cransberg
VM60-64 - Jeremy Crump
VM65-69 - Ian Mitchell
VW65-69 - Maz Turner
VM70-74 - Arturo Venegas
VM75-79 - Leslie Humphrey

Scanners Greg and Lois hard at work

As always, we cannot stress enough how grateful we are to our volunteers - this week William Lush started us off and timed us all back in, while Andy Bond was on hand to dish out the finish tokens. Greg Nicholas and Lois Barmby had the challenging task of scanning all 184 barcodes, while Zara and Emilia kindly sorted them all out again afterwards!

Your marshals this week were Joanna Brady (the Lake), Kirsty Jones (Sexby Garden) and Molly Ford (the Oval), and keeping a watchful eye over the entire show was Dave Burgess. If you haven’t had the opportunity to volunteer so far this year, there are plenty coming up throughout February! Please do let us know if you can help out one week, as the event genuinely wouldn’t go ahead without proper support.

Until next week…


Event #87, 16th January, 2016: Gloves


It was cold. Very cold.  The number of pairs of leggings, gloves and hats
in evidence bore testament to that.  There was, however, something else in
the air near Colyton Road at 9am this week as some remarkable parkrunning
stories unfolded.

Given the temperature, the turnout was fantastic - 170 runners completed
this week’s run, marking the 4th most attended parkrun event at Peckham
Rye. Not only that, but it marked the third attendance of such a size or
bigger already in 2016.  Of those 170, 50 runners took on the course for
the first time, 22 of them for their first ever parkruns!  That left 120
who’ve previously run at Peckham Rye, and of those an incredible 41 earned
PBs.  Read on for more details of those, as well as some milestones and
the fastest female finisher for over two months...

Leaders of the Peck
At the head of the crowd were some very quick times - four of the first 12
runners home were first timers and every single one of the other eight
earned PBs!  To put that another way, none of the first 12 finishers had
completed the course in a quicker time before, and all came home within 20
minutes - congratulations to all for their great times.

With a number of usual fast-paced faces absent, the first over the line
was Stuart Shipp, returning to Peckham Rye for the first time in four
months.  He was followed by Matt Roberts on his first visit and Tom
Hatfield on his sixth, and incidentally Tom has run faster every time he
has returned to Peckham Rye.

Our first female finisher was Hannah Ewens in a time of 19:37, to join the
ranks of those ladies to have run sub-20 and the eight-fastest to complete
the course.  Among the juniors, second-time runner Eleanor Elias was
sandwiched between a pair of Bottles - Oliver and Abbie Grace completing
the list of the first three junior finishers.

Peckham Rye Tourist Board
Among our 28 tourists this week were three runners who’ve claimed their
red t-shirts for having completed 50 parkruns or more.  Mick Ellsmore (148
parkruns) came home in a time of 21:00 and has most often run at
Whitstable and Bexley; Zoey Stainforth (63) is usually found at Conkers
parkrun in Leicestershire while second finisher Matt Roberts (58 runs) has
spread his across Dulwich, Brighton and a couple of events in South Wales.

Of our regulars at Peckham Rye, only Female Points Race leader Helen
Covich made it to an event outside of South East London, making her first
item of parkrun tourism a trip to Hereford in a time of 24:43.  All
parkruns count towards your own personal milestones, so if you’re away one
weekend, make sure you pack one thing in your bag above all - your

Rye Regulars
The crowd of Rye Regulars (those who’ve completed 10 or more parkruns at
Peckham Rye) continues to grow and now totals 163 runners, 48 of whom ran
this week and many earning excellent PBs.  There were a host of regulars
who trimmed their best times by ten seconds or fewer, among them being
Daniel Watson, Kate Slattery, Bonnie Whang, and Victor ThompsonEd Davis
trimmed the biggest time off his PB, taking 28 seconds off on his 10th run
at Peckham Rye.

There were, however, a couple of PB stories to trump that. One of our most
prolific juniors, Iris Tunley, made a huge, 19-second dent into her
previous best time on her 20th visit, and more than ten minutes quicker
than her first parkrun.  Well done on the fantastic time, Iris - keep it

An almost ever-present at Peckham Rye, placed second in last year’s Male
Points Race and currently third in this year’s, James Venn’s previous PB
was way back in February 2015, and having returned 37 times since that
date without improving his time, he finally managed to trim another seven
seconds off his best, ending one of the longest PB-less streaks at Peckham
Rye and handing the baton over to a clutch of others hoping to end their
own barren runs (including yours truly, currently sitting on a dry spell
lasting 24 runs).  James, you definitely earn the PB of the Week award!

Yet again, however, it falls to Martin Kelsen to pick up this week’s Hot
Streak Award with consecutive PBs and three in his last four runs at
Peckham Rye, carving a 12-second hole in his previous best time in the
process. Martin also extends his lead at the head of the Points Race,
with Gregory Nicolas still looking to overhaul him over the coming five

There was one big milestone hit among our regulars this week - Butch Ali
joined the 50-club, and is only four runs shy of hitting that same mark
purely with visits to Peckham Rye.  Congratulations, Butch!  That’ll be
another tinge of red gracing the park very soon, we hope.

Here are the top threes and first finishers by age category for this week:
17:55 - Stuart Shipp
18:19 - Matt Roberts
18:45 - Tom Hatfield

19:37 - Hannah Ewens (Crystal Palace Triathletes)
21:19 - Courtney Bowen
22:49 - Hannah Stuart


25:27 - Oliver Bottle (Dulwich Runners AC)
30:30 - Eleanor Elias
31:03 - Abbie Grace Bottle (Dulwich Runners AC)

78.4% - Mick Ellsmore (Cambridge Harriers)
75.5% - Hannah Ewens (Crystal Palace Triathletes)
74.5% - Martin Kelsen

First Timers at Peckham Rye:
18:19 - Matt Roberts
18:46 - Noah Pryke
19:11 - William Forbes

Age Category First Places:
JW10 - Eleanor Elias
JM11-14 - Oliver Bottle
JW15-17 - Felicity Primrose
SW18-19 - Elli Kakoulli
SM20-24 - Noah Pryke
SW20-24 - Lauren Clampton
SM25-29 - Jack Chauveau
SW25-29 - Hannah Ewens
SM30-34 - Tom Hatfield
SW30-34 - Hannah Stuart
VM35-39 - Stuart Shipp
VW35-39 - Andrea Hafliger
VM40-44 - Chris Flint
VW40-44 - Sarah Parkins
VM45-49 - Daniel Watson
VW45-49 - Nicki Ashworth
VM50-54 - Gideon Franklin
VW50-54 - Juliet Cooper
VM55-59 - Jeremy Benson
VW55-59 - Judy Cransberg
VM60-64 - Mick Ellsmore
VM65-69 - Ian Mitchell

As always, we are extremely thankful to all of our volunteers this week,
particularly those who’ve stepped in two weeks on the trot to ensure that
the run can take place effectively.  Run Director Kev was joined this week
by Joanna Brady, Andrew Hincklenton, Emma Ibell, Stephen Kakoulli, Elli
Kakoulli, William Lush, Andrew Maynard, Sarah Parkins and Giles Thomas.

We were thoroughly grateful to have a few new faces in yellow jackets this
week, but most of this week’s volunteers were seasoned pros - if you’ve
still not got around to putting yourself forward as a volunteer at
parkrun, please do consider it.  As our numbers grow, the need to have
plenty of support on hand is vital, as you’ll have noticed by the length
of the queue for barcode scanning.  To join us one week, just drop an
email to peckhamryehelpers@parkrun.com.

Keep warm, and see you all next week!

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