Pennington Flash parkrun Event Report 315

Whilst today feels like the middle of winter, the first parkrun of June on Saturday brought dry and warm conditions. Whist it did get quite hot on the third lap, the ground and environment were good for running. It’s been an unsettling few weeks and as usual, Saturday’s event allowed a time for reflection and the opportunity to participate in a positive event for everyone.

Mr & Mrs McGlynn had arrived at the flash early and made sure the course was safe for us to enjoy before 195 of us descended. The briefing included news that George Worsley was doing his white T-shirt run (10 parkruns for youngsters) on his 11th birthday. Jamie Rockcliff was also achieving his 10th milestone and we were all super -impressed with the fact that he has done an international parkrun in Esbjerg, plus 49 junior parkruns. James Flatley celebrated 200 runs which, means he only has another 50 runs before being able to get the coveted jade green T. Well done everyone!

So we had 24 people join us for the first time on Saturday. We hope you enjoyed it and hope to see you again soon. 23 of us enjoyed a Pennington Flash parkrun PB on Saturday. Flashy PBs can be very hard to come by so they must be celebrated when they happen.

Podium positions:


1 Tim Campbell of Astley & Tyldesley in 18:49 (Tim is a FOTB on 99 runs too)
2 Matthew Woodford (J15 – 17) in 19:16
3 Brendan Loughrey of Astley & Tyldesley in 19:22 (matching his PB)


1 Olivia Stones (J15 - 17) of Leigh Harriers in 20:07
2 Amanda Partington in 23:33
3 Louise Simpson of Astley & Tyldesley in 24:07

Well done everyone who turned-up and took part :)

A very big thank you to all of our volunteers without which the event could not happen. A round of applause goes to Catherine Brides, Michelle Brown-Crowther, Joanne & Mia Carrigher-Kearns, Terry Gardiner, Kathryn Grace, Sheila Halton, Kimberley Harris, Sandy Hill, Lynn Smith, Victoria Maxfield, James McGlynn, Katie Taggart, Catherine Worsley and Andrew Yates. There are lots of available slots on the volunteer roster over the next few weeks and as we move into holiday periods it usually becomes a little sparser. Please take a look and check if you can help at all.

Finally, for many of us, parkrun has led to longer runs and even to doing a little travelling to take part in a race. Some of our more hard core regulars took this to the extreme at the weekend when they did the Comrades event. This involves going to South Africa and running approximately 55 miles in boiling hot conditions. Alternate years are ‘down’ or ‘up’ runs. This year was the ‘up’ run and some of the gang were firmly of the opinion that this would be a whole lot ‘easier’ than their experience the year before! We look forward to hearing all about it from Stuart Hamilton (Wigan Harriers), Martin Davies, James Love (Astley & Tyldesley) and Gareth Llewellyn (Flashers on Tour!).

Thanks for your participation and support!

The Pennington Flash parkrun Team

The Important Stuff
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Headphones – please use only one earpiece so you can hear the marshals
Kids – children aged 11 and under must run with an adult
Dogs – please keep them on a lead and under control
Volunteers – please be at the start by 08:45 so we can brief you

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