Penrhyn parkrun #206 Run Report

Thanks (again) to Helen for this fantastic Run Report - Diolch

Penrhyn parkrun run report #206

Saturday January 12th 2019

It was a bit of a grey old morning at Penrhyn for our 206th event, but that did not stop 239 of you getting up early to walk, jog, run, hop and skip the 5k course.  Sadly the sheep were not with us today, but ewe never know when they will re-appear (no more sheep puns…I promise).

The courtyard was rammed….sorry jammed packed for the first timers briefing and start. I often wonder how many other parkrunners have the honour of starting and finishing their weekly parkrun in a castle. Sometimes we forget how lucky we are to be graced with such a beautiful setting.

parkrun 206

We had a total of 42 first timers today of whom 32 were completing their first ever parkrun.  Julie Lord from Beeston Athletic Club chose to complete her 222nd(!) parkrun at Penrhyn and if I heard correctly it was her 89th(!) different parkrun event! That is mightily impressive. This week we had visitors from Nottinghamshire, Hertfordshire, The Wirral, the West Midlands and Manchester. There were representatives from 11 different running clubs.  We hope you all enjoyed visiting Penrhyn and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

There were no milestones today, but I have heard that there are some milestones coming up for some Penrhyn regulars in the next couple of weeks! There were a whopping 48 PBs today including first finisher Dilwyn Powell-Jones.

For those of you interested in stats, here are details of the first finishers for event #206

Top Male Finishers

Pos Name Time Age Category Age Grade
1 Dilwyn Powell-Jones 18:46 SM 30-34 69.89% NEW PB!!!
3 Meilyr Wyn 19:37 VM 35-39 69.07%
4 Ben Gnatiuk 20:09 VM40-44 67.74% FIRST TIMER
5 Steve Taylor 20:12 VM60-64 79.37%
6 Thomas Dutton 20:42 SM25-29 62.32%


Top Female Finishers

Pos Name Time Age Category Age Grade
22 Rhiannon Amy Willmot 23:44 SW 25-29 62.36%
27 Wendi Evans 23:55 VW 55-59 75.68%
28 Stephanie Barbaresi 23:56 VW 50-54 72.77%
40 Beth Robinson 24:43 SW 20-24 59.88%
51 Tamsin Fretwell 25:41 VW 45-49 62.43%
52 Jen Roberts 25:42 SW30-34 57.98% NEW PB!!!


Top Junior Male Finishers

Pos Name Time Age Category Age Grade
17 James Fitzpatrick 22:52 JM 15-17 59.91%
31 Joe Redmond 24:10 JM 11-14 58.69% FIRST TIMER
32 Felix Corson 24:12 JM15-17 57.51% NEW PB!!!
45 Benjamin Rodger 25:02 JM 11-14 61.12% NEW PB!!!
98 Jacob Hargreve 29:20 JM 11-14 52.16%
99 Finlay Perry 29:21 JM 11-14 52.13%


Top Junior Female Finishers

Pos Name Time Age Category Age Grade
112 Ella Roberts 30:28 JW 11-14 53.45%
113 Della Matthews 30:30 JW 10 59.40% NEW PB!!!
125 Ela Letton-Jones 31:00 JW 11-14 52.53% NEW PB!!!
126 Alys Pritchard 31:02 JW 10 58.38%
144 Esmi Roberts 32:13 JW 11-14 50.54% FIRST TIMER
145 Alis Tomos 32.13 JW 11-14 51.63% NEW PB!!!


Highest Age Grade Rankings

Pos Name Time Age Category Age Grade
5 Steve Taylor 20:12 VM 60-64 79:37%
27 Wendi Evans 23:55 VW55-59 75.68%
11 Clive Wycherley 21:49 VM 60-64 74.79%
28 Stephanie Barbaresi 23:56 VW 50-54 72.77%
8 Kevin Clark 21:10 VM 50-54 70.24%


Well done to you all.


And finally….

The great thing about parkrun is that it is open to everyone, all ages and all abilities. For many it is the sense of community and participation that matters over and above anything else; for others it is about personal development, growth and nurturing a sense of well-being; whilst for some it is about monitoring running development and times. All reasons are equally valid, and it is good to have a mix of motivations.  However, a number of people attend parkrun simply to volunteer and that is something to be applauded. Volunteering at parkrun is a wonderful selfless thing to consider doing if you are waiting around for friends and family to complete the course. It is also a brilliant way of giving something back if you are a regular parkrunner, and for getting to know other penrhyn parkrunners. We are only able to run the event each week because of our community of volunteers so go on, why not give it a go! We also now have lots of volunteer roles that enable you to complete the parkrun and get the hi-vis hero status so you don’t miss out on completing the course!

Happy parkrunning and remember #dfyb Don’t Forget Your Baa-code!!



The event was made possible by 17 volunteers:


Vivienne EDWARDS • Eurwyn EDWARDS • Helen ASLETT • Gwion DAVIES • Jenny

JONES • Margaret OLIVER • Robert HIND • Deiniol JONES • Cathy HEAVERS •

Ffion NORRIS • Rhys WILLIAMS • Andy D GOATER • Ronnie EDWARDS • Thandiwe

GILDER • Elenid JONES • John STORY • Rhiannon WILLIAMS


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the

Penrhyn parkrun Results Page.


The male record is held by Dan NASH who recorded a time of 15:37 on 7th

April 2018 (event number 168).

The female record is held by Holly WEEDALL who recorded a time of 17:49

on 28th July 2018 (event number 184).

The Age Grade course record is held by Hidi JONES who recorded 91.18%

(19:51) on 20th October 2018 (event number 195).


Penrhyn parkrun started on 15th November 2014. Since then 7,993

participants have completed 33,263 parkruns covering a total distance of

166,315 km, including 6,282 new Personal Bests. A total of 519

individuals have volunteered 2,707 times.