Pennington Flash parkrun Event Report 307

Pennington Flash SHOCKER!!!

Conditions were near perfect for Grand National Saturday with the going being 'good' to 'firm' in some places with the odd residue of a muddy puddle thrown in for good measure! It was certainly a beautiful day for a nice run round the top of the Flash!  There was clearly something funny in the air though, as Callan complained of unusual sightings of mythical creatures up on Sheila's Corner and the odd runner muttered something about passing a small unicorn on the course.  Maybe it was all down to a low blood sugar though, as a slice of Stephanie France's '21st' birthday cake seemed to get everyone back to normal! Happy birthday Stephanie!  We also celebrated a 50th Milestone for Andrew Skinner and Michael Thomas as well as Abi Savage's 100th and Andrew Beaumont's 200th.  Seventeen people enjoyed their first run with us this week, welcome to the Flash!  I'd love to tell you that it's always that glorious at the Flash but I suspect the puddles may be back in force by next week.

A really big thank you goes out to Alison & Terry who made their run director debut this week! Everyone had a great run and all went swimmingly!

James McGlynn was looking resplendent in his fine, green 250 t-shirt with many an envious glance cast in his direction, particularly from Gareth Llewellyn who is 19 runs away from his green!

It's looking like Stephen Makin has let himself go a bit these days as he dragged himself in just behind the tail runner in a time of 49:32.  I suspect all the post run cake has finally got to him!

Our first three males this week were Anthony Taylor, Tim Campbell & Eric Ranson.  Our first three females were Rachel Culshaw, Susan Fletcher & Amanda Partington. Well done ladies and gents!  We were joined by 17 first timers and a whopping 57 of you celebrated a new PB!!!  Great running everyone!


As mentioned at the start of parkrun on Saturday morning, we are in the process of raising money for our own defibrillator, so that should the unthinkable happen we will have our own defib on the finish line ready to use.

The link to the donation page is as follows...
There's a big rectangle in the middle which you click on and it will take you to PayPal to donate. If you could leave a note in the note box at the bottom of the Paypal page saying that it is for the Pennington Flash defib that would be marvellous!

The Volunteers
We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen:Helen BARBER, Mike BENT, Yvonne BUCKLEY, Mia CARRIGHAR-KEARNS, Jonathan CROWE, Terry ERRINGTON, John GALLIMORE, Terry GARDINER, Alistair GILBERT-CROWE, Kathryn GRACE, Alison HEYWOOD, Lynn J SMITH, Amelie LIVESEY, Alison MAKIN, Paul ROBERTS, Callan ROWLAND, Steven SOAR, Katie TAGGART, Laney WILLIAMS

The FUTURE ROSTER can be found here if you’re curious about what you can do. Email our Volunteer Co-ordinator with any questions.
Thanks for your participation and support and in anticipation of fundraising shocker success!

Alison & Katie

The Pennington Flash parkrun Team

The Important Stuff
NO BARCODE = NO RESULT Do your paper barcodes get a bit soggy? You can order authorised barcode tags.
Headphones – please use only one earpiece so you can hear the marshals
Kids – children aged 11 and under must run with an adult
Dogs – please keep them on a lead and under control
Volunteers – please be at the start by 08:45 so we can brief you

Find us on:
Email: Alison Makin and Katie Taggart, Event Directors