Event 241 (13th July 2019) I’d like P please

By Sue Martin 

Thanks to Tony Hayes for the photographs

During the summer we try and do some parkrun tourism – it’s so much easier to get up a bit earlier when it’s light!

Our usual parkrun tourism algorithm is: parking, letter of the alphabet and how many other people from our club have run there. This week we were planning on visiting Evesham parkrun for an E. I checked the website on Friday, and did the usual tourist things of putting the postcode into the Sat Nav and working out how long it would take to get there. I don’t know what made me check the website again on Saturday morning, but Evesham parkrun had been cancelled at short notice. Panic!!!!

Where else should we go?? We quickly decided on Perry Hall. We didn’t yet have a P in our parkrun alphabet and it is also our “nearest parkrun that we haven’t been to yet”. We weren’t disappointed!

I like to know a little bit about where I am visiting. There was no time for any research about Perry Hall due to our last minute change of plans. On the way there I was wondering whether there was an actual Perry Hall. Luckily we arrived in good time and I was able to read the information board – there had once been a Perry Hall, but sadly no more. The very grand looking building was demolished in the 1920’s and today only its moat remains.
getting ready

Boathouse Runner volunteers getting ready just before the event


After a short and informative briefing the run started promptly, which is always a positive. There were several tourists and the imaginary prize for the furthest travelled tourist went to the person who joined us from Warrington. The initial congestion thinned out very quickly giving us chance to see the lovely venue we were at, and thank all the friendly and encouraging marshals along the way who were some of the most enthusiastic we have met. We were certainly grateful for the marshals as the course was three laps, all of them different!


Runners everywhere at various points around the course - what a brilliant photo


We all love a few parkrun stats so here are a few from today’s run. This was parkrun number 241 and had 214 parkrunners. 5 people were running their first ever parkrun and a further 27 did their first Perry Hall parkrun. 33 clubs were represented. 53 people achieved a PB – bravo! Congratulations to them and also to anyone who got a result for their parkrun stopwatch bingo!

Most importantly there were 22 fantastic volunteers so a massive thanks to them as parkrun would not be possible without them. This week there was a volunteer takeover by The Boathouse Runners of Handsworth, who provided 20 volunteers – thank you to all of you! They were all wearing British Heart Foundation t-shirts and were promoting their 10k fun run on 15th September, from which all proceeds will go to the British Heart Foundation. Do please support this event if you can – full details can be found on www.handsworthpark10k.co.uk


Boathouse Runners all set to take over all the volunteer roles


This was Perry Hall parkrun number 241, which is a prime number and certainly a prime location. Not only that, but 241 is a “lucky prime” - there is a mathematical definition of what a “lucky prime number” is, but I can’t pretend to understand it, and certainly couldn’t explain it! So, despite the date being the 13th it was lucky for us to find ourselves at Perry Hall parkrun this week.

Thanks for a great parkrun - see you again soon!


Event 239 (29th June 2019). A local tourist’s view of Perry Hall parkrun!

This week's run report was kindly written by Cannon Hill regular Anna Smith. Thank you so much Anna - it's lovely to have a report written by a tourist to hear your thoughts on our event.

By Anna Smith 

(Many thanks to Annie Edwards for the photographs)

There are many lessons to learn from parkrun - the power of perseverance (keep up your weekly parkrun and your times will inevitably, inexorably, come down), the warmth of the running community (from the welcome claps and words of encouragement for first timers to the well-done's from the fast runners to those of us at the back), that runners are a tough bunch but that volunteers are the toughest of us all (it's one thing to run in the rain or the sweltering heat, and quite another to stand and volunteer in it while maintaining a cheery smile for all - thank you to all 21 volunteers this week). This week's lesson for me was that if you witness a nice moment during parkrun and suggest to the Run Director that it's included in the run report, you will find yourself writing said report! So, here it is, my first ever.


Volunteers waiting on the main bridge to cheer the runners and walkers through their first lap.

This was mine and my husband's second visit to Perry Hall, which followed on very quickly from our first visit the previous week. As regulars at Cannon Hill for the past three years, we loved the palpable sense of community we found here in Perry Hall Park. Yes, I'm sure this comes from the smaller scale (Cannon Hill regularly has upwards of 900 participants), but we both agreed that there was something else special here, a warmth and friendliness that came through from everyone, from the Run Director to the volunteers and fellow parkrunners. And then there is the beautiful park itself with three slightly different but perfectly signed loops, swans, geese, luscious trees, a flat course (if you know Cannon Hill you'll understand the joy of a flat finish!) and a pretty stretch of the river Tame. I'd encourage anyone to come along and experience it yourself.


Runners alongside the river Tame on a beautiful and sunny morning.

On Saturday 29 June, Perry Hall Park's 239th event, 185 runners, joggers and walkers were joined by one rather hot sun. Four runners had completed over 250 parkruns each and ten people chose to run their very first parkrun here. Congratulations to the 15 runners who got a PB, it was great to see these bests ranging from 19:56 to 58:38, a reminder of the fact that we are all running our own 'races'.


Some of the runners gathered before the start of another great parkrun event

So, back to that moment I witnessed that lead to me 'volunteering' to write this week's run report. Having just turned around the cones on lap two, I found myself catching up with two runners who seemed to be a little bit off course, bending down on the grass to the side of the bin. Did they both have cramps, had someone dropped something? No, they had stopped to pick up some litter scattered across the ground near one of the bins! They scooped up the last of it just as I arrived, chucked the final pieces in and were back on the path and underway. I have no idea if the chance of a PB was itself thrown away in the delay, but I felt really touched to see that. Perry Hall Park is a beautiful space that was being spoilt and they had left it a cleaner place for all.
As runners or walkers, parkrun is where we try to be better than the week before, but for me, this was a reminder to also try to be a better person than the week before too. I'd heard of plogging (picking up litter and jogging) previously, but this was the first time I'd ever seen it happen in the midst of a parkrun. Perhaps a new volunteer role? I'm in.

And finally, did you know that you nearly had a very long wait for this week's results? A bag mix up saw the Run Director spend the entire event with another parkrunner's bag on his back in place of the event's laptop backpack, the one responsible for providing your results so swiftly each week! Fortunately, the bag's owner realised the remaining black backpack left in the bag area wasn't his and happily didn't take it home - our results were saved for another week!


Run Director Andy looking relieved to have the correct bag back on his back!

There's always so much happening behind the scenes! If you want to find out more about some of the other things that go on behind the scenes, why not thinking about volunteering? Or, if you usually volunteer in a particular role, why not give one of the many others a try. Run report anyone? Email perryhallhelpers@parkrun.com

This week 185 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 22 were first timers and 15 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 19 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 21 volunteers:

Rebecca INCE • Andrew WADSWORTH • Judy INCE • Brian BESSANT • Sally-Ann BYNOE • Anna SMITH • Lorna WITTER • Fiaz SETHI • Sarah GIBSON • Julie HADDOCK • Paul TUITE • Emma HAWKEY • Kerry CHALLONER • Paul COUGHLAN • David CUNNINGHAM • Satvinder DHANJAL • Annie MOSELEY • Maria OSBORN • Rahul VASHISHT • Paul HONER • Matthew WILCOX


Event 201 (13th October 2018). The privilege of 2 Run Reporters.

A huge thank you to two tourists who provided their experience of Perry Hall parkrun.

By Victoria McCrea


Storm Callum didn't stop 120 of us battling through to finish parkrun today - well done everyone.


It was my first time at Perry Hall and I'd like to say thank you to the volunteers and to everyone for making me feel so welcome. I always enjoy out and back laps as it's great to see everyone going round the course. The biggest dilemma today though was whether to jump over,go round or go through the puddles - which one did you do? To me Perry Hall is one of those parks I'd never have known unless it was for parkrun so I look forward to coming back soon and hopefully when the weather is warmer.



By Lauren Hevey

Event number 201 on the 13th of October, 2018

Today was a very windy and rainy but pleasant run – I think we avoided the worst of storm Callum

At Perry Hall today we still welcomed 120 participants!

In the number of participants, we welcomed 19 new runners (including me as a tourist!)

Just to say other new runners it isn't like that every week – sometimes the sun shines!

Also today there was 12 PBs

One of the new runners An TE was completely new too Perry Hall parkrun and also new to parkrun and he come 4th and had a good time of: 19:51!

Today we would like to say a big thank you to all of the volunteer as some weeks we struggle but thank you to the 21 volunteers who helped before, during or after the event and they are- Julie MORRIS, Helen JOHNSON, Neil JOHNSON, Roy GREAVES, Jason HOLT, Roger LEE, Kerry CHALLONER, Ruby CHALLONER, Paul TUITE, Rebecca INCE, David ALLEN, Chris KIRK, Joanne SPENCER, Helen JOHNSON, Rebecca INCE, Julie MORRIS, Sarah GIBSON, Angelina FARRUGGIA, Emma HAWKEY, Victoria MCCRE, Lauren HEVEY.

A special Thank You to those who helped clear the course meaning the event wasn't cancelled

4 stats from Perry Hall parkrun this week are:

In 13th position this week was: Unknown

In 19th position this week was: Lee J GREGORY
In 12th position this week was: Mark RICHARDS
In 21st position this week was: Ian RUSE

Random stats today are:

In 32nd position this week was: Richard STANTON
In 56th position this week was: Suresh PATEL
In 74th position this week was: Lauren Hevey (Me!)

In 103th position this week was: Amorelle CAMPBELL
In 119st position this week was: Nasreen KOLA

Today, first male was Rich BAYLISS with the time of 16:06. Well done- a PB for you at Perry Hall!
First woman today was Victoria MCCREA with the time of 18:07 minutes- Also well done to you as it was your first time at Perry Hall!
Well done to both of you!

Today we would like to praise:

10th (only under 18s): Rahul MANN

See you all next week!

By: Lauren HEVEY Aged 11 & ½ years (A Cannon Hill runner and a Cannon Hill Junior runner!)


Event 194 (25th August 2018) ‘Ducks, dogs and cows’

A big thank you to Spesh Maloney who provided our run report from the perspective of a tourist. We hope to see you back at Perry Hall parkrun again soon.

Terrible photo of me

A Spesh selfie.


It's a 45-minute schlep along 3 motorways to get to Perry Hall Park for me - such as I enjoy running new courses. There's definitely an autumn chill in the air, it's a little damp underfoot but the sun is shining brightly in this corner of the second city.


144 participants attended, including several tourists (the furthest travelling from Devon) and a barefoot runner to boot (pun intended). Barefoot man

Perry Hall parkrun's regular barefoot runner - whatever the weather.
There's also an impressive 'half-cowell' to celebrate - a runner on her 50th different event.joHalf Cowell

Jo Yarnell celebrated her 50th different parkrun event - starting with a warm up on the exercise equipment, then a big smile whilst Run Director Phil announces to all during the briefing.


There's a lot of ducks here too.

I was tempted to have a quick preliminary reccy of the course before kick-off this morning, as there looks to be a few nuances to the 3 different laps. But I decided to have faith that they've catered for us First Timers - and they have: it's not as complicated as looks and it makes perfect sense once you're out there. The short section along the river Tame was a highlight for me.
I came in as 14th finisher in a respectable 21:26. Even though each parkrun is obviously exactly the same distance, I've never understood why every new course feels about 2k longer (my splits were all over the shop!) There were a few exploring dogs to negotiate past, maybe that was why? The wind picked up a bit around the cricket pitch too.


pakrun finishers getting their breath back and supporting fellow finishers.


I'm yet to visit a parkrun that wasn't friendly and welcoming but, Perry Hall, I doff my hat. It's not large, as parkruns go, but well-manned with a fab team of volunteers and our Run Director, 'Big Phil', could not have done a better job - including applauding every each and every last finisher across the line. Kudos. A very quick turnaround with the results too. Cheers PHPR!

Phil Cheering

Run Director Phil cheering each and every runner and walker with great applause.

This week 144 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 19 were first timers and 16 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 20 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 18 volunteers:



Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Perry Hall parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Hannah OLDROYD who recorded a time of 18:10 on 16th May 2015 (event number 28).
The male record is held by Unknown ATHLETE who recorded a time of 16:02 on 6th August 2016 (event number 92).
The Age Grade course record is held by Margaret KENCHINGTON who recorded 86.71% (21:27) on 28th May 2016 (event number 82).

Perry Hall parkrun started on 22nd November 2014. Since then 3,571 participants have completed 19,964 parkruns covering a total distance of 99,820 km, including 3,507 new Personal Bests.


Event 189 (21st July 2018) Boldmere Bullets Take-Over

I think all of those in attendance on Saturday will agree, it was an extra special morning with the Boldmere Bullets volunteer take-over. Big thank you to Paul Hibbert for providing us with a fabulous run report this week.

paul3 generations

Paul Hibbert out on the course, and 3 generations of the same family came along to volunteer and run at Perry Hall too.


By Paul Hibbert


As a scorched earth awoke and lifted its head to see if the promising clouds overhead would deliver rain; a small orange team quietly, almost silently began their task: measuring, planting, checking. They moved here and there, across the dusty paths, heads down in concentration and deliberation. The onlooking birds cocked their heads, hopefully, desperately. Was this what they had waited for, was this an intervention, an incantation to a distant God? Were these markers being laid as an ancient ritual, a prayer for the precipitation so desperately needed in this parched, brown land?

No, it was the Boldmere Bullets laying out the parkrun course for their takeover! The Bullets provided all the volunteers this morning, together with a good number of runners.
all volunteers

Just some of the army of volunteers the Boldmere Bullets provided us with!

As well as being colourful and making some noise, their presence was to promote their third annual 5k and 10k runs on 9th September in beautiful Sutton Park. This event raises money for the Bullets chosen charity, which this year is the amazing Acacia, who work with mothers, fathers and families affected by pre- and post- natal depression. Check them out at www.acacia.org.uk, they really do make an amazing difference to lives throughout Birmingham.



You can enter the Bullets race through this link; https://www.ole-jcracesolutions.co.uk/Boldmere-bullets-10k-5k-race-p/bb2018.htm. There’s a unique and newly designed medal for each finisher. Both the 5k and 10k routes have a mix of tarmac, trail and grass – and the 10k combines two distinct loops rather than being two laps of the same course. It’s a great event and we look forward to seeing lots of you there.



First home today was Ben Reeves, in a time of 17:59, a frustrating single second outside his PB. First woman across the line was Lorraine Beesley with 22:27, one of an astonishing 29 PBs set this morning.


Take a bow, the 29 proud owners of a new PB this morning:

Dominic Harvey, Hayley Price, Simbai Kafesu, Neha Magar, Annabel Wood, Morgan Price, Robyn Birdsell, Nitika Cole, Ren Magar, Lorraine Beesley, Jennifer Holman, Janelle Daniel, Rahul Mann, Ruth Nott, Paul Honer, Sarah Ashton, Matthew Manning, Marian White, Peter Donnelly, Anil Patel, Donald Nulty, Paul Coughlan, Jenny Drew, Mateen Parkar, Robert Thompson, Adam Benjamin, David Allen, Lisa Stevens, Pascaline Risbourg.


We had fifteen people running their very first parkruns today. 1st time 2

Denise Taylor had a large amount of new runners to Perry Hall for her First Timers Briefing.


We hope you had a fun time and will be heading back to Perry Hall or another parkrun again next week. Afraid we can’t promise cake and cowbells every week, just a warm welcome and a great atmosphere. Our virgin parkrunners today were:

Craig Plant, Vickrum Kang, Victoria Wolfindale, Gav Gill, Jude Miller, Lauren Richards, Davinder Pooni, Joel Rose, Johanna Nelson, Lorraine Armstrong, Emma Kallay, Sunny Kallay, Denise Greenaway, Aneeta Lal, Laura Wilkes.


In addition to the above, we had 22 first time tourists; among them was Simon Harrop, who travelled furthest to Perry Hall today. Simon has run at an amazing 148 different parkruns (assuming I counted correctly), running a total of over 300 times – was lovely to have you with us today.

Simon Harrop

Simon’s home run is Woodbank Park in Stockport, which itself is a lovely venue, starting and finishing on an athletics track, and taking in Woodbank and Vernon parks (you can’t see the join!). Just don’t think about the murderously steep hill they make you climb there. Twice!   As well as all the PBs and newcomers, we also had a milestone runner today, huge congratulations to Matthew Stephens on your 50th parkrun, 32 at Kingsbury, 18 at Perry Hall.


Matthew 2matthew

Matthew looking rather happy with his mention in the briefing, and out on the course enjoying his 50th parkrun.



A brilliant morning, thanks to everyone who made it possible. Your volunteers today were:

Claire TAYLOR  •  Dee ALLEN  •  Denise TAYLOR  •  Diana BOATENG  •  Eleanor LANGSTON-JONES  •  Elizabeth HIBBERT  •  Emma HAWKEY  •  Janice MCCREARY  •  Janine ZABLOCKI  •  Jim COTTOM  •  Kathryn LUCAS  •  Kelly STOKES  •  Lisa WILSON  •  Lorna WITTER  •  Paul HIBBERT  •  Rob ANDREWS  •  Robert HENNEFER  •  Roger LEE  •  Sarah GIBSON  •  Sue BOWMAN  •  Tracy HUBURN-KING




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