Perth’s Decimal parkrun

Saturday 1st February saw the 10th parkrun in Perth, the weather stayed fine, actually the bright winter sun caused problems on the finishing straight for some of the runners as it was shining straight in their faces! Ahh wouldn’t it be nice if we had such problems every week.

After a rousing briefing, 180 runners set off on the original non-swampy course, and a short 19 minutes and 1 second later the Martin Mcewan came back delighted to be finishing first for the first time! Ruaridh Wedgwood and Michael Mcconnell also dipped under 20 minutes to complete the first three finishers.
Heather Scott at 21:25 brought home the ladies followed by Judith Dobson with an 81.8% age grade, Sarah Archer was third lady home.

But the numbers of the event only tell part of the story; in fact Saturday’s parkrun encapsulated everything that is so great about the event worldwide.

200 people get together for a run along the river then share a coffee and a discounted bacon roll afterwards.

The joy of a junior completing his 5 parkrun and knowing he was half way to his first tee shirt.

The pride of a runner wearing their 100 run jacket and being recognised for it.

The snow capped mountains of highland Perthshire in the distance, and the fact you could see that far on the out run.

First time runners finding out about the course and its little “muddy” section, the passionisters knocking out another
parkrun on the banks of the River Tay.

The competitive spirit of runners challenging themselves, looking for a personal best, the dad running with his three kids hand in hand, just being a family.

Over the past 10 weeks almost 700 different runners have completed 1544 runs and enjoyed what Perth parkrun has to offer.

Here’s to the next 10, and the next and the next...

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