New Year Day run 2020

That was a our biggest non-charity event. 395 with a lot of support from Dundee runners completing their NYD double. That took our 3 day holiday total to 1085.
A lot of other visitors - from Grascube, Wick (the Millers) making their second appearance this week) Cambridge, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Middleburg, Bramley, Ealing.
Central's William Millar was fastest of the day with 17m05s while Gayle Lindsay (Perth Road Runners) was fastest woman with 19m38s.
Eddie Torrie was best of the Age Grade percentages with 79.7% finish 7th and being runner-up at Camperdown. And he went on to win a prize at the Blairgowrie Ne'er Day Race.
Steve Bonthrone ran his in 20:20. (Not a fluke- he promises).


New Years Day event - Once again we will be staging a New Year's Day event at Perth parkrun.  We will have a late start this year so you can do the double - run Camperdown at 9:30am and Perth at 11.  REMEMBER - we will need volunteers to let this go ahead.  The lists are open now.



We will once again be staging an event on Christmas morning at Perth. Start will be 9:30 as usual.  Maybe we can have a few cakes or chocolates to help us celebrate. REMEMBER - this event can only go ahead if we have volunteers to organise the event.


Run Report 7:09:19

This week 336 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 44 were first timers and 52 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 28 different clubs took part. The event was made possible by 28 volunteers: - Fabienne THOMPSON • Simon GRIESHABER • Ross LIDDELL • Bill MELVILLE • Marie MCCASH • Kenneth G N STEWART • Fiona MORRISON • Mike ROBINSON • Caiden JOHNSTON • Jeff GUNNELL • Frances WHITTET • Brian BROWN • Allison MCARTHUR • Steven BONTHRONE • Angela Louise THOMSON • Sandy GOURLAY • Alistair RADBOURNE • Colin CARNSON • David RAE • Surinder PANPHER • Jane TANSLEY • Jim BUTCHER • Chris FARRELL • Matthew ROSS • Emma JARDINE • Andrew SHARP • Robert GUNN • Bob STRATHIE juniors led home today’s run.

Paul Robertson brought his “horse" along to canter round his 250th outing.

Jenny Alsheim clocked her 50th while W10 Lois Murray notched up number 10.

Phil Downham from Lee on Solent started parkrunning in Perth around 2 years ago. He was back in town today for number 99.

Campbell Hay (M18-19) clocked a pb 17m29s to finish 3 seconds clear of Dundee Hawk’s first timer Ryan Smith (M15-17), Strathtay’s Ben Henderson (15-17) was next in 18:26, while Euan Smith (M15-17) another Hawkhill first timer was 4th in 18:35.
Good running.
English visitor Elizabeth Dobson was fastest of the women, just 1 sec outside her overall pb with her time of 20m32s, Nice to see her here.
But it was back to the juniors for 2nd place with well known local runner Emma Jenkins (15-17) just over half a minute down.
Central’s Jane Waterhouse (W 65-69) was down on her best but still managed to head the age Grade rankings. clocking 22m51s for a 91.47%


Run Report – event 300

No 300 and what a good crowd. They came from as far as London for today’s run….. all 346 of us. with 48 first timers while 28 recorded personal best times.
Once again Michael McConnell led home the field - 4th time in a row and 27th overall and then volunteered for next week. Good stuff on both counts.
Juniors Matthew Knak and Aaron Middleton (11-14) were first juniors in 7th and 8th places. What a head to head that was.
Moira Davie from Forres Harriers was fastest woman in 14th place.
The event was made possible by 18 volunteers:

Bill MELVILLE • Katharine MELVILLE • Kenneth G N STEWART • Julie MELVILLE • Alice GALL • Isla MELVILLE • Lewis WILSON • Anna WOODHEAD • Olivia ELLIOTT • Fergus CLARK • Neil MACKINNON • Susan BLACK • Surinder PANPHER • Jane TANSLEY • Martin VALLANCE • Kristina CHRISTIE • John AULD • Bob STRATHIE including 4 juniors.

My very grateful thanks to them on what proved an eventful day with one runner suffering a severe cut to her arm as she fell on the rough tarmac stretch. We jigged the volunteer duties around to arrange transport to hospital.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Perth parkrun Results Page.


Run Report 20th July ’19

The rain stopped in time for the run as we all knew it would.

That's why we had such a great turnout.

282 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 39 were first timers and 16 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 30 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 18 volunteers:

Simon FINCH • Fabienne THOMPSON • Maria DALE • Ross LIDDELL • Kerry CLARK • Finlay DALE • Jane DERNIE • Ross PARKER • Stuart FRASER • Mark MYLES • Lisa BONTHRONE • Jane TANSLEY • Jean BOWMAN • Beverly PETTLE • Leanne SCOBIE • Morag RITCHIE • Kristina CHRISTIE • Alasdair BOWMAN

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Perth parkrun Results Page.

Top results are Michael McConnell (17:20) led home the field for the 5th time this year out of 8 appearances. Julie Ramsay was once again the fastest of the women with 20m40.  Andrew San (15-17) was fastest of the juniors with 19m45s

But look at Jane Waterhouse (48th) the veteran (65-69) scored a 90.09% age grading with her time of 23m12s.


Run Report 6.07.2019

Well done to all 314 of you who ran, walked and jogged today. The 


Run Report 292 – 15th June 2019

We passed the 300,000 km total distance for Perth parkrun today. Debbie McPhee notched it up as she finished 280th on her 2nd parkrun outing. And we passed the 8000 run mark.
So we had 287 people who ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 25 were first timers and 23 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 21 different clubs took part.
The event was made possible by 18 volunteers:
Maria DALE • Ross LIDDELL • Bill MELVILLE • Katharine MELVILLE • Kerry CLARK • Kenneth G N STEWART • Fiona MORRISON • Finlay DALE • Alexander DOUGLAS • Ross KENNEDY • Sonjia CROW • Fergus CLARK • Stuart NICKERSON • Jane TANSLEY • Brian ROPER • Martin VALLANCE • Steven HARKER • Julie CHRISTIE
Mike Carroll was home first for the 5th time in the past year (16m53s) also the fastest % time at 0ver 85% while Lorraine McPherson was fastest of the women with 21m07s. M10 Leonardo Justino was 2nd junior with a time of 20m 06s in 11th place 5 places down on first junior Ben Henderson who was celebrating his 100th parkrun. Isla Carroll was best of the female juniors.

Run report 25th May 2019

On Saturday, 275 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 27 were first timers and 45 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 23 different clubs took part. Thank you to everyone who came along and hope to see you all again this Saturday 

Irish visitor Emma Prideaux and Greg Simpson were fastest of the day while Robin Livingstone was top age grader with 80%

Our volunteers were - Aileen TRAVERS  •  Allison MCARTHUR  •  Andrew RIACH  •  Chic LIDSTONE  •  Elspeth MACKINNON  •  Fiona MORRISON  •  Ian DAVIDSON  •  Lorna GILLIES  •  Martin MCEWEN  •  Mick EMPSON  •  Philip COOPER  •  Rachel TRAVERS  •  Ross LIDDELL  •  Steven BONTHRONE  •  Steven BROOKER

Thanks to all of them.

Congratulations to Andrew J Miller who came to parkrun before getting married in the  afternoon. We hope he and Rachel had a wonderful day. Best wishes from all of us at parkrun 



The Diversion

Please have a look at the map of the diversion (The Robertson Route) that we'll be using whilst the works are being carried out on the grass section.

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