Peckham Rye parkrun - 09/11/19 

Peckham Rye Common covers 113 acres, and imperceptible from the road, tucked away by a ring of trees, in the centre, is Peckham Rye Park, home to Peckham Rye parkrun. The anti-clockwise course takes you on a journey over little bridges, past quaint streams, past a Japanese Garden, an arboretum and many other hallmarks which show why this park won the Green Flag Award in 2007. There were marshals and bright signs to ensure the 376 runners and walkers all found their way back to the finish funnel.
The three lap anti-clockwise course, starts with a gradual downhill with a small incline at the end of each circuit.

We had an abundance of sun streaming through the trees enhancing the magic of this treasure trove of a run, within a park, within a Common.  

From the running field highlights included;
- 13 people completing their first ever parkrun
- 35 people securing personal bests
- Tourists from Inverloch in Australia!
- Emily Elias and joined the 50 club
- 17 runners completed the second part of the 2019 Southwark Slam (all the parkruns in the London Borough of Southwark in one calendar month).
- 1 runner with a buggy!

This event had an inclusive community feel with Peckham Rye parkrun supporting several young people to complete their Duke of Edinburgh Awards. Special mentions to;
- Josh Mungeam doing his first stint as a volunteer
- Oliver Pope - completing his Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award

Resident photographer Peter Jordon was on hand to take some brilliant photographs including a group from Dulwich Park Runners completing Peckham for the First time


Many Thanks to Aqasa Nu for writing this report




Our 283rd Peckham rye parkrun saw 321 complete the course

First place today was a tourist running his parkrun at peckham Sam Marshall 16:05. Despite running a new PB of 16:17 regular First place finisher Andy Bond had to settle for Second place. Stephen Mcleod was running his First Peckham parkrun and he finished 3rd in 17:27

Dana Shockman made her Peckham debut and finished First lady in 21:29. Fran Buss also her debut here was just 3 seconds behind in Second place 21:32. Katie Burder completed the women's top Three in 22:05

Strangley no milestones this morning but lots of regulars are now with 1 run of completing either the 50th or 100th parkrun. Be sure to let us know so we can give you a shout out at the start


We recently made a plea for donations as we need a new laptop pretty badly, Ours is on its last legs! A massive thanks to everyone who has donated online.

As always you can stay in touch with al that's happening on our Facebook and Twitter pages so be sure to give us a Like


Thanks as always goes to those who gave up the morning by volunteering ensuring the run could take place, You may have noticed we only had Two Marshals! Please do try out volunteering 3/4 times a year so we can be sure to keep our roster full


Thanks as always


Kev Chadwick 









Event #257

Peckham Rye parkrun
Event number 257
16th March 2019

This week 383 people ran, jogged or walked the course, of whom 49 were first timers and 67 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 25 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 18 volunteers:

Tony DONALDSON • Tegwen TUCKER • John E. TURNER • Sarah TIZZARD • Johanna HONEY • Ian MITCHELL • Les NEWMAN • Mark JUDGE • Daniel WATSON • Davinia DARCH • Sze Kiu YEUNG • Sade AKINTOLA • Belle THACKRAY • See Wah CHENG • Chris YOUNG • Elco SPONG • Henry BISSETT • Ruby STREET-WORNE

Mary Brown ran her 50th parkrun (20th at Peckham) So a massive well done to Mary

The top 3 Males all broke 18 minutes

Dale Seddon 17:09

Andrew Boyd 17:12

Jack Foster 17:13 (PB)

Hayley Seddon made it a Brother/Sister double first finish leading the women home in 19:18

Kirsty Wright 21:06 and Cat Avenell completed the ladies top 3 in 21:29

This week we found it difficult to fill the volunteer roster, Making last minute appeals on Social Media, Now we are close to 400 runners every week it requires more people to help, We ask that you can do One volunteer stint every 15 runs (3/4 per year)

Anyone who has not signed up to receive the volunteer appeal email can do so in their parkrun profile, You'll find the link in your results email

Please also follow us on Facebook and Twitter just by searching for Peckham rye parkrun, Its a great way to keep update with what's happening

A huge thanks to Tony for looking after you all and next week Michael will be the Run Director, If you are available to help out then please get in touch








Peckham Rye parkrun started on 21st June 2014. Since then 8,549 participants have completed 45,012 parkruns covering a total distance of 225,060 km, including 8,190 new Personal Bests. A total of 571 individuals have volunteered 3,104 times.


Event #255

This week 385 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 49 were first timers and 71 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 18 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by  Fantastic 21 volunteers:

Emma IBELL • Michelle LENNON • Tony DONALDSON • Nicole KING • Sara FAULKNER • Kevin CHADWICK • Andrew GARROD • Kaleigh JONES • Alison TUNLEY • Patrick INSOLE • Pamela FENNELL • Julia ROBINSON • Mark JUDGE • Emily WARBURTON-BROWN • Martin KELSEN • Vanessa LLOYD • Chinnie NWANDU • Cath ROONEY • Sarah BURLEIGH • Chris YOUNG • Elco SPONG

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found at


The 3rd lap is starting to get very congested now our numbers are very high, I must politely remind everybody to KEEP LEFT at all times please, Can we also try whenever possible to run in single file, Especially on the narrow path leading towards the outdoor gym/Stone bridge

Thank You

Today we had Two runners complete a milestone 50th parkrun

Laura Donkin and Simon Gledhil So a massive well done to you both

JO WINT continued her hot streak and earned another PB in 22:37 How much faster can she get?

Only slight issue to report was the SIX Positions Tokens that went missing! If you took One home then please bring them back

Well Done too everybody who took part this morning, Photos are on our Facebook page






Peckham Rye parkrun started on 21st June 2014. Since then 8,458 participants have completed 44,298 parkruns covering a total distance of 221,490 km, including 8,071 new Personal Bests. A total of 563 individuals have volunteered 3,065 times.



Well what can I say!!

I'll start by saying Happy New Year

So 548 people ran, jogged or walked the course, An amazing 202 were first timers and 46 runners ran a personal best.

Representatives of 78 different clubs took part.

Before New Years Day our attendance record was 347 runners so to have an increase of 201 obviously overwhelmed us! and caught us off guard, We did expect high numbers and had 448 finish tokens ready including a longer finish funnel but alas it was not enough, Our stopwatches also only time 500 people!

We had 15 volunteers that day although the actual number was less than 10 for the key positions such as Scanning/Handing out Tokens and Timing

Lessons have been learnt and our core team is much wiser from this experience and the amazing running community we have created is clearly very strong. The emails and support/Thanks we have received is gratefully appreciated

Results are going to be affected as we had a Queue to get into the finish funnel and One our Run Directors Daniel Watson had to manually write down over 100 finishers!

Everybody really came together under lots of pressure, Catherine McDonald had the job of results processing which again included manually entering over 100 people, Over Two hours was spread using Excel Spreadsheets to get everybody a finish time and in the correct order

Tony Donaldson was your Run Director who did an amazing job keeping everything relatively calm before you all disappeared for a Second run

Onto the results

I cannot imagine the congestion on the 3rd lap but

Paul Martelletti found a way through to break the course record in 15:08

Natasha Sheel was 1st home for the Ladies in 19:00

So onto the Milestones and we had plenty

Helen Ung became the First person ever to earn the 250 T-Shirt at Peckham

Completing their 100th parkruns we had:

Ian Gale/Heather Cripps and Louise Fernandez

50th parkruns we had:

Alex Downing/Natasha Sheel/Kevin Hughes and Ashley Wilkie

Congratulations too you all

A large part of the field was made up of Tourists and we hope you all enjoyed your First visit and will return perhaps when we are a little less congested

To finish this off the people who made all this possible are listed here, Cannot Thank everybody enough

Karen HARRIS • Tony DONALDSON • Nicole KING • Catherine MCDONALD • Cheryl SACKS • Sarah TIZZARD • Kevin CHADWICK • Louise ROBATHAN • Valerie MACLEOD • Jo WINT • Oliver POPE • Anna MYAT • Daniel WATSON • Martin WALSH • Davinia DARCH

I wish you all the best for 2019
Kev Chadwick - Event Director

Peckham Rye parkrun started on 21st June 2014. Since then 7,964 participants have completed 40,778 parkruns covering a total distance of 203,890 km, including 7,473 new Personal Bests. A total of 533 individuals have volunteered 2,875 times.