A tourists view of Penrhyn on St David’s Day (well, the day after!)

Last December 3 of us from Start2Jog, a running club based in Glossop, Derbyshire realised that if the stars aligned and none of us got injured, parkrunday on 2nd March 2019 would be a triple celebration for us - Kathryn Grays 25th volunteer occasion, Phil Grays 50th different parkrun and my 100th different parkrun location.
The big question was, where would we run? We all wanted to run at a castle and Phil suggested Penrhyn. As it would be the day after St. Davids Day we realised there would be a fourth celebration.  A quick email was sent to the core team and our plan was put in motion.

There were a couple of challenging weekends before that - the first weekend in February saw many parkruns cancelled due to sudden heavy snowfalls, then the following week Storm Erik caused further parkrun disruption, but, with numerous backup plans in place, we got there - arriving at Penrhyn parkruns St. Davids Day celebration to achieve our personal milestones.  
Regulars at this parkrun don't need to be told how beautiful the surroundings are, but first time visitors like me can't fail to be impressed as they drive, cycle, run or walk up the driveway to this stunning neo-Norman castle. 
The pre-run briefing was held in a cobbled courtyard where we saw many of our fellow runners wearing red or yellow and sporting daffodils in celebration of St. Davids Day. As the Run Director shouted for us to 'Go!' we ran through the imposing archway and into the sunshine of the castle grounds for two laps of a large loop, followed by two laps of a smaller loop.  
The route affords impressive views of all aspects of the castle including a grassy carpet of daffodils, dancing in the breeze, and in the distance The Menai Straits and The Snowdonia National Park. The marshals were brilliant, especially the young lady who enthusiastically rang her cowbell every time we passed. 
The run finished in the old stable yard where the St. Davids Day celebration continued with home-made Welsh cakes for everyone.
We visited the on site cafe where we had a good breakfast, chatted with the local runners and volunteers, exchanged tips and stories with fellow tourists and shared our celebration cake.
Today was my 100th different parkrun location and Penrhyn has gone straight to 3rd place in my favourite parkrun list (being just beaten by Stormont and Fountains Abbey).

17 priceless volunteers enabled 195 runners to complete the course today.

This included 50 first timers to Penrhyn, and an amazing 33 runners who recorded PB's.
 First male finisher was Tomos ROBERTS
First female finisher was Ellis HAV
First junior male finisher (in a fantastic 3rd place) was Cameron SHAW
First junior female was Ella GRUNDY

For any tourists considering visiting, I'd suggest January to February when the snowdrops are in flower, March to April to see the carpet of daffodils, May to see the bluebells, the summer months for the fuchsia arch, autumn for the colourful falling leaves or the end of the year for winters views of the castle.  Whatever the occasion, put it on your list & visit - it really is magnificent! 
On a more serious note, last week, whilst visiting a parkrun in the East of England, a man standing in front of me during the pre-run briefing fainted.  He was attended to immediately by parkrunners and volunteers.
He was wearing a parkrun wrist and containing his emergency contact details.  This enabled the core team to make contact with his next of kin and to take him home.
Please, can I ask you all to make sure the 'In case of emergency' details and any pertinent medical information are up to date on your parkrun profile - you can find the link on your results / volunteer email, then reprint your barcode and the updated information will appear. 
It's useful to carry your barcode or wristband at all times when running, so your ICE number is always readily accessible, although hopefully won't ever be needed. 


Back in love with parkrun

I have a shocking confession to make... Recently I've been feeling a bit jaded about parkrun!  I know right?  Shocking!  I have 80 something runs under my belt and 45 volunteer points.  Its transformed my social life and given me some of my closest friends but lately I'd fallen a little bit out of love.  Sometimes life gets in the way, the dark wet mornings of winter, never ending housework, demanding job, husband working Saturday mornings and the prospect of dragging 2 tweenagers out of their beds has meant that 9 times out of ten I have stayed in bed on a Saturday morning.  Its like eating fruit, you know its good for you and you'd feel better if you just ate an apple but sometimes its just too much bother! But this morning it was my turn to be Run Director, I have to go, otherwise I risk a row from ED Gwion (and he's a teacher,therefore - scary).  I get home from a work trip to Cardiff at 9.45 on a Friday night and nothing has been prepared, there's rosters to print and scanners to charge.  I sort it out and go to bed wondering if I'll wake up in time. Dutifully I wake up at 7, drag kids out of bed with the promise of cake and hot chocolates, pack the car and get to Penrhyn for 8 o clock.  The kids start getting the cones and signs out and I do a bit of a course check.  Its a lovely sunny morning, the smell of spring is in the air, there's snowdrops and crocuses and birds singing.  At about 8.25 the first few volunteers start to arrive, along with a few mini volunteers.  Then the runners start to arrive, is gets busier and busier and I notice that everyone is smiling and chatting.  There's a lovely happy, buzzy atmosphere, spring is in the air and everyone is feeling it.  All of a sudden its 8.55, OMG I need to do the new runners briefing, and there's loads of them, all looking happy and excited.  Some are visiting from other parkruns, for some its there first one ever and you can see the trepidation on their faces. My megaphone is broken so I ask everyone to be quiet and astonishingly, no-one chats in the run briefing, and even more surprisingly - I don't forget anything! We cheer as runners run by, everything goes ahead without a hiccup thanks to the volunteers.  One daughter is happily on barcodes and other other is busy recruiting volunteers.  All is done by 10am, everything gets packed away (again with help) and I go home and realise that I am ABSOLUTELY BUZZING!!!  PARKUN IS BRILLIANT!!  LIFE AFFIRMING!! AMAZING!! ALL THE WORLDS PROBLEMS CAN BE SOLVED BY PARKRUN!!


Love Hayley xx

This week 200 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 43 were first timers and 38 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 14 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 19 volunteers:

Eurwyn EDWARDS • Iain LETTICE • Elin Mair WALKER JONES • Emyr JONES • Hayley MACDONALD-JONES • Ffion NORRIS • Megan MACDONALD-JONES • Ffion MACDONALD-JONES • Carwyn JONES • Angie LAING • Sam TAGGER • Christine WYCHERLEY • Nigel JONES • Alwyn OLIVER • Catherine UNWIN • Maija GIDDINGS • Paula OWEN • Thomas RIDGWAY • Tomos JONES

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Penrhyn parkrun Results Page.

Summary of the first 5 male finishers

1 Dilwyn POWELL-JONES 18:28 VM35-39 71.39 %
2 John DAVIES 18:48 SM25-29 68.62 %
3 Meilyr WYN 19:20 VM35-39 70.09 %
4 Peter BRODEY 19:46 SM25-29 65.26 %
5 Eddie NEALE 20:16 SM20-24 64.31 %

Summary of top 5 female finishers

1 Lauren MILLER 20:55 SW20-24 70.76 %
2 Clair ATTERBURY 23:05 VW40-44 66.64 %
3 Sarah GOULDEN 23:09 SW30-34 63.93 %
4 Isabelle SHAW 23:47 JW11-14 68.47 %
5 Amy HARRINGTON 23:54 SW20-24 61.92 %

Finally, after the conversation I had with Clive about the importance of age grade scores he'll be pleased to see he's at the top of the first 5 finishers by age grade!

1 Clive WYCHERLEY 22:07 VM60-64 74.45 %
2 Dilwyn POWELL-JONES 18:28 VM35-39 71.39 %
3 Lauren MILLER 20:55 SW20-24 70.76 %
4 Meilyr WYN 19:20 VM35-39 70.09 %
5 Tom WEBB 21:56 JM11-14 69.76 %

The male record is held by Dan NASH who recorded a time of 15:37 on 7th April 2018 (event number 168). The female record is held by Holly WEEDALL who recorded a time of 17:49 on 28th July 2018 (event number 184). The Age Grade course record is held by Hidi JONES who recorded 91.18% (19:51) on 20th October 2018 (event number 195).

Penrhyn parkrun started on 15th November 2014. Since then 8,150 participants have completed 34,111 parkruns covering a total distance of 170,555 km, including 6,457 new Personal Bests. A total of 544 individuals have volunteered 2,782 times.


Penrhyn Parkrun2.02.2019 Run number 209

My husband and I are partial to a bit of parkrun tourism and this weeks chosen destination was Penrhyn. We travelled from snowbound Lancashire the previous day and felt rather smug when we realised the snow in North Wales was confined to the hills. Our smugness increased when parkrun after parkrun in the North West region was cancelled. We then noticed that Nant y Pandy had announced they were off, closely followed by Bodelwyddan. I fixed us both a stiff drink and we spent the rest of Friday evening with our fingers crossed and working out how long it would take us to get to Conwy or Newborough Forest if Penrhyn was cancelled. The torture of being a park run addict! Saturday wouldn’t be Saturday without our parkrun fix.

Thankfully, we need not have worried and Penrhyn parkrun certainly didn’t disappoint. We have both visited over 100 different parkrun venues and Penrhyn is certainly up there with the most stunning and picturesque. I ran with our dog and I loved the separate start for pooches and their humans. The start of parkrun makes dogs a bit giddy so this is a brilliant way of managing them.

So who did what on Saturday?

First place was scooped by someone sans barcode. In second place was Alex Cooper who came home in 19.05. This was his 47th park run of which 9 have been at Penrhyn. Third across the line was William Winter of St Radegund RDC in a personal best time of19.24. He has completed 131 parkruns and this was his second appearance at Penrhyn, his previous one being exactly a year ago.

What about the ladies?

In first place was Kristy Guneratne in a time of 20.51(overall 10th place) also from St Radegund RDC on her 403rd parkrun and second at Penrhyn. Kristy also ran at Penrhyn exactly a year ago and and was the fastest lady on that occasion too. Go Kristy! Second lady was Lauren Miller in 21.22 who was 14th overall and a Vegan Runner. This was her 45th parkrun and her 7th time at Penrhyn. Hannah Cooke followed her in third place and 21st overall on her 87th parkrun and her first at Penrhyn.

Four people achieved age gradings of over 70%

Robert Hind 74.68%

Kristy Guneratne 72.58

Chris Howell 72.12

Karen Shackleton 71.03

There were 202 runners, joggers and walkers and 19 volunteers on Saturday. Hats off to the hi viz heroes, parkrun wouldn't happen without them.

Of the 202 there were:

37 first timers at Penrhyn

17 first time ever parkrunners

57 personal bests

83 women

119 men

25 juniors

23 unknowns (Don’t Forget Your Barcode!)

The first parkrun took place at Penrhyn on 15th November 2014 and since then there have been:

8107 different runners

816 different running clubs

33911 completions

6419 PBs

and a highest attendance of 341 in August 2017.

Until the next time, happy parkrunning everyone.

Karen Shackleton visiting from Bolton parkrun.



Penrhyn parkrun Event number 208 26th January 2019

A blustery January Saturday did not deter 229 parkrunners from descending on Penrhyn Castle for this week’s parkrun and running, jogging or walking the course.  Given this week’s Run Director Chris Williams’s reputation of bringing stormy weather to Penrhyn whenever he is in charge, we were all very relieved that the forecasted wild winds and rain held off just long enough for the event to go ahead.

Part of the pleasure of parkrun is catching up at the start with friends and hearing about their week. It was lovely to hear how one regular parkrunner offered directions to a newcomer only to find out that it was a long lost friend whom they had not seen for 30 years. Hopefully the Facebook shout out on our page earlier in the week had a similar happy outcome.  

Of the 45 first timers today, for 27 it was their first ever parkrun – do return soon! We had a plethora of PB’s despite the weather, with 41 of you recording personal bests!  A special mention must go to the top three junior male and female participants who all recorded PBs today (see below). We had tourists from Hampshire, Warwickshire, London, Nottinghamshire to name but a few places and I spied a couple of cow cowls (which are linked to a Facebook group for people who have participated in more than 20 different parkrun events). One of these belonged to Linda from Long Eaton who is aiming to do all of the Welsh parkruns. We were lucky enough to have representatives from 20 different running clubs.

There were event milestones for two of this week’s participants. Parkrun tourist James Collier completed his 200th event, and first at Penrhyn, also finishing second overall - well done James. Meanwhile I finally earned my 25th volunteer credit. This means I can now claim a purple parkrun volunteer t-shirt. Yes, as well as there now being more opportunities to both run and volunteer at Penrhyn, if you volunteer often enough you get a fab t-shirt to brighten up your wardrobe. More importantly though you will also get a lovely feel good feeling and meet a lot more like-minded people. I will say that it is through volunteering at parkrun that I have got to know people whom are now some of my closest friends ☺. For me that is far more important than any t-shirt, but I will still await its arrival with anticipation! Remember if you are at school or college you can volunteer at Penrhyn parkrun to earn credits towards your Welsh Bacc or Duke of Edinburgh award just like one of this week’s volunteers Leah Hughes. You are also never too young to volunteer. It was lovely to see two young unofficial volunteers Bethany and Ffion helping out our regular volunteer Jenny Jones.

Here are the first finishers and top age-grade related performances for event 208.

Top Male Finishers

Pos Name Time Age Category Age Grade
1 Bryn Woodhall 17:26 JM15-17 79.83% New PB
2 Danny Hopkins 18:54 SM20-24 68.25% First timer at penrhyn
3 Meilyr Wyn 19:42 VM35-39 68.78%
4 James Collier 20:11 VM35-39 66.64% 200th parkrun First Timer
6 Samuel Wadsworth 20:24 SM18-19 64.62%


Top Female Finishers

Pos Name Time Age Category Age Grade
24 Catrin Smith 22:59 JW15-17 65.77% NEW PB!!!
25 Michaela Lauder 23:02 SW30-34 64.33%
40 Clair Atterbury 24:28 VW40-44 62.87%
47 Amy Harrington 24:58 SW20-24 59.28%
49 Rachel Cutter 25:16 SW30-34 58.58% First timer!!!

Top Junior Male Finishers

Pos Name Time Age Category Age Grade
1 Bryn Woodhall 17:26 JM15-17 79.83% New PB!!!
19 Tom Webb 22:18 JM11-14 68.61% New PB!!!
21 James Fitzpatrick 22:26 JM15-17 61.07% New PB!!!


Top Junior Female Finishers

Pos Name Time Age Category Age Grade
24 Catrin Smith 22:59 JW15-17 65.77% New PB!!!
52 Ffion Davies 25:27 JW11-14 63.98% NEW PB!!!
58 Jessica Wymer 25:52 JW 11-14 60.76% NEW PB!!!


Highest Age Grade Rankings

Pos Name Time Age Category Age Grade
1 Bryn Woodhall 17:26 JM15-17 79.83%
7 Dylan Huws 20:26 VM55-59 77.81%
9 Arwel Lewis 20:44 VM60-64 77.33%
59 Noreen Henderson 25:56 VW60-64 75.90%
17 Rhys Henderson 22:03 WM60-64 72.71%


The event was made possible by 20 volunteers:

Tamsin FRETWELL • Helen ASLETT • Gwion DAVIES • Jenny JONES • Chris WILLIAMS-BUGGY • Ed WRIGHT • Lucy ROTHWELL • Kate WHEATCROFT • Jeff MOCHAN • Andy D GOATER • Sarah MARSH • Thandi GILDER • Vivienne GRAY • Heidi BAKEWELL • Naomi STARKEY • Samuel WYN JONES • Deio OWEN • Andy JOHN • Jeanette WOODEN • Leah HUGHES

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Penrhyn parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Dan NASH who recorded a time of 15:37 on 7th April 2018 (event number 168).
The female record is held by Holly WEEDALL who recorded a time of 17:49 on 28th July 2018 (event number 184).


Penrhyn parkrun #206 Run Report

Thanks (again) to Helen for this fantastic Run Report - Diolch

Penrhyn parkrun run report #206

Saturday January 12th 2019

It was a bit of a grey old morning at Penrhyn for our 206th event, but that did not stop 239 of you getting up early to walk, jog, run, hop and skip the 5k course.  Sadly the sheep were not with us today, but ewe never know when they will re-appear (no more sheep puns…I promise).

The courtyard was rammed….sorry jammed packed for the first timers briefing and start. I often wonder how many other parkrunners have the honour of starting and finishing their weekly parkrun in a castle. Sometimes we forget how lucky we are to be graced with such a beautiful setting.

parkrun 206

We had a total of 42 first timers today of whom 32 were completing their first ever parkrun.  Julie Lord from Beeston Athletic Club chose to complete her 222nd(!) parkrun at Penrhyn and if I heard correctly it was her 89th(!) different parkrun event! That is mightily impressive. This week we had visitors from Nottinghamshire, Hertfordshire, The Wirral, the West Midlands and Manchester. There were representatives from 11 different running clubs.  We hope you all enjoyed visiting Penrhyn and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

There were no milestones today, but I have heard that there are some milestones coming up for some Penrhyn regulars in the next couple of weeks! There were a whopping 48 PBs today including first finisher Dilwyn Powell-Jones.

For those of you interested in stats, here are details of the first finishers for event #206

Top Male Finishers

Pos Name Time Age Category Age Grade
1 Dilwyn Powell-Jones 18:46 SM 30-34 69.89% NEW PB!!!
3 Meilyr Wyn 19:37 VM 35-39 69.07%
4 Ben Gnatiuk 20:09 VM40-44 67.74% FIRST TIMER
5 Steve Taylor 20:12 VM60-64 79.37%
6 Thomas Dutton 20:42 SM25-29 62.32%


Top Female Finishers

Pos Name Time Age Category Age Grade
22 Rhiannon Amy Willmot 23:44 SW 25-29 62.36%
27 Wendi Evans 23:55 VW 55-59 75.68%
28 Stephanie Barbaresi 23:56 VW 50-54 72.77%
40 Beth Robinson 24:43 SW 20-24 59.88%
51 Tamsin Fretwell 25:41 VW 45-49 62.43%
52 Jen Roberts 25:42 SW30-34 57.98% NEW PB!!!


Top Junior Male Finishers

Pos Name Time Age Category Age Grade
17 James Fitzpatrick 22:52 JM 15-17 59.91%
31 Joe Redmond 24:10 JM 11-14 58.69% FIRST TIMER
32 Felix Corson 24:12 JM15-17 57.51% NEW PB!!!
45 Benjamin Rodger 25:02 JM 11-14 61.12% NEW PB!!!
98 Jacob Hargreve 29:20 JM 11-14 52.16%
99 Finlay Perry 29:21 JM 11-14 52.13%


Top Junior Female Finishers

Pos Name Time Age Category Age Grade
112 Ella Roberts 30:28 JW 11-14 53.45%
113 Della Matthews 30:30 JW 10 59.40% NEW PB!!!
125 Ela Letton-Jones 31:00 JW 11-14 52.53% NEW PB!!!
126 Alys Pritchard 31:02 JW 10 58.38%
144 Esmi Roberts 32:13 JW 11-14 50.54% FIRST TIMER
145 Alis Tomos 32.13 JW 11-14 51.63% NEW PB!!!


Highest Age Grade Rankings

Pos Name Time Age Category Age Grade
5 Steve Taylor 20:12 VM 60-64 79:37%
27 Wendi Evans 23:55 VW55-59 75.68%
11 Clive Wycherley 21:49 VM 60-64 74.79%
28 Stephanie Barbaresi 23:56 VW 50-54 72.77%
8 Kevin Clark 21:10 VM 50-54 70.24%


Well done to you all.


And finally….

The great thing about parkrun is that it is open to everyone, all ages and all abilities. For many it is the sense of community and participation that matters over and above anything else; for others it is about personal development, growth and nurturing a sense of well-being; whilst for some it is about monitoring running development and times. All reasons are equally valid, and it is good to have a mix of motivations.  However, a number of people attend parkrun simply to volunteer and that is something to be applauded. Volunteering at parkrun is a wonderful selfless thing to consider doing if you are waiting around for friends and family to complete the course. It is also a brilliant way of giving something back if you are a regular parkrunner, and for getting to know other penrhyn parkrunners. We are only able to run the event each week because of our community of volunteers so go on, why not give it a go! We also now have lots of volunteer roles that enable you to complete the parkrun and get the hi-vis hero status so you don’t miss out on completing the course!

Happy parkrunning and remember #dfyb Don’t Forget Your Baa-code!!



The event was made possible by 17 volunteers:


Vivienne EDWARDS • Eurwyn EDWARDS • Helen ASLETT • Gwion DAVIES • Jenny

JONES • Margaret OLIVER • Robert HIND • Deiniol JONES • Cathy HEAVERS •

Ffion NORRIS • Rhys WILLIAMS • Andy D GOATER • Ronnie EDWARDS • Thandiwe

GILDER • Elenid JONES • John STORY • Rhiannon WILLIAMS


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the

Penrhyn parkrun Results Page.


The male record is held by Dan NASH who recorded a time of 15:37 on 7th

April 2018 (event number 168).

The female record is held by Holly WEEDALL who recorded a time of 17:49

on 28th July 2018 (event number 184).

The Age Grade course record is held by Hidi JONES who recorded 91.18%

(19:51) on 20th October 2018 (event number 195).


Penrhyn parkrun started on 15th November 2014. Since then 7,993

participants have completed 33,263 parkruns covering a total distance of

166,315 km, including 6,282 new Personal Bests. A total of 519

individuals have volunteered 2,707 times.


Penrhyn parkrun Run report…the one with the sheep

Penrhyn parkrun Run report…the one with the sheep

Event number 205

5th January 2019


Season’s bleatings to you all and welcome to the first Penrhyn parkrun run report of 2019, where on this merry 12th night ,and first Saturday parkrun of the new year, a 230 hardy herd of parkrunners flocked to run, jog and walk the beautiful Penrhyn course. They were in fine company with several sheep who had escaped from their field upon hearing what fun can be had at 9am on a Saturday.

The Penrhyn courtyard felt ram packed for the first timers briefing and start. It was great to welcome 40 new faces to the Penrhyn parkrun fold, and of these were 23 people participating in their first ever parkrun. We hope ewe all had fun. It was lovely to welcome visitors from other parts of the UK including Northumberland, London, Leicestershire, The Midlands, Surrey and Merseyside. There were also representatives from 15 different running clubs.

The first male finisher was Gwyn Owen of local club Eryri Harriers in a time of 17:05. First female was Charlotte Pollock in 22:34. Fastest junior was Tom Webb of Menai Track and Field in the 11-14 year old age group in a time of 24:11 and there were PBs a plenty with 32 runners achieving PB’s today, but let’s face it if you are getting out of your bed on a Saturday morning and getting out to run, jog or walk a parkrun you are all getting PB’s for self-care, health and community participation!

Sadly none of the sheep remembered their baa-codes so did not receive official times. Shepherdess and volunteer extraordinaire Louise Baa-stock also queried whether the sheep had completed the course as the allure of grass seemed to prove too much of a temptation. Ewe can’t pull the wool over her eyes!

Speaking of which Penrhyn parkrun, and all other parkruns, need EWE!! It can only happen because of our dedicated hi-vis heroes who give up their time to make Penrhyn the wonderful, friendly and successful event it is. Volunteering at parkrun is a great way of giving something back, of learning new skills and of making new friends….you can volunteer rather than complete the course or there are volunteer opportunities available that enable you to take part in the parkrun and then gain a volunteer credit (these roles include tail-walking, post-event shutdown, token sorting and this…writing the run report). Thank you so much to the 15 hi-vis heroes and shepherds/shepherdesses who helped with this week’s event.

We hope you will flock back to Penrhyn soon and remember, don’t be sheepish #dfyb “don’t forget your baa-code”!!


By Helen Aslett (apologies for all the puns!)



The event was made possible by 15 volunteers:


Tony LISTER • Vivienne EDWARDS • Eurwyn EDWARDS • Louise BASTOCK • Gwion

DAVIES • Chris WILLIAMS-BUGGY • Kevin CLARK • Margaret OLIVER • Gwyn

EVANS • Owen POOLEY • Diana BROOKE • Colette PRICE • Marion MAYHEAD •

Marilyn OWEN • Martin HILL


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the

Penrhyn parkrun Results Page.


The male record is held by Dan NASH who recorded a time of 15:37 on 7th

April 2018 (event number 168).

The female record is held by Holly WEEDALL who recorded a time of 17:49

on 28th July 2018 (event number 184).

The Age Grade course record is held by Hidi JONES who recorded 91.18%

(19:51) on 20th October 2018 (event number 195).


Penrhyn parkrun started on 15th November 2014. Since then 7,951

participants have completed 33,024 parkruns covering a total distance of

165,120 km, including 6,234 new Personal Bests. A total of 516

individuals have volunteered 2,689 times.


Event 204 – The Last of 2018

Event number 204 was The last Penrhyn parkrun of 2018 & had 212 participants making their way around the two big loops and two small loops of the castle grounds.

Event director Gwion was in charge today and a massive thank you to him and all the volunteers for making today possible. As you may be aware, there are a few new volunteer positions available in which can all help to get your purple Milestone volunteers shirt and can also mean you still get to run as well!

There were 53 first timers to Penrhyn this mornng including 11 1st time parkrunners. I noticed a few green 250 shirts as well as a rare blue 500 shirt which makes Simon Greenhill this week’s most experienced parkrunner with 565 (the equivalent of every Saturday for 11 years!!!!) Finisher 204 for Event 204 was Suzanne Villiers in 39.23

Fastest finishers today were Junior 15-17 Raif Serif in 17:35 (new pb), Jonathan Tyler in 17.59 (and a new pb and John Davies in 18:41. Fastest for the ladies were Sarah Pickering in 20:49, Tammy Lewis Jones in 21:48 and Helen Morgan in 23:51. Overall, 29 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 23 different clubs took part.

There is no New Year Parkrun at Penrhyn but the hardcore amongst you can get your fix and do the double at Nant Y Pandy and Newborough Forest on New Year's Day!




‘Twas the parkrun before Christmas…

It was the night before Christmas…well the 22nd, 9am
When a throng of festive merriment on Penrhyn did descend
A run director Christmas tree and her hi-vis crew
Called together all comers – santas, elves, parcels too
To hush for a while so that visitors could learn
The two big and small loops, the twists and the turns
There was talk of great cakes and mince pies and tea
And anniversaries were noted, and a birthday or three.
But then parkrun started from under the arch
Some ran, jogged or walked, alas no drummer girl did march*
And a brass band played carols
As the runners went past
At the tail end a large present
Made sure no one else finished last!!

Now for the stats!!
This week 168 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 21 were first timers and 18 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 13 different clubs took part. We had tourists attending from Nottingham, Birmingham, Lincolnshire and Cheshire. It was also lovely to see so many runners past and present from the Penrhyn Castle Sunday “Couch 2 parkrun” programme.
It was a case of girl power this week with the overall first finisher being Eryri Harriers runner Elliw Haf in a time of 19:14. She was followed in second place by the first male Meilyr Wyn in 19:32. The second female home and first junior was Anwen Hockley also of Eryri Harriers in 23:19 representing the JW 11-14 category. Madeline Sinfield of Menai Track and Field was the second junior female home in 24:19. Third junior home and the first male junior was Archie Donald running his first parkrun at Penrhyn in a time of 25:15.
A special shout out today goes to junior Finlay Perry running his first parkrun in the JM 11-14 category as a Christmas parcel – we were all very impressed.
Three of Penrhyn’s Run Directors also deserve a special mention. Hayley MacDonald-Jones who despite feeling really poorly managed to take care of proceedings like a true professional, Chris Williams who organised a brass band to play at the start then ran the course as a Christmas pudding pushing an illuminated buggy, and Fran Lewis who celebrated her birthday today, but still managed to get to parkrun!!
Nadolig Llawen and Merry Christmas to you all.
*There would have been a drummer girl had the run report writer not lost part of her outfit!!


Penrhyn parkrun Event number 202 15th December 2018 – Only 10 sleeps until Christmas!

Well I am not sure if it was the “we’re going ahead but look in the morning in case it’s too windy” message, or the fact that there were a lot of pictures on Facebook on Friday night of Christmas dos (you all scrub up rather nicely by the way!). Either way, it was a quiet parkrun for Penrhyn this week, but sometimes that’s rather nice! 73 people, a couple of buggies and 4 gorgeous woofs ran, jogged and walked the course. We welcomed 10 first timers – 2 of whom were doing their first ever parkrun – welcome/ croeso. The weather didn’t stop you giving it all you had got, and 9 people recorded new Personal Bests – Gwych! Great! We also gave a big round of applause to Gareth Rogers (age 6) who achieved his junior 10 milestone - well done! Da iawn!
Representatives of 9 different clubs took part and we welcomed tourists from Manchester, Birmingham, Ormskirk and Wakefield. We hope you enjoy the rest of your break in North Wales. I was particularly grateful to one tourist – Junior Parkrunner Adam Hulme, from Ormskirk, who came to my rescue when I couldn’t get the stopwatch to sync with the laptop (a case of dodgycableitis!) Adam helped me process the results and gave me some top tips – all whilst letting his panad and bacon butty go cold (a regular occurrence for Run Directors!). I am sure your turn as Run Director at Ormskirk for the Junior parkrunners takeover will go without a hitch next week Adam – and thank you once again – Diolch.

A huge thank you goes to the 18 volunteers who wrapped up warm and clapped you, zapped you and coded you:

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Penrhyn parkrun Results Page. And there’s some marvellous stats below:
The male record is held by Dan NASH who recorded a time of 15:37 on 7th April 2018 (event number 168).
The female record is held by Holly WEEDALL who recorded a time of 17:49 on 28th July 2018 (event number 184).
The Age Grade course record is held by Hidi JONES who recorded 91.18% (19:51) on 20th October 2018 (event number 195).
Whilst Penryn Castle was built by 1833, it wasn’t until November 15th 2014 that Penrhyn parkrun started. Since then 7,835 participants have completed 32,414 parkruns covering a total distance of 162,070 km, including 6,155 new Personal Bests. A total of 508 individuals have volunteered 2,638 times.


Event 196 – The Halloween Reverse Penrhyn

With snow on the tops and a  full moon still showing, it was quite apt to have the Halloween fancy dress parkrun and to add a twist, for only the 2nd time, we did it in reverse!!!! The news of this has spread and, even with the Snowdonia Marathon taking place today involving a large number of our regulars (well done you crazy/hardy/Superhero type bunch!), 227 parkrunners started at our regular finish and finished at our regular start line! One of our barcode scanners was a bit temperamental in the cold this morning which also added to the fun but it soon warmed up and behaved itself!

There was quite a large number of visitors to Penrhyn this morning with parkrun tourists from Basingstoke, Lee on Solent, Daventry, Ormskirk, Preston, Durham and Sheffield with Alistair and Liz from Devon using this as the warm up for the Snowdonia Marathon (CRAZY PEOPLE!!!!!!) Amongst the visitors and halloween constumes this morning were 7 people with 250 green shirts, the most experienced runner being Angie Hart with her 345 parkrun in a time of 28:39.

It must have felt like a different parkrun doing this in reverse today and I think it was fairly equal in terms of numbers in how many people said they preferred it this way compared to the regular route! still, 28 people recorded a PB today so congratulations.

Milestone Mentions go to Junior runner Madeleine Sinfield  on her 10th run and Adele Mountford on her 50th. Unfortunately, I hadn't organised a prize for best costume but was impressed with the amount of witches, wizards, skeletons, werewolves, pumpkins and a Grim Reaper that got round the course

As always, a huge thank you to the volunteers for giving up their time, especially in the cold weather. Please message in with your barcode if you fancy helping out - without volunteers, we simply couldn't hold this event.

November 17th is our 4th Birthday so will we be able to beat any of our records that day - fastest male/female/age grade or attendance????

My guess is it could be the amount of cake produced to celebrate!

See you soon

Chris Williams-Buggy