Pennington Flash parkrun Event Report 316

Well Saturday rained and rained and rained…… was an absolute washout and the wet conditions seemed to put quite a few people off from turning-up to the 5km run, as we had a lot less runners this week compared to last. Thankfully, it gave those of us who did attend the excuse to just go ‘steady’ and to ‘soak-up’ the surrounds….

Team Taggart were fully in charge of the proceedings this week and young Isaac offered a very clear new runners’ briefing from under the ‘brolly. Isaac has already volunteered so many times that he has earned a purple T-shirt. One of these could be yours if you undertake any combination of 25 volunteer roles. Most of us are yet to earn one of those. So, after the new runners’ briefing, mum Katie, got the run swiftly underway and we were all wet up to the knees…..and down to the knees in no time at all. Very unusually there were no milestones this week. 134 runners took part and a huge 24 of those were first timers. We hope that you enjoyed it and hope that you come again. 11 people somehow managed to get a PB too. Well done everyone.

Podium positions:

1 Scott Sumer in 19.18 (PB)
2 Joseph Goodwin in 19.23 (First timer)
3 Stephen Makin (19:27)

1 Olivia Stones (J15 - 17) of Leigh Harriers in 20.28 (same position as last week)
2 Emma Owen of Astley & Tyldesley in 24.12
3 Louise Simpson of Astley & Tyldesley in 25.20 (same position as last week)

Just a word on barcodes, the first place runner this week did not have a barcode with her. Wouldn’t you be absolutely gutted if that happened?! It is helpful to have a spare one – maybe in the car, attached to your shoe or in your bag so that you can always log your run and get the credit you deserve. The plastic barcodes and bracelets are available to buy and are very durable – worth investing in if you regularly take part.

Thank you to our team of volunteers for making parkrun happen this week; Catherine Brides, Jonathan Crowe, Steve Eldridge, Trena Eldridge, Rachael Fairclough, John Gallimore, Terry Gardiner, Janet Geeson, Hannah Geeson, Sheila Halton, Stuart Livesey, Denise Mackowiak (how did she stay so dry though?!), Alison Makin, Matthew Perry, Nicola Scott, Isaac Taggart, Katie Taggart, Carmel Unsworth, Laney Williams and Andrew Yates.

Advance notice that there is no Pennington Flash parkrun on July 15th so you can start to make plans to tour if you fancy trying somewhere different. There are plenty of volunteer slots on the rota over the next few weeks so please take a look and help where you can.

Thank you and let’s do it all again on Saturday.