Pendle parkrun is cancelled on 2020-12-05 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Pendle Non-parkrun #1

This morning I woke up earlier than usual and waited for my parkrun alarm to sound, sadly this never came. At approx 9:15 I head out in the car, en route I had the pleasure of being able to use one of my usual greetings ‘Morning Fi’ as I drove past our own Fiona Cowgill our for a morning run. As well as honking and waving at our ED Mr Paul Brown.

Today, my day has not been complete without my weekly catch up with the Pendle parkrun family. With no real knowledge as to how long these preventive measures will be in place, we are stuck in a time of uncertainty.

With thoughts turning to potential loss of jobs, livelihoods, fear and dread of the unknown. Reach Out! At Pendle parkrun we are not just a running community, we are a family. Don’t struggle alone, talk to someone.

It’s times like these where we need to come together (not physically #socialdistancing) and support each other. Not sure who to talk to? Use our Facebook page and we will be there, even if it is just to share a smile.

Be kind



Pendle parkrun Year 4

Thank you to all of the runners who joined us on 11th May to celebrate 5 years of Pendle parkrun, dish out a few well deserved awards and start another year of parkrunning.

Whilst parkrun do not have official awards or points standings, we thought we would continue to work out the points in the background, along with a few annual statistics for our amusement :)


* Last year's RUNiversary party clearly proved popular with it and 23rd March this year both entering the Top 10 attended Pendle parkruns of all-time.

Event Number - Date - No. of Runners
1 - 10/05/2014 - 168
186 - 04/11/2017 - 150
195 - 01/01/2018 - 149
142 - 01/01/2017 - 138
100 - 26/03/2016 - 125
113 - 25/06/2016 - 120
259 - 23/03/2019 - 118*
200 - 03/02/2018 - 117
213 - 12/05/2018 - 115*
109 - 28/05/2016 - 114

...and Year 5 is off to a flying start with 121 runners attending last weekend’s RUNiversary celebrations too! Straight in at number 6, will we see a Pendle parkrun in the next 51 weeks to top it?

Over the past year, the average number of runners per event was 88 - up from 84 last year so a big thank you to those extra special four ‘average people’ joining us week in week out!

Average number of runners
Year 5: 88
Year 4: 84
Year 3: 87
Year 2: 64
Year 1: 60

In the past year, we welcomed 232 new parkrunner registrations joining us on a run/walk/jog every parkrunday, taking us to a magical 1,599 registrations of all step forward Mr/Mrs/Miss/Master 1,600!

In the past year, 1,062 participants ran a combined 4,646 runs with a collective total distance of 23,230km. Enough to go from Colne to the other side of the world!

To date, 3,117 participants have completed 20,436 parkruns (that's over 40,000 laps!) covering a total distance of over 100,000km.


This year saw a new Ladies course record of 18:52 set by Daisy Glover, making it the 4th Sub 20 Womens time ever set.

A new overall Age Graded Course Record was set by Susan Burns in 21:31 of 88.92% to add to her VW60 course record and VW55-59 course record!

There was a 4th sub-17 minute men’s time by Kurt Heron in 16:46 at event 215.

There have been several other age category records set by tremendous athletes in the past year:

JM10: Speedy Stan Stephenson - 18:57

JW10: Lucille Pickles - 22:23

JW11: Helana White - 19:56 (the 5th sub-20 ladies entry and record previously held by England Team runner Briony Holt)

VM50: Paul Crabby Crabtree - 18:34 (who also holds VM45-49 record)

VM75: Legendary fell runner David Scott - 24:41 (also holds VM70-74 record)

VM80: Edmond Simpson - 28:25

VW45: Fionnuala Swann - 20:34

VW70: Jean Baistow - 29:51

VW75: Jill Scott - 40:06 (a new record!)

The two Pendle stalwarts continue to get used to the #1 token...

The most Male First Finishes in the past year - Adam Holda, 7 from 31 runs, avg 19:08, best of 18:47
(Year 4 - 10 First Finishes, avg 19:48)
(Year 3 - 7 First Finishes, avg 20:10)
(Year 2 - 3 First Finishes, avg 20:28)

The most Female First Finishes in the past year - Nicola Nuttall, 11 from 21 runs, avg 23:00, best 21:34
(Year 4 - 18 First Finishes, avg 22:48)
(Year 3 - 15 First Finishes, avg 22:30)
(Year 2 - 12 First Finishes, avg 23:23)
(Year 1 - 5 First Finishes, avg 23:18)

The average First Finish time time in the past year - Male: 19:22 , Female: 22:57
(Year 4 - Male: 19:28, Female: 22:43)
(Year 3 - Male 19:18, Female 22:15)
(Year 2 - Male 19:44, Female 23:11)
(Year 1 - Male : 19.13, Female 22:52)

Ed continues to extend his Tail Walking obsession with 81 tail runs in his 110 total parkruns!

But not forgetting you amazing bunch of date you have all achieved an amazing 3,334 new Personal Bests!


The event simply wouldn’t take place without the work of the volunteers, keeping the event going week-in-week-out in all weathers.

There are far too many people to thank, but here’s a list of some of those great people and the number of times they’ve donned the hi-vis vests….

Alex Fort - 45
Emily O’Connor - 12
Joanne Brown - 52
Charis Rowlands - 89
Zoe Lockett - 51
Paul Rosthorn - 73 (27 times as a Tail Walker)
Ruby Fort - 31
Alison Rosthorn - 50
Scarlett McIlvenny 25
Ed Lee - 92 (81 times as Tail Walker)
Roxanne McIlvenny - 44
Gillian Gane - 135
Verity Brown - 83
Claire Storozuk - 21
Eleanor Rosthorn - 62
Orla Stalton-Larter - 33
Angela O'Hara - 15
Neil Garnett - 222
John Hartley - 211
Paul Hare - 194
Ste Hartley - 47
Margaret Hartley - 54
Paul Brown - 194
Chell Brooks - 126
Anne Smith - 232
Gel Hindman - 137
Jamie McIlvenny - 158

Last year we had 90 people volunteer on 766 separate volunteer duties, which if is approx 90 mins per volunteer is over 1149 hours of volunteering in the past year alone!

To date, we've had 248 people volunteer with an average team of 15 volunteers over the past year.

So if you’re one of the 158 volunteers that have been with us before but not in the last year, pop along to help next parkrunday, it’d be great to catch up with you again :) There are a couple of occasions where we’ve only had 9 people helping (29th Dec & 23rd Feb) so your help would be much appreciated!


The Pendle parkrun Points Tables for 2018-19:

Angela O'Hara - 4229 points from 46 runs
Fiona Cowgill - 3167 points from 36 runs
Janet Barnes - 2960 points from 34 runs

Stephen Hartley - 3952 points from 46 runs
Paul Hare - 3877 points from 43 runs
Dennis Smith - 3874 points from 43 runs

Junior Boy
Connor Jones - 2210 points from 24 runs
Kristan Webber - 1448 points from 21 runs
Lucas Wolfenden - 991 points from 12 runs

Junior Girl
Joss Waiting - 1090 points from 11 runs
Emily Hall - 998 points from 11 runs
Claudia Van Essen - 806 points from 11 runs

Under 11 Boy
Daniel Brown - 1323 points from 16 runs
Cain Lawson - 1285 points from 21 runs
Tristan Fitzpatrick - 1231 points from 13 runs

Under 11 Girl
Amelia Ashworth - 1326 points from 18 runs
Ruby Fort - 1246 points from 14 runs
Phoebe Taylor - 1158 points from 15 runs


Number of events: 265

Number of runners: 3,112

Number of runs: 20,315

Number of first finishers: 157

Number of clubs: 305

Average number of runners per week: 76.7

Average number of runs per runner: 6.5

Biggest Attendance: 168 (still our first event)

Biggest Attendance in past year: #259 23/03/2019 with 118 runners

Average run time: 00:29:41

Total hours run: 1 year, 53 days, 18 hrs, 45 min, 50 secs

Total distance run: 101,575 km

Female record holder: Daisy Glover - 18:52 - Event 239 (10/11/18)

Male record holder: Chris Holdsworth - 16:22 - Event 164 (03/06/17)

Age graded record holder: Susan Burns - 88.92% - 21:31 - Event 219 (23/06/18)

Here’s to another year of Pendle parkrunning!

Jamie McIlvenny


Splosh splosh splosh splosh splosh splosh splosh

The end.

Pendle parkrun number 258 so was much more than that. I arrived at around 8.30 to see a figure in hi-vis heading towards the football pitch, only pausing to confirm that it was on. I went into the pavilion to get ready, and was instantly made very welcome and shown a map of the course.

More runners gradually arrived, then a group arrived saying Burnley had been cancelled so they’d diverted here. My hopes of a top ten finish were scuppered!

On to the run, after a concise briefing in the rain we were off, heading down the side of the football pitches. You don’t need me to tell you about the course, but I was really pleased that I’d decided to put my trail shoes in the boot of my car on when I’d left home the previous night. It reminded me of some of the cross-country races back home. Except I was enjoying myself more. I can’t even remember if it was still raining, I mean I couldn’t get any wetter so I didn’t notice.

After the short section through the trees it was into the river, sorry, path down into Alkincoats Park. It didn’t matter what side you went to avoid the steps, it was soaking. At the bottom of the hill I looked ahead and thought I saw a short climb before turning right towards the start. Sadly I was wrong, it was a bit (ok a lot) further. Eventually a flat section, and that was the first lap done.

I’m not selling this very well am I? I loved it. The conditions and course were challenging but not impossible. The volunteers were amazing, so encouraging, smiley and helpful. Hot cross buns and crumpets as well, need I say any more?

One of the soggiest parkruns I have done, and one of my most enjoyable. It’s around 90 minutes from where I live but I’d love to get back one day. Thank you everyone for making it such a good morning.

First finishers were Shaun HEYS and Martin GREENWOOD, both in 21:44 and both representing Trawden AC. Paul HESKETH of Clayton-le-Moors Harriers completed the (imaginary) podium positions. Joss WAITING and Alice FLEMING were the first two female finishers, split only by 1 second. Eve HARTLEY and Abigail STRATTON were the next two in, again only 1 second separating them.

In total there were 56 finishers representing 7 running clubs (including a fantastic 29 from Trawden AC). There were also 7 people sampling Pendle parkru

n for the first time as well as 7 PBs on the day. It’s a day of sevens. Most experienced parkrunner of the day was Neil GARNETT of Spectrum Striders, running his 261st parkrun, 220 of which have been at Pendle.

Finally, many thanks go out to all the volunteers on the day for making it all possible.

Angela O'HARA • Anne SMITH • Claire STOROZUK • David FORT • Edward LEE • Gillian BEELEY • Jamie MCILVENNY • John HARTLEY • Margaret HARTLEY • Michelle BROOKS • Neil GARNETT • Paul HARE • Verity BROWN

Anthony Howe A1534294


Parkrun 100 – It’s been a long-time coming!

On Saturday, in event 255, I became the latest member of an exclusive Pendle parkrun club.

Back in May 2014, at event number one, 168 of us enjoyed the new event at Holt House and Alkincoats Park. Since then many who still claim Pendle as their "home" run have gone on to record some pretty impressive figures, with Neil Garnett the first to make the 250 club with a couple of others about to join him.

But in total just 17 of us who would class Pendle as "home" and are members of the original 168 have now gone on to record 100 parkruns. Everyone's parkrun journey is different.considerably more misses than hits for several years.

I tried it out at Burnley a couple of times in 2013 - mainly when it was a landmark run and we shot some footage for the local newspaper websites. And that was why I was in Colne in May 2014 - interviewing Jamie McIlvenny and then running round the old route including "that piggin hill". I managed another couple of visits to Burnley parkrun over the next couple of years, but parkrun was certainly not on my personal radar of "must do" things.

Anyone who has run around with me in the last two and a bit years will have heard often enough why I now have parkrun so deeply inserted into my DNA. But to cut a long one short, here goes...

Back in November 2016 a badly injured a hamstring and the physio warned me off running completely. Going slightly stir crazy at being "confined to barracks" I dragged myself up to Colne one frosty Saturday morning and landing the key volunteering role of car park attendant.

A couple of goes at handing out finishing tokens followed and then the physio said I could run, gently, but definitely no uphills...and if that doesn't sound like tailwaking at Pendle parkrun I don't know what does.

My first tailwalk, New Year's Ever 2016, was my seventh parkrun. Now, 26 months later, I have 100 parkruns, 73 tailwalks, many happy memories and a lovely bunch of new friends.

Of all the volunteering roles at parkrun, I have the best and actually get a little sad when I have to relinquish the orange hi-vis and go for a competitive run.

But that's enough about me, what else happened on Saturday?

Well we had a multiple first finisher was first across the line again, we had three-figure attendance, the February sun shone, there were loads of PBs and we welcomed a lot of first timers.

Adam Holda was first over the line for the 24th time and Nicola Nuttall was first lady home for the 54th time. Paul Crabtree and Spencer Riley were second and third of the men, while Jo Perry and Helen Sweeney were second and third lady respectively.

Of the 105 runners, more than a fifth achieved PBs with Jo Perry, Gerard Van Essen, Helen Sweeney, Alice Fleming, Andrew Brown, Kirsty Brown, Lester Noel, John Longden, Stephen Briggs, Lottie Hesketh, Emma Fleming, Carl Pears, Lee Bannister, Linda Holgate, Dee Rees, Nicola Hargreaves, Yvonne Davies, Ellie Thompson, Mollie Hartley, Vikki Greenwood, Adelle Waddington and Hayley Bennett all leaving town with a new best time.

And we said a Pendle parkrun "hello" for the first time to Jason Campbell, Mark Thornber, Andy Kellar, Paul Dye, Roland Jones, Matthew Devine, Laura Morton, Eileen Jones, Catherine Cox and Edwin Cox.

Remember, if you have a parkrun story you would lie to share, please email it to

Edward Lee


Fiona joins 100 Club

Fiona Cowgill became the latest member of an exclusive 100 Club at Pendle parkrun on Saturday.

One of the 168 runners who graced the first-ever Pendle parkrun in May 214, she reached her 100 milestone in event 253. And in doing so she joined the select band of parkrunners who completed all of their first 100 parkruns at Pendle.

The remnants of Storm Erik combined with the absence of many regulars as they prepared for other races, saw attendance drop to the lowest point since December 2017 with just 44 completing the run.

Andrew Brown and Kerry Cooper both recorded PBs and we welcomed Matthew Chester and Josh Greenwood as the only first-timers on the day.

Shaun Heys chalked up his fourth first finish with Craig Wolfenden second and Paul Hare third, while Helen Sweeney was the first lady over the line followed by Fiona Cowgill and Gillian Greenwood.

Edward Lee

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