Run Report 13th April ’19

Another good run on Saturday. We used a longer than normal finish funnel to take everybody past the Footie Golf course. There were 37 Perth first timers in the 347 turnout including folks from as far off as London, N Ireland, and Lowestoft.
45 people got pb times..... Well Done.
The volunteer lineup included Catriona LIDDELL • Bill MELVILLE • Katharine MELVILLE • Kerry CLARK • Gillian KENNEDY • Kenneth G N STEWART • Jane DERNIE • Brian BROWN • Steven BONTHRONE • Rose RYAN • John MCLAGAN • Rachael DINSMORE • Duncan CAMERON • Hannah BROWN • Edward BOWRY • Martin VALLANCE • Calum JARDINE A big extra thanks to all of them.
Fastest on the day was Dundee visitor Bill Gibson in 17m06s -his fastest time for the course. Morgan Windram of Fife was fastest woman with 19m20s while top age category runner was Jane Waterhouse (65-69) from Central Athletics Club who got a 92.86% rating with her time of 22m 29s

30th March 2019

The results took a bit longer to process today due to a few IT gremlins, but all looks fine now. We welcomed 307 runners today, including visitors from Dunfermline, Alloa, Wakefield, Billericay, Camperdown, Durham, Nottingham and Strathclyde. We also welcomed 16 people who were brand new to parkrun.

Alastair, Oscar, Chris, Corinne and Leigh all celebrated their 50th runs, and Lorraine ran her 200th! First Finisher Scott Brember ran the fastest time we've seen this year (16:01).


Run Report 16th March 2019

Thank you to everyone who turned out in the snow yesterday!
This week 186 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 10 were first timers. Representatives of 14 different clubs took part.
A massive thank you to all the volunteers below who did a fantastic job!
Ross LIDDELL • Katharine MELVILLE • Duncan RYAN • Barney REILLY • Steven BONTHRONE • Rose RYAN • Heather BENNETT • Andy MILLER • Hazel DUNCAN • Catriona ROPER • Catherine BARWICK • J LONG • Martin VALLANCE

Big Saturday run for some

I see Craig Lee Paterson is coming up for number 100 on Saturday while fellow run director Eileen Wood is running number 200.


Run Report 2nd Mar 2019

Another exciting day at Perth parkrun!

A huge thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers and pacers who helped today. The pacers obviously did a great job with 49 of you getting new PBs.

There were 352 runners today - another huge turnout. This obviously causes some issues when the funnel gets busy - please listen to the marshals and move quickly through the funnel to help keep the finish line clear. It's also worth reminding people to stay in order, take a token, only cross the finish line once, stay out of the funnel once you've finished etc.. The accuracy of the results today was affected by lots of people doing a variety of parkrun misdemeanors!

Another important reminder is that we share the park with all of the other park users and to treat them with respect. There was a complaint from a runner today who was barged off the path by some parkrunners. Please, please give way to all other runners, walkers, dog walkers, cyclists, golferists etc. it won't affect your time.

A big welcome to all 12 of our first timers, we hope you had loads of fun and come back again soon. We also welcomed visitors from all over the UK today, of particular note is Holly Birtwistle and her dad Colin from Camperdown parkrun who joined the 10 and 50 clubs today but didn't tell us during the run brief so didn't get a clap - well done both! Beverly Pettle also chose to keep quiet, she did get her clap but didn't come forward for her photo! Beverly - if you want to get a picture with our 50 Milestone board next week please do! Graeme Buchan wasn't shy as he joined the 100 club

We have a full roster of volunteers for next week - thanks. If anyone wants to volunteer for future weeks please let us know.

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