Pterborough parkrun #260 – NHS 70

This week parkrun and the NHS joined forces to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the NHS and to encourage more people to get active and Peterborough parkrun embraced this initiative with a number of people in fancy dress for the occasion.

610 people ran, jogged or walked the course, of which 54 were first timers at Peterborough parkrun and of these 34 completed their first ever parkrun and some of these were NHS employees. 40 Volunteers supported the event; many of these are also NHS employees. An amazing 114 people achieved new Personal Bests.

Well done to all that took part. The fastest finishers were:

1st Phil Martin 17.14 Peterborough AC
2nd Paul Thompson 17.35 Notts AC
3rd Tim Lunnon 17.51 Crawley AC

1st Stephanie Parker 20.12
2nd Nicola Lambert-John 20.57 Coltishall Jaguars
3rd Gina Crane 21.51 Yaxley Runners & Joggers

The NHS is the largest employer in England, and therefore is not surprising that a significant number of Peterborough parkrunners and Volunteers work for the NHS, many at local NHS Trusts including North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust, Cambridge Community Services NHS Trust.

It is a pleasure to recognise and thank our Peterborough parkrunner’s and volunteers that work for the NHS and the valuable contribution that they make to people’s health and wellbeing including:

Annette Williams, Mental Health Support Worker, Bekkie Cochrane, 0-19 Team Manager, Bev Williams Cancer Data Manager, Chris Hopewell, Clinical Coding, Helen Herbert, Deputy Manager, Jo Bennis, Chief Nurse, Joanna Sells, Palliative Care Clinical Nurse Specialist , Joelle Gibbons, Information Analyst, Kayleigh Draper, Nurse, Kelly Fahey, Clinical Educator, Kerry-Anne Harwood, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Laura Edwards, Physiotherapist, Laura Whitton, Cardiac Physiologist, Laura Wilkinson, Cardiac Physiologist. Lesley Carline, Bereavement Midwife, Louise Jinks, Finance, Michelle Cooper, Clinical Vascular Scientist, Nicola Knight, Community Staff Nurse, Sarah Shah, Senior Programme Manager, Sarah Sheppard, Deputy Sister Haematology/Oncology, Sarfaraaz Zahid, Dentist, Steve Lee, Senior Systems Developer, Tom Williams, Senior Information Analyst, Tony King, Volunteer Chaplaincy Team, Vicky Abraham, Administrator.

Proud to be part of the NHS

As an NHS employee too, in my role of Head of Resourcing at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital King’s Lynn NHS Foundation Trust one of my responsibilities is the recruitment of staff, I can see how every individual employee both clinical and non-clinical makes an impact on the delivery of excellent quality patient care within the NHS and I am proud to be part of that team.

Maybe there’s some parkrunner’s out there that may be interested in joining the NHS?

You can find out more about careers and job opportunities in the NHS on the following websites:

parkrun’s contribution to getting people more active

The ‘parkrun for the NHS’ initiative is being supported by Dame Kelly Holmes, a regular parkrunner who worked as a nursing assistant before going into the British Army and later becoming a full-time athlete, said: “Increased levels of activity leads to improved mood, self-esteem and a wide range of health benefits. I know from first-hand experience how sociable and welcoming parkruns are, so it’s fantastic to see it join forces with the NHS in its 70th year to encourage even more people to get active in this special year.”

The growing levels of obesity in adults and children is a major health issue for the NHS, as it can lead to a number of serious and potentially life-threatening conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, some types of cancer and stroke. Obesity can also affect quality of life and lead to psychological problems.

The cost to the NHS of treating diabetes alone is around £10 billion every year – nearly 10% of the NHS budget. It is estimated that obesity is responsible for more than 30,000 deaths each year and that obesity could overtake tobacco smoking as the biggest cause of preventable death.

In August 2017, parkrun conducted a UK-wide survey of almost 2,000 healthcare professionals. Over three in every five (63%) responding revealed that they prescribe parkrun in some form, while almost nine in ten (88%) said they would consider referring users to parkrun.

Maybe there are people that you know that you could encourage to join parkrun so that they can become more active?

Bernadette Fitzharris