Perry Hall parkrun is cancelled on 2020-10-31 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Event 267 (25th January 2020). A quick parkrun before The Running Show

Big thanks to Rebecca Jackson for providing our run report this week. Hope to see you again soon.

parkrun Tourism at Perry Hall

Leaving the house in the dark at 7am on a Saturday morning may not be many peoples idea of fun, but myself and Nic were excited for our road trip and more importantly, the prospect of a new parkrun! We decided to venture to Perry Hall en route to the National Running Show after doing a bit of research to find out which would be closest and also the most enjoyable!


Despite the cool, overcast conditions, the park looked pleasant and the gaggling of geese during the run brief added to the naturistic feel.  With a warm up and briefing done we gathered at the start line. 3,2,1 and we were off.  The “mainly flat” course did not disappoint and the varying 3 loops kept my mind occupied as I focused on keeping a steady pace, ignoring the drizzle and head wind.


One of the great things about lapped courses is the passing of other runners and walkers along the way; everyone is achieving the same 5km distance but may have completely different goals- whether it be aiming for a PB, clocking up some marathon training miles or just a social jaunt. It’s also great to see the marshals several times all doing their bit for the parkrun community. With my 3 loops done, I headed back over the bridge towards the finish and was pleased with my top 10 position! But my running wasn’t quite done; my friend Nic was still completing the course so I took this as an opportunity for a cool down and to support her on the way to the finish.


First finsher this week was Ollie Sheppard in a speedy 17:21, followed by Daniel Ullah and Ben Witman both coming in sub 18 minutes. For the ladies, I was first finisher, with Ceri Card and Kathleen Baker  2nd and 3rd finshers They have also gained themselves shiny new PB’s - Well done ladies! With the run done some park chit chat and obligatory tourism photos taken, we then set off to the NEC to see what the Running Show had in store.

Well done to all the 240 who took part in Saturday’s event and thanks to this week volunteers who made it happen: Dee ALLENSteven ALPERSBrian BESSANTDave ELLISSarah GIBSONRoy GREAVESEmma HAWKEYJohn HAYESCarl HITCHONJason HOLTHelen JOHNSONChristelle LE BRAYCraig MILESElizabeth MILLSMaria OSBORNFez OSMANSafa OSMANTousif SHARIFLatoya STEPHENSJonathan WEBBERMillie WENLOCKSteven WENLOCKLorna WITTER


Event 260 (7th December 2019) Farewell Wise Owl RD.

By Emma Hawkey (Event Director) and Andrew Wadsworth (Wise Owl, Run Director)

Today was another wonderful parkrun day, the conditions were perfect, but there was one job I needed to do which was tinged with some sadness - say farewell to Andy as he carried out his final Run Direct.What was special - it was only the second time ever that the whole of the core team were at the same event, but the first time we had a photo with all 6 of us too. Even though Sarah and Phil were unable to stay for the whole event, they popped along to see Andy, something they didn't want to miss.

20191210_201136The whole core team together; Julie, Phil, Andy, Lorna, Sarah and Emma.

Here are the words taken from those I said on Saturday from the bench;

This was Andy’s final Run Direct at Perry Hall. Being a Run Director does take up a little more time than just volunteering on a Saturday morning – which naturally means people come and go from the team as their circumstances change.

In April 2016 Andy was a Run Director for the first time. We had been looking for someone to join the team and I was delighted when Andy agreed – I call him the ‘wise owl’ of parkrun.

If I tell you he has completed 311 parkruns and toured to 99 different locations including in Germany and Russia and volunteered on 91 Saturdays – you can see why I gave him that label. He has a wealth of experience in both running, volunteering and seeing different events.


The park was looking particularly stunning with autumn colours

Andy stood on the bench 26 times as Run Director which equates to every week for 6 months. In total he has been on the core team for 3 and half years – he has served with reliability, integrity and wisdom, but he is an all-round great fella.

The runners at Perry Hall will miss Andy as a Run Director – we got a card signed a few weeks ago, and it was only fitting the female wise owl Lesley Pymm who was doing her 400th parkrun gave it to Andy.


Lesley tail walking on what was her 400th parkrun

When he told the Run Director team he was leaving, there was a lot of sadness, we will miss him lots. The core team put some money together to buy him some gifts which he can keep and remember his time by.

Being the great, considerate man he is, he has offered to help if we are stuck for a one off Saturday and need a Run Director, and we will still see him at Perry Hall running and volunteering too.

Andy – Thank you for everything.


Below are Andy's words from his final Run Direct;

Saturday 7th December was Perry Hall parkrun #260, and for me was a very significant occasion being the last time as a member of the core team that I acted as Run Director. Firstly I have to say thank you to all the runners who signed the card Lesley presented to me, and those who personally gave me their thanks and best wishes after the event. I also publicly have to say many thanks to the other core team members for the lovely gifts and generous words from the bench, I was very touched by the whole occasion, and it will live long in my memory.


Andy delivering his final runner's briefing from the bench

I first had the opportunity and privilege to volunteer as run director on the 16 April 2016, event #76, we had 81 runners that day, now getting over 150 is a regular occurrence. When I look back to that day and the results I can see many names I now consider as friends, people who have helped build this community into the special event and group it now is. Some items clearly have changed, we now have a route based on all weather paths, long gone are the challenges of running alongside the railway into the teeth of a gale though a waterlogged surface, knowing that a second lap awaited! The technology and signs we used may have changed, however what remains consistent and I believe is getting stronger is the supportive, welcoming and friendly community established here, of which everyone should be rightly proud.

So whilst I am stepping down from the core team, you will still see me as a runner or volunteer at Perry Hall. Once more I want to thank you for the support and assistance you have all been to me, I could not have done the role without the help of everyone, and would only ask you continue to provide this wonderful support to the core team as they lead Perry Hall parkrun into 2020 and beyond.

Thank you  


Event 259 (23rd November 2019) 5th Birthday Event.

Thank you to Molly who wrote our run report this week. She was a tourist from Market Harborough parkrun. Here's her experience of our 5th Birthday parkrun.

image1 (1)

On the 23rd November, rather than my usual Saturday routine of going to my local parkrun (Market Harborough) I traveled over 40 miles to Perry Hall parkrun. After booking a weekend break to go shopping and visit the German Market, it was an opportunity for some parkrun touristing. Turns out there are many parkruns to chose from in the Birmingham area. However, after some research, I chose Perry Hall. I can confirm it was the right choice!

Saturday was an earlier start than usual to ensure I got to New Street in time to catch the train to parkrun. When we arrived at Perry Hall Park, we were welcomed by the lovely, and very friendly parkrun volunteers. As it was Perry Hall parkruns fifth birthday, it was great to see the fantastic cakes that had been made. Plus it acted as a bit of motivation for the run; I wanted to make sure I finished in time to secure a piece!


During the first timers brief, I learnt that the course is 3 laps but slightly different laps. This was great as it mixed the course up a bit rather than running around the same features several times. The pre-run brief was fantastic and it was lovely to see the volunteers and the park keeper thanked for their hard work and giving up their time. I also learnt that there were several prizes based on set finish token positions.


Two of the Friends of Perry Hall volunteers and our two lovely park keepers.

It was then time to set off. The run is a lovely scenic course through Perry Hall Park. The course is pretty much flat, making it a fast option. With some out and back sections, there were numerous words of encouragement along the course, which was lovely to see. With the 3 laps all being slightly different, it meant this was the first time I had not been ‘lapped’ by the faster runners on a 3 lap course! Just under 31 minutes later, I had crossed the finish line and learnt I was only one position off a prize. The only time I wish I was a bit slower!


There was plenty of cake to go around, thanks to everyone who brought cakes, doughnuts and other treats.

The fifth birthday saw an amazing 161 parkrunners who crossed the finish line, 10 of which were first timers and 16 who achieved pbs - well done! There was also an incredible 25 volunteers who gave up some time in their Saturday morning, which without you the event wouldn’t have been able to take place - thank you! I really enjoyed my visit to Perry Hall parkrun and if I’m ever in Birmingham again on a Saturday, I will return. Out of all 23 events and 119 parkruns I have completed, this is by far one of the friendliest!

volunteer1Some of the volunteer team from our special event.


Event 254 (19 October 2019) Passing the baton


217 Runners 28 Clubs Represented

The sun was shining at Perry Hall Park this week, however there was a bit of a chilly wind blowing. Even so, there was a buzz in the air - the baton was here.

For parkrun's 15th birthday, sponsor Leeds Building Society sent out fifteen GPS-tracked golden batons to see how far they could go. They all departed from Woodhouse Moor parkrun in Leeds and Event Director, Emma, had collected one whilst on tour at Cleethorpes the previous week. The burning question, was where would it be going next week. Emma had made a decision, but hadn't told anyone.

There were six brand-new parkrunners to the family this Saturday - welcome to:

Runner Time Runner Time
David GIBBONS 24:17 Rohima KHATUN 49:02
Tousif SHARIF 33:01 Norma BLADEN 53:24
Jamaze HUSSAIN 33:03 Leanne BAYLISS 53:24

We also had 29 tourists make their first visit to Perry Hall, one of the visitors was Thomas Beasley, who took five seconds off the male course record that had stood for almost three years. Our first lady was also a tourist, Terri Rose Powell, who is co-ED at our neighbours - Sandwell Valley parkrun. Congratulations both!

New tourists to Perry Hall:

Runner Time Runs Runner Time Runs
Thomas BEASLEY 15:42 35 Paul RESTALL 27:34 159
Dave FAWKNER 20:03 141 Justin GRIFFITHS 27:50 12
Graham ENGLEY 20:23 116 Cherrelle WYNTER 27:52 10
James PROBERT 20:48 3 Richard HARRIS 27:56 2
Jonathan LAMLEY 21:14 224 Craig CUTLER 28:13 261
Fred AIRD 22:14 113 Ruth APPLETON 30:24 28
Mark JENNINGS 22:22 46 Donna HESBROOK-EDWARDS 32:01 118
Matt ALLEN 22:31 40 Ava SHERWIN 32:05 82
Darren HESBROOK-EDWARDS 22:57 84 Claire SPROSTON 32:22 146
Louis THOMPSON 25:23 2 Lee HILL 34:45 230
Glenn BARKER 26:01 80 Richard COOK 34:58 16
Jonathan DAWSON 26:31 29 Natalie CUTLER 35:47 189
Matthew PENIKET 27:02 3 Lynda SHEARGOLD 46:04 33
Ian DODDS 27:23 104 Jamie MAY 50:33 6
Emma ADAMS 27:28 3
Our new male record holder!

Our new male record holder!

Our fifth birthday is rapidly approaching - we will be celebrating this on 23 November 2019, however Norman Hickson helped us reach another milestone today. He was our 5,000th finisher!

... and that baton? It was passed to Jonathan Dawson who had joined us from Rushcliffe pakrun in Nottingham and we understand it will be taken to the undulating Bestwood Village parkrun next week.

Passing the baton

Passing the baton


Christina LAWRENCE

The rota is looking a little bare for the next few weeks - if you can help us out, please get in touch.


Your volunteer team this weekend


Most Events - Men

Runner Club parkruns completed
Chris TUCKER Shabbarunners 271
Craig CUTLER Lickey End Striders 261
Jason HOLT CSSC Sports & Leisure 240


Most Events - Ladies

Runner Club parkruns completed
Lesley PYMM Bournville Harriers 394
Judy INCE 268
Lee HILL Massey Ferguson RC 230

Congratulations to everyone who set a PB this weekend:

Runner Time Runner Time
Thomas HODGSON 17:09 Gurdip PANESAR 31:27
John HAYES 18:50 Nona WYLD 32:17
Jim COTTOM 20:37 Bhavina PATEL 34:27
Awil DIRIR 21:58 Krishma PATEL 34:41
Elliott LINE 22:10 Reshma KHANOM 35:07
Terri Rose POWELL 22:58 Moira HUGHES 36:48
Kathryn MAPLE 24:29 Safa OSMAN 36:53
Cheryl ANDERSON 25:59 Sabrina MCINTOSH 37:21
Gerda DIEDERIKS 26:06 Nisar PARKAR 38:39
Shalinder MARWAHA 26:16 Emma KNIGHT 42:42
Louise WATT 26:49 Anne FELLOWS 43:25
Andrew CHILTON 28:01 Christine Deloris HARRIS 46:23
Elizabeth RAYATT 28:02 Rohama SATTAR 46:46
Patrick CONNELLY 28:19 Lorrel COLEMAN 46:47
Joe ECCLES 28:31 Catherine FLETCHER 48:16
Priya KAUR 29:19 Colin WOODALL 50:32
Cheryl GIBBONS 29:57 Gloria HAZLEWOOD 52:23
Levi BLACKWOOD 30:45 Maureen WOODALL 52:24


5,008 different runners 5,023 PBs recorded
30,771 runs completed 153,855 km of distance covered
1,026 individual volunteers 3,998 volunteer roles completed



Fastest Lady: Hannah OLDROYD 18:10 on 16 May 2015
New Fastest Man: Thomas BEASLEY 15:42 on 19 October 2019
Age Grade: Margaret KENCHINGTON 86.71% (21:27) on 28 May 2016
Attendance: 562 on 01 January 2019

If you are a regular tourist - make sure the event you're travelling to is taking place. A full list of cancellations is here: Please remember that 5k parkruns in England and Wales start at 9:00am. In Scotland and Northern Ireland they start at 9:30am. For international parkruns, please check the local event page for confirmation of their start time.

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If you can't wait until Saturday for your next parkrun fix, there are a couple of podcasts that might interest you

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Event 241 (13th July 2019) I’d like P please

By Sue Martin 

Thanks to Tony Hayes for the photographs

During the summer we try and do some parkrun tourism – it’s so much easier to get up a bit earlier when it’s light!

Our usual parkrun tourism algorithm is: parking, letter of the alphabet and how many other people from our club have run there. This week we were planning on visiting Evesham parkrun for an E. I checked the website on Friday, and did the usual tourist things of putting the postcode into the Sat Nav and working out how long it would take to get there. I don’t know what made me check the website again on Saturday morning, but Evesham parkrun had been cancelled at short notice. Panic!!!!

Where else should we go?? We quickly decided on Perry Hall. We didn’t yet have a P in our parkrun alphabet and it is also our “nearest parkrun that we haven’t been to yet”. We weren’t disappointed!

I like to know a little bit about where I am visiting. There was no time for any research about Perry Hall due to our last minute change of plans. On the way there I was wondering whether there was an actual Perry Hall. Luckily we arrived in good time and I was able to read the information board – there had once been a Perry Hall, but sadly no more. The very grand looking building was demolished in the 1920’s and today only its moat remains.
getting ready

Boathouse Runner volunteers getting ready just before the event


After a short and informative briefing the run started promptly, which is always a positive. There were several tourists and the imaginary prize for the furthest travelled tourist went to the person who joined us from Warrington. The initial congestion thinned out very quickly giving us chance to see the lovely venue we were at, and thank all the friendly and encouraging marshals along the way who were some of the most enthusiastic we have met. We were certainly grateful for the marshals as the course was three laps, all of them different!


Runners everywhere at various points around the course - what a brilliant photo


We all love a few parkrun stats so here are a few from today’s run. This was parkrun number 241 and had 214 parkrunners. 5 people were running their first ever parkrun and a further 27 did their first Perry Hall parkrun. 33 clubs were represented. 53 people achieved a PB – bravo! Congratulations to them and also to anyone who got a result for their parkrun stopwatch bingo!

Most importantly there were 22 fantastic volunteers so a massive thanks to them as parkrun would not be possible without them. This week there was a volunteer takeover by The Boathouse Runners of Handsworth, who provided 20 volunteers – thank you to all of you! They were all wearing British Heart Foundation t-shirts and were promoting their 10k fun run on 15th September, from which all proceeds will go to the British Heart Foundation. Do please support this event if you can – full details can be found on


Boathouse Runners all set to take over all the volunteer roles


This was Perry Hall parkrun number 241, which is a prime number and certainly a prime location. Not only that, but 241 is a “lucky prime” - there is a mathematical definition of what a “lucky prime number” is, but I can’t pretend to understand it, and certainly couldn’t explain it! So, despite the date being the 13th it was lucky for us to find ourselves at Perry Hall parkrun this week.

Thanks for a great parkrun - see you again soon!

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