Event 260

Many thanks to the 16 volunteers who enabled the 194 people to take part in Penrhyn Castle's 260th parkrun on Saturday.
What a stunning setting for a run, jog or walk starting within the walls of the mock castle from the ice tower and running through the portcullis to finish with views of the Menai Straits and the Snowdonian mountains whilst on the route.
For thirty seven people it was their first ever time at Penryhn parkrun and at least ten of those people were joining parkrun for the very first time, some of whom had been encouraged to join in by friends to celebrate International Women's Day. Welcome to the parkrun community, we hope you will join us again either at Penrhyn or any of the other many parkruns worldwide.
I visited with two friends from Stockport whilst on holiday and we got a surprise visit to cheer us on from two other friends who were staying locally. We all thought it was a very friendly and welcoming community, so once again, thank to all who enabled the run to happen.
Jasmine Dobson was the first female finisher. It was her third run at Penrhyn and the first time she was the first finisher. Matthew Edwin Roberts was the first male finisher and ran his 9th Penrhyn parkrun on Saturday and got a PB. Well done to both.
Hilary Jaques Megoran got the highest age grading overall, a staggering 84.88%. Matthew Edwin Roberts was second highest at 83.64, great achievements. https://support.parkrun.com/hc/en-us/articles/200565263-What-is-age-grading
Suzanne Sutherland