Pennington Flash parkrun Event Report 312

After a rather droughty few weeks at the flash, the rain had appeared on Friday night and had left a few puddles for us. Conditions were dull but the temperature was more palatable for running in and the forecast rain held off for us on Saturday morning. This meant another big turn-out of 211 runners at Pennington Flash parkrun this week. RD Lisa got us underway efficiently and the volunteer team ensured that everything ran smoothly, meaning that we all got to the cabin without a hitch to see what quality home bakes were on offer this week. After the luxury menu the previous week, I resigned myself to a few biscuits maybe this week but no, there was much more available including a nice carrot cake which was hand-made by regular Kate who was celebrating 150 parkruns. Whilst Kate is a regular at the flash, she is also a regular parkrun tourist and she has participated in an impressive 35 different parkruns. Did you know that if you take part in 20 different ones, you make it to a special list?

We also had ‘official’ milestone runs this week for Victoria, Brides, Gary Nichol and David Hodgkinson, who both earned their black T-shirts for completing 100 parkruns. Well done! Tim Lewis completed his 25th volunteer to earn his purple t-shirt and praise all round. Thanks Tim!!

26 first timers joined us on Saturday. The good news there is that you only need to do 9 more, if you’re a junior, or 49 more if you’re an adult in order to earn your first parkrun T-shirt. My friend, Maria, was one of the first timers and the fact that we now both run on a Saturday for ‘fun’ is quite funny, as after our first cross-country at school, we received quite a stern telling off from the PE teacher for being joint last. She told us we should be ashamed of ourselves whilst we celebrated in completing our mission of walking as much of ‘the run’ as possible. It is nice to hear that people joining us for the first time are really impressed with the set-up both of the run and the after-party hospitality.

So back to the run and the results:

1 Charlie Sharpe of Spectrum Striders in 17:58
2 Tony Pfaff of Willowfield Harriers in 18.17
3 Eric Ranson of St Helen’s Striders in 18.17

1 Jennifer Houghton of Kirby Millers AC in 21.12
2 Amanda Sterling Keighly & Craven AC 22.23
3 Cat D’Ascendis (World Record Breakers although not strictly a running club) in 21.51

Some impressive results today for our runners. Please remember though, that we also need people to volunteer so that the run can go ahead. Check the future roster and give it a try if you have never done so or not done for a while. Volunteers are also invited to pen the run report. It doesn’t take long to write a few words and I know that people enjoy a little read and reflect of the morning.

This Week’s Volunteers Were:
Helen Barber, Catherine Brides, Lesley Davidson, Trena Eldridge, Terry Errington, Terry Gardiner, Kathryn Grace, Sheila Halton, Alison Heywood, Robin Hurst, Tim Lewis, Denise Mackowiak, Olivia Mcdaid, Lisa Anne Mills, Heather Minshull, Callan Rowland, Nicola Scott and Lynn T Smith.

Finally, the Christmas party is being planned. It will take place on Saturday 16th December at the Masonic Hall in Leigh. It will be a disco and buffet format costing £15 total. Trena Eldridge has got this in hand and is collecting £5 deposits. Please speak to her if you are interested.

See you all on Saturday to do it all again.

Thanks for your participation and support!

The Pennington Flash parkrun Team

The Important Stuff
NO BARCODE = NO RESULT Do your paper barcodes get a bit soggy? You can order authorised barcode tags.
Headphones – please use only one earpiece so you can hear the marshals
Kids – children aged 11 and under must run with an adult
Dogs – please keep them on a lead and under control
Volunteers – please be at the start by 08:45 so we can brief you

Find us on:
Email: Alison Makin and Katie Taggart, Event Directors