Event #12 – The Bright and Breezy One

It’s always nice to blow the cobwebs out on a Saturday morning! It was quite an interesting morning for my first RD stint at Peel which started with the fairly major hazard of a tree across our route! Thankfully our pre-event team managed to sort a diversion so we could go ahead without much incident.

My message at the RD briefing was to go careful and treat today as a ‘t-shirt run’, i.e., take it steady and clock up another run towards a t-shirt! Despite the pretty windy and slippy conditions, 16 of our 172 intrepid parkruners recorded a PB today. Particular mention should go to Neil Robinson who recorded a PB on the day he completed his 100th run. Congratulations Neil!

WhatsApp Image 2021-11-27 at 10.27.15

Neil Robinson managing to control his balloon in the storm Arwen 'breeze'.

Today also saw Milestones for Eddie Hamilton (150th) and Richard Tyson (50th). Many congratulations both. Perhaps more incredibly, we had 9 brand new people to parkrun. It was great to see you and if you can get up on a morning like this then you can do so any week! Of our 172 runners, 170 recorded a time which also must be some sort of record for us!

Our first finishers were Daniel Bird and Lindsey Clegg. Lindsey had ventured over from Yorkshire through the snow to be with us so that’s a great effort. Hopefully see you again.

The biggest shout out on a morning like this is to the volunteers. The following bunch are absolute legends, so thank you for making it out this morning:


We also got all our tokens back which makes for a happy RD. Thank you to everyone who turned out. Hopefully the weather will be better next week so we’ll see you then!



And then, in a blink of an eye, it’s event #011

There have been ten events since I wrote the run report for Peel’s very first parkrun in the middle of September and the event is really beginning to blossom, in stark contrast to the park itself. Although it is still looking beautiful in the warm colours of autumn.

Colour Change

Colour Change

In total, including the event of 11th September, there have been 1,889 individual finishers, with an average of almost 275 finishers per week and a total of 3,024 parkruns completed around the park including a wonderful 414 PB’s, with an incredible 155 people who have volunteered.

At Peel parkrun’s 11th event on Saturday 20th November, there were 10 runners taking part in their very first parkrun and enjoying a lovely morning along the banks of the River Irwell, making up a total of 341 runners and walkers taking part through the colourful autumn leaves that carpeted the course.

Peel3 Peel2

Tia and I were at marshal point 2 and I don’t think she stopped barking (encouraging the runners and walkers) the entire time we were in position; like most of us she much prefers to run or walk but it’s good to give up a run and volunteer from time to time. There are several roles which don’t involve giving up a run or walk; for example, setting up the course or helping pack away, writing the run report, tail walking and for the speedsters amongst us, barcode scanning after you’ve whizzed round.  If every parkrunner could volunteer 3 or 4 times each year it would make the life of the core team much easier. These days parkrun volunteers can claim t-shirts in the same way as runners can (don’t tell Tia).  This week’s volunteers, aka hi-viz heroes, were:

Adrian MARSH •  Andrew BOWLER  •  Angela PRADENA  •  Fedra ZARIBAF  •  Fionn MACNAMARA  •  Gabrielle NESBIT  •  Graham CAMERON  •  Hilary HARRISON  •  Jack GARTLAN  •  Jacqueline STACK  •  Keith MERCER  •  Lenka FRISTIKOVA  •  Martyn WILLCOCK  •  Matthew BALDWIN  •  Michelle STEER  •  Naomi JESSE  •  Niamh BRADLEY  •  Rebecca BALDWIN  •  Richard TANDY  •  Ruth ALLERTON  •  Scarlett ASH  •  Stuart GARNETT  •  Sudipta MOORE  •  Sue PORTER  •  Susan GLOVER  •  Tom ALLERTON

and we thank them for their time, as it would not be possible to run events without our volunteers. See our volunteer page for additional information on how you can get involved.Peel4

This week’s first finisher was first timer, Isaac MCKENNA in a fast time of 17:26.  That’s his fastest parkrun of the 41 he’s run to date, a big well done Isaac!


First female to finish was the remarkable junior runner Beatrix SOPER who finished just outside her Peel parkrun PB in a time of 19:05.  She is one of only 4 female parkrunners to run sub 20 at Peel and the only one to have done it more than once, finishing sub-20 in each of her 3 runs here. Beatrix didn’t get a PB this week, but she did achieve the highest age category percentage with 89.43%.  I’m sure it won’t be long before she is right at the top of Peel’s age category records, currently she is 2nd. Inspirational running Beatrix.

Speedy B

Speedy B

Beatrix runs for Salford Metropolitan AC, one of 55 clubs represented at this week’s event. Most of those clubs are from Salford and our close neighbour Manchester as well as around Greater Manchester but it is always good to see visitors from across the country, one such this week was Emma SHAW of Worksop Harriers who travelled from the East Midlands to celebrate her 150th parkrun with us. Although a nice round number 150 doesn’t classify Emma for a parkrun milestone T-Shirt; those are awarded for 25, 50, 100, 250 and 500 parkruns and the same for volunteers. Junior parkruns also qualify for a milestone T-Shirt after their 10th parkrun.

Several runners did earn milestone t-shirts today. Callum MCCABE and Claire PRESCOTT both completed their 50th parkrun and are eligible to wear the red; Lee OGDEN, Wendy GALLIMORE and Tony COYNE all chose Peel to run their 100th parkrun and are now able to claim the black t-shirt.  For details of how to claim check your parkrun profile.  From 1 September 2021 parkrun introduced a charge for milestone t-shirts, covering the cost of manufacture distribution. The price of a milestone t-shirt, £15, is the same for every parkrunner worldwide and covers costs of production, storage, and shipping.

As in the previous events Peel has played host to lots of first timers, this week among our field of 341 finishers there were 183 first timers. We welcomed several regulars from Heaton Park which is, as the crow flies, just a parkrun (3.1 miles) away from Peel Park.

With only an average of 1.6 finishes per finisher at Peel, repeat runners are, so far, relatively few but, of those who returned to Peel for at least their second run, 17 parkrunners were rewarded with a PB.  Special mention to Sudipta MOORE who equalled, without surpassing, her Peel parkrun PB and earned a volunteer credit. Great work.

Afterwards when everything is packed away in the wheelie bin it was lovely to enjoy a coffee and a bacon sandwich in the Atmosphere Café in the Student Union building.  Brilliant to see a few parkrunners beginning to find their way over there too.

Come and enjoy some well earned breakfast at the Atmosphere Cafe in the Studebt Union building.

Come and enjoy some well earned breakfast at the Atmosphere Cafe in the Student Union building.

Come and join our  team of volunteers and make some new friends and enjoy a coffee afterwords too!

Come and join our team of volunteers and make some new friends and enjoy a coffee afterwords too!

See our volunteer page for information on how you can get involved.  See you all next week at The Veggie Man!

The Veggie Man

The Veggie Man

Susan Cameron
















Event #10. The good old Manchester Sun?!

This week we have a guest writer. Dan had come down to make a film about the parkrun and what was going on. He told us he was a Journalism student. Over to Dan.

The first time I’d ever volunteered for a parkrun couldn’t have come on a nicer Saturday morning, as the sun shone brightly from the second I arrived until the moment I left. I’m a Journalism student at the University of Salford, and originally found out about Peel parkrun a week earlier just passing by. I decided that it would be a great positive event to make a news story on, so I set off with a camera and a tripod and went down to a gloriously Sunkissed Peel Park.

A crisp but lovely morning housed 254 competitors taking part in the 10th edition of the Peel Park parkrun. The course was a little wet but was almost perfect conditions for the event. Before the run began, I spoke to a few competitors as well as co-organiser, Susan Glover – who all showed their appreciation to the event and spoke very highly of the benefits both socially and physically of there being a parkrun in the Salford area.


There were a total of 119 people competing in their first parkruns specifically at Peel Park, a large sum of whom spoke highly of the course and the helpfulness of all the volunteers. One pair of competitors I spoke to (named Lesley and Elaine) said that they’d spoken to a couple who were just on holiday in Manchester, and decided to come on over to take part in the run.

The first male in this event was Patrick Henderson, coming in at an exceptional 16:56. The first female today was Rebecca Avanessian, coming in with a highly respectable time of 20:39. In total, there was 38 PB’s set in the run. As per usual however not everyone was going for a PB, which is completely respectable. Parkrun doesn’t need to be about beating a good time, it’s mainly about the camaraderie and togetherness of people, the freshness that you feel after completing the run and of course the health aspect that comes alongside it as well, as shown by the images I collected on the day.

As well as the runners I interviewed before the run, after I also took some photos of a few competitors like Mark and Emily Birchall (pictured below) and spoke to runner Gavin Eyquem, who got a picture with event organiser Martyn Willcock once the event was complete.


Just as the competitors do after the run, I sat myself down in the atmosphere café with a hot cup of tea afterwards and reflected on how the morning had gone and what the experience was like, it was one I’ll never forget.


Coming to the event was a great experience, it was good to speak to the competitors and to see the course in full glory under the rare but beautiful Manchester sun. It’s definitely something I can see myself taking part in in the future.


If you are interested in volunteering, then contact peel@parkrun.com for opportunities.

Also as always, huge thank you to all 24 of those that volunteered to help with the event:

Ruth Allerton, Matthew Baldwin, Mark Anthony Barton, Carolyn Bilsborough, Graham Cameron, Giles Christian, Sonia D’Andreta, Jenna Davies, Jamie Donald, Susan Glover, Claire Gwyer, Daniel Harrison-Croft, Nick Jackson, Cyd Lister, Elena Manukyan, David Marsden, Adran Marsh, Adanna Omaka, Matt Polsen, Charles Singlehurst, Richard Tandy, Harry Westwood, Martyn Willcock.

Written by Dan McNeice.

See You at the VeggieMan

See You at the VeggieMan

See you next week or next time. As always, we shall meet in the shadow of VeggieMan.


Event #9. The guest edition

My 49th different parkrun of 150 saw me head the 32 miles down the M61 to Salford to partake in the lovely Peel parkrun.  I’d actually planned today to be my 50th parkrun and to fill in my Wilson #9, however a bout of the dreaded Covid put paid to it being my 50th… but hey, what’s a number anyway?? Actually coming from me that’s quite funny… I’m parkrun stats and numbers bonkers!

A fine, dry and not too cold morning saw 262 runners and walkers take part in Peel’s 9th event.  The course is a mixture of tarmac paths and gravel in the beautiful Peel Park.  Peel Park is a Victorian park on the banks of the River Irwell just below Salford Crescent and adjacent to Salford University.  It’s very easy to find and parking, which is a just short walk across the Crescent from the University, is free and plentiful; however you must put a spare barcode on your dashboard to qualify for it being free.


Today saw 5 people complete a parkrun for the very first time, hopefully they will get the parkrun ‘bug’ and line up at 9am on many a future Saturday morning.  Tourists were in abundance this morning, with 122 first time visitors and the first timers briefing was busy.


First male today was Simon Smith in 17:59 and first female was Beatrix Soper in 19:20, and today there were an amazing 59 PB’s.  However, not everyone runs or walks for a PB, some of us just want to keep fit or socialise, feel a sense of community or be out in the fresh air regardless of what the weather has in store for us.  I often feel that parkrun ‘sets me up for the day’ and today was no different.  I have to say that Peel is one of the best parkruns I’ve been to; what an absolutely beautiful park.  I really enjoyed it, especially as I bumped in to one of my very good friends who I did not expect to see.


The facilities at Peel are great.  As a tourist I always need to know if there is a toilet handy and where it is - at Peel before parkrun it’s located at the top end of the park in the sports centre and afterwards there is one in the Atmosphere Cafe in the students union where everyone meets for an apres parkrun brew and natter.  I can highly recommend the bacon butties and coffee, they were very much appreciated today.


Whatever our reasons for turning up at 9am each Saturday morning we wouldn’t be able to do it without the wonderful volunteers who give their time week in week out and today was no exception, with 27 very special hi-viz heroes.  Thanks to you all for your support, encouragement and cheering out on the course.

If you’re interested in volunteering at Peel for future parkruns or even, like me fancy having a go at the Run Report then please email peel@parkrun.com and don’t forget you can still run and volunteer with jobs such as pre-event setup, post-event closedown and faster runners can scan or funnel manage after they’ve finished. You just need the parkrun volunteer app on your phone.  There’s a job for anyone who wants one.


Thanks to this week’s fantastic volunteers:

Adrian MARSH  •  Andrew LENNARD  •  Ben BELL  •  Brian DENNEHY  •  Claire LITTLE  •  Colin HILL  •  Conor DENNEHY  •  Cyd LISTER  •  David MARSDEN  •  Elaine SQUIRES  •  Giles CHRISTIAN  •  Harry MCDONALD  •  Helen BORKING  •  Helena YOUDE  •  Jonny SHARPLES  •  Laura WALKER  •  Lauren BAYBUTT  •  Lee BARNARD  •  Martyn WILLCOCK  •  Matt POLSON  •  Matthew BALDWIN  •  Nick JACKSON  •  Richard TANDY  •  Robert PARR  •  Sonia D'ANDRETA  •  Susan GLOVER  •  Thomas David LONGDEN


See you next week at the VeggieMan,

Helen Borking


Event #8 – The Halloween Damp.

This week saw Event #8 for Peel Park parkrun. Cold and a light rain, thankfully. After the stormy overnight monsoon it was pretty wet on the grassy sections, and lots of leaves across all the paths. No longer the crisp scrunching underfoot, a more squelchy affair. Volunteers and some runners tried to get into the swing of Halloween fancy dress. Personally I found that the breezy conditions made keeping a witches hat on infernally difficult. The Park was decorated by Friends of Peel Park, the pumpkins did not go walkabout.


This week 202 people turned out to run, jog and walk the course. There were 105 first timers to Peel Park, and 6 runners brand new to parkrun. 23 runners recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 55 different clubs took part. There were one or two runners who may have been going trick or treating afterwards.


24 fantastic volunteers came out to make the event possible, many trying roles for the first time. All were brilliant, and everything went smoothly, a big thank you to them all: Alison ALLERTON • David MARSDEN • Lydia SIDEBOTHAM • Aaron FLETCHER • Susan GLOVER • Nikki HILL • Nigel MILIUS • Ruth ALLERTON • Lucy PRIESTNER • Adrian MARSH • Matt POLSON • Sonia D'ANDRETA • Elliot JORDAN • Mabli DAVIES • Catherine KILBANE • Jason CHU • Nick JACKSON • Edward BARRIE • Rebecca DOLMAN • Philip HYDE • Adanna OMAKA • Andreea ROS • Aoife HEALY • Richard TANDY


Our volunteer Nigel Milius is from New Zealand, a countryman of mine. We had a great catch up on all things Kiwi. Nigel lives in the Coromandel when in NZ, which is very different from a damp Saturday in Salford (have a look online). I think he may be looking forward to going home when travel restrictions ease.

There were 4 milestone runs in the park today; James Clark on 50, Jamie Collard on 100, Oliver Thomas Johnstone on 150, and David Hooton on a whopping 250. We were contacted on Friday and requested a shout out for David at the briefing. Sadly we cannot do that currently due to parkrun COVID policies. So David, the contact came from Philip Davidson, he and the other Red Rose Runners who could not be there today were thinking of you and congratulate you on this fantastic milestone.

Whilst we were putting the results file together in the Atmosphere Café in the Salford University Students Union (which opens early especially for parkrun) we were contacted by Ian Taylor. He ran a PB carving 3 seconds off his previous time. His mates distracted him at the finish and he forgot to scan in. He called us as he discovered he still had our token in his pocket. All sorted now, PB in the record and the token to be returned next week. Thanks for calling us Ian, this makes it our first event for retaining a full complement of tokens.

We had some late starters this week. The run was already 5 minutes in when the 3 gents in the picture rocked up. A quick strip down to running gear, accompanied by a rapid and impromptu extra first timers briefing, and they were off after the tail walkers. I didn't catch their names, but they returned with respectable times and lots of laughter. Thanks for your wheezy jollity gents. It looked like the rest of your day was going be going to be quite the laugh fest.


This extraordinary youngster is Alex Jones. He pipped his dad, Martin, on the line for a time of 40 minutes. Pretty good for a lad of 3.


That was pretty much it for this week. A quieter and damper event than others. But great fun nonetheless. It is great to see some faces becoming regulars in the park, both runners and volunteers. You all make Saturday mornings a fun time to be in the park for the occasional slightly homesick Kiwi.

See You at the VeggieMan

See you next week or next time. As always, we shall meet in the shadow of VeggieMan.


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