Penrhyn parkrun Event number 208 26th January 2019

A blustery January Saturday did not deter 229 parkrunners from descending on Penrhyn Castle for this week’s parkrun and running, jogging or walking the course.  Given this week’s Run Director Chris Williams’s reputation of bringing stormy weather to Penrhyn whenever he is in charge, we were all very relieved that the forecasted wild winds and rain held off just long enough for the event to go ahead.

Part of the pleasure of parkrun is catching up at the start with friends and hearing about their week. It was lovely to hear how one regular parkrunner offered directions to a newcomer only to find out that it was a long lost friend whom they had not seen for 30 years. Hopefully the Facebook shout out on our page earlier in the week had a similar happy outcome.  

Of the 45 first timers today, for 27 it was their first ever parkrun – do return soon! We had a plethora of PB’s despite the weather, with 41 of you recording personal bests!  A special mention must go to the top three junior male and female participants who all recorded PBs today (see below). We had tourists from Hampshire, Warwickshire, London, Nottinghamshire to name but a few places and I spied a couple of cow cowls (which are linked to a Facebook group for people who have participated in more than 20 different parkrun events). One of these belonged to Linda from Long Eaton who is aiming to do all of the Welsh parkruns. We were lucky enough to have representatives from 20 different running clubs.

There were event milestones for two of this week’s participants. Parkrun tourist James Collier completed his 200th event, and first at Penrhyn, also finishing second overall - well done James. Meanwhile I finally earned my 25th volunteer credit. This means I can now claim a purple parkrun volunteer t-shirt. Yes, as well as there now being more opportunities to both run and volunteer at Penrhyn, if you volunteer often enough you get a fab t-shirt to brighten up your wardrobe. More importantly though you will also get a lovely feel good feeling and meet a lot more like-minded people. I will say that it is through volunteering at parkrun that I have got to know people whom are now some of my closest friends ☺. For me that is far more important than any t-shirt, but I will still await its arrival with anticipation! Remember if you are at school or college you can volunteer at Penrhyn parkrun to earn credits towards your Welsh Bacc or Duke of Edinburgh award just like one of this week’s volunteers Leah Hughes. You are also never too young to volunteer. It was lovely to see two young unofficial volunteers Bethany and Ffion helping out our regular volunteer Jenny Jones.

Here are the first finishers and top age-grade related performances for event 208.

Top Male Finishers

Pos Name Time Age Category Age Grade
1 Bryn Woodhall 17:26 JM15-17 79.83% New PB
2 Danny Hopkins 18:54 SM20-24 68.25% First timer at penrhyn
3 Meilyr Wyn 19:42 VM35-39 68.78%
4 James Collier 20:11 VM35-39 66.64% 200th parkrun First Timer
6 Samuel Wadsworth 20:24 SM18-19 64.62%


Top Female Finishers

Pos Name Time Age Category Age Grade
24 Catrin Smith 22:59 JW15-17 65.77% NEW PB!!!
25 Michaela Lauder 23:02 SW30-34 64.33%
40 Clair Atterbury 24:28 VW40-44 62.87%
47 Amy Harrington 24:58 SW20-24 59.28%
49 Rachel Cutter 25:16 SW30-34 58.58% First timer!!!

Top Junior Male Finishers

Pos Name Time Age Category Age Grade
1 Bryn Woodhall 17:26 JM15-17 79.83% New PB!!!
19 Tom Webb 22:18 JM11-14 68.61% New PB!!!
21 James Fitzpatrick 22:26 JM15-17 61.07% New PB!!!


Top Junior Female Finishers

Pos Name Time Age Category Age Grade
24 Catrin Smith 22:59 JW15-17 65.77% New PB!!!
52 Ffion Davies 25:27 JW11-14 63.98% NEW PB!!!
58 Jessica Wymer 25:52 JW 11-14 60.76% NEW PB!!!


Highest Age Grade Rankings

Pos Name Time Age Category Age Grade
1 Bryn Woodhall 17:26 JM15-17 79.83%
7 Dylan Huws 20:26 VM55-59 77.81%
9 Arwel Lewis 20:44 VM60-64 77.33%
59 Noreen Henderson 25:56 VW60-64 75.90%
17 Rhys Henderson 22:03 WM60-64 72.71%


The event was made possible by 20 volunteers:

Tamsin FRETWELL • Helen ASLETT • Gwion DAVIES • Jenny JONES • Chris WILLIAMS-BUGGY • Ed WRIGHT • Lucy ROTHWELL • Kate WHEATCROFT • Jeff MOCHAN • Andy D GOATER • Sarah MARSH • Thandi GILDER • Vivienne GRAY • Heidi BAKEWELL • Naomi STARKEY • Samuel WYN JONES • Deio OWEN • Andy JOHN • Jeanette WOODEN • Leah HUGHES

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Penrhyn parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Dan NASH who recorded a time of 15:37 on 7th April 2018 (event number 168).
The female record is held by Holly WEEDALL who recorded a time of 17:49 on 28th July 2018 (event number 184).