No Parkun 1 June 2019

Due to a large football tournament there will be no Penrith Parkun on Saturday 1 June 2019.  If you need your parkrun fix you can always try a bit of Parkrun tourism.



Penrith Parkrun in numbers

Penrith Parkrun held its first run on 08/02/2014, I wonder how many of the 116 runners and 12 volunteers could imagine what Parkrun would become.

Each person attending Parkrun helps make this an enjoyable event.  The Penrith Parkrun family is growing but at the same time maintaining the fun and friendly atmosphere.

Each year Penrith Parkrun has grown year on year as shown in the table below:

Year Number of runs Total Finishers Average Number of runners Number of volunteers Average number of volunteers Highest attendance Lowest attendance
2018 49 10701 218 803 16 302 148
2017 51 9657 189 706 14 253 85
2016 52 7557 145 618 12 243 94
2015 47 4569 97 481 10 150 54
2014 46 2962 64 409 9 128 35

Each year the number of finishers and number of volunteers have increased.  It is great each Saturday to see  soo many people enjoying Parkrun as either a runner or as a volunteer.

As always it is important to thank our amazing team of volunteers, without the volunteers there would be no Parkrun.  But more importantly Penrith Parkrun would feel very different without the cheery support of each volunteer each week.

We would love to see the increase in numbers continue in 2019 and we are looking forward to celebrating our 250th Parkrun at the end of January.


Iva Barr – Inspiration and Social Media Star

Saturday the 10th of November started as every other Saturday with our loyal group of volunteers rolling out the Parkrun tape, setting up the finish tunnel and putting out all of the cones ready for the run.

We were informed of a Parkrun first timer, fantastic but nothing out of the ordinary, or so we thought.  We were given a bit of background on this new runner,  she had completed a fair few number marathons but this would be Iva's first park run.

One important thing to be aware of is that Iva Barr is 91 years old (or young),  we think that this makes Iva the oldest ever Parkrun debutant and possibly the oldest ever female to complete a park run.  We are trying to get confirmation from Parkrun about this.

As always at our run briefing we welcome any new runners and any tourists but we gave Iva a special mention which she loved.  Iva set off with the rest of the field thoroughly looking forward to the 5km ahead.

It was clear from those at the finish that this achievement was something a bit more special than what we normally see.  Iva entered the finish tunnel to warm applause from some of the runners who had already finished.  Luckily we managed to capture the moment on video,  this can be seen on our Facebook page.

This video of Iva has been viewed/shared/liked/reacted to a phenomenal amount of times but its the comments that show what an inspiration Iva is.  Iva is a member of Bedford Harriers and as well as completing many marathons raising funds for charities in the process she has also ran 270 miles in 11 days in 1990.

Iva's video has shown soo many people what Parkrun is all about.  This is the reason why soo many of us get up every Saturday morning, not because we are the fastest but to take part, to be a part of something bigger and to meet new people and make new friends.  Welcome to Parkrun family Iva, there will always be a warm welcome the next time you are in Penrith.


Christmas and New Years Day Update

Penrith will not be holding a Christmas Day Parkrun.  However if you want to do a bit of Parkrun tourism you can join our friends at either Keswick or Carlisle who have publicised that they will be running at 9am.  Other Parkruns maybe running too,  for more information please see their own websites.

For the first time we are pleased to announce that we will be holding a New Years Day event.  The run will start at 10am.  To ensure this goes ahead we still need the usual number of volunteers,  if you can help out please get in touch.  Start the New Year the right way!!


New Years Day 2018


We will not be running on New Years Day, but we will be running on Saturday 30 December, 9am as normal.

All runs in December continue as normal, every Saturday at 9am.

thanks all

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