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A fantastic run report supplied by Helen Jones. (thanks Helen)
Run Report 04.01.20 Plymvalley #381

It’s 8.45 on the first Saturday of 2020, and there are already a large number of people huddled around, braving the crisp, cool 2oc temperature at the PlymValley Parkrun. A few days into the New Year, and this group of fearless runners are not backing down on their fitness resolutions. I can already tell this is going to be a busy one ! And I was right. Today was a record breaking Parkrun for Plymvalley, with 411 participants, that’s 43 more than the previous record !

And why not….The Parkrun formula is simple, a timed 5K run , open to all abilities and free. From it’s humble beginnings at Bushy Park London in 2004, with 13 runners crossing the line on that inaugural run, to over 600 Parkruns in the UK and now 21 countries worldwide hosting Parkruns every Saturday morning.

For those new to Parkrun, we don’t leave you out in the cold, you are always welcome into the 3 million strong ‘Barcode Brigade’. This morning Justin Frost was the Hi-Vis Hero who imparted wisdom and knowledge at the First Timer and Tourist briefing , before the Run Director Matthew Curtin gave the safety briefing to all .

3…2…1..go. Hundreds of pounding feet head towards the first corner, some breaking in their clean, new trainers acquired at Christmas ( or the sales !) Running, jogging, walking – it makes no difference when you cross the finishing line with a great sense of achievement . As a regular to PlymValley, I know the last few runs have been very wet , so today was a welcome surprise to find the 2 lap course relatively dry. Always being motivated along by the volunteer marshals who give up their time to make sure the event goes ahead safely. Todays superheroes in neon yellow were;
Sharon BECKENKRAGER, Erin BRADY, Shaun BRADY, Matthew CURTIN, Nicola DAVIES, Ruth DORSET, Damian DUNNE, Justin FROST, Arwyn HILL , Jillian HILL, Matthew HILL, Edryd HILL , Damien HOLLOWAY, Andrew LEA, Judith LEA, Duncan NEWMAN, Anita J O'CONNOR, Lindsey PARFETT, Ben PARFETT, Jessica RICH, Ella SMALL, Jo TURNS . Plus a special thank you to Judith Lea, who chose to spend her Birthday volunteering.

Not that Parkrun is a race, but it is always nice to celebrate those runners who made it around the course fastest, (although we will all have a slight ache in our muscles the next morning ! ) The first 3 men across the finish line were; David SHEPHERD 18:06 , Alister BRISTOW 18:27 & Justin FROST 18:50.
The first 3 women in were; Katrin HIGGINSON 20:31 , Maddie HORTON 20:53 & Alison DEWYNTER 22:34

37 runners were first timers today, and 52 runners achieved a PB. We had tourists from Wales and Didcot, and representatives from running clubs all over the city and beyond Maybe your resolution for this year is to hit the 10, 50, 100 or 250 milestone , or try your hand at volunteering – whatever your goal, it is achievable. Happy Parkrunning !


Well Chuffed!

All aboard for our 7th Anniversary celebration! On Saturday 28th September, our friends at Plym Valley Railway are putting on a special Express from Coypool Station to Plymbridge (depart 08:30) and return (about 10:00) (£4 return; children half price). Join us on this fantastic occasion - in fancy dress if you wish - and support this amazing unforgettable journey. Let's fill those carriages with parkrunners!


Helping helps the helper

We tend to think of volunteering as doing something solely for the benefit of others, don’t we? After all, helping out at a parkrun; there’s nothing in it for me is there?
Volunteering can give just a warm feeling inside, that you’re doing some good, but it can also provide some great CV fillers (if that is your requirement). Just consider this lot: volunteering will help you;
• Gain confidence; it’s not just public speaking (though you can try that if you wish), it is taking a small responsibility for helping make something great happen.
• Meet people: at Plymvalley some genuine friendships have developed over the months and years, and that’s worth a lot.
• Be part of a community: it’s a group of like-minded individuals meeting as a team for an hour or so a week, but everyone will have something else in common with someone; that’s guaranteed.
• Learn new skills: it might be organizing, directing people, planning, sharing your skills, technological, social skills etc…
• Make a difference: the benefits of parkrun are considerable, and it happens because volunteers help it happen.
• Take on a challenge: for some the challenge might seem daunting, but no-one is left alone and training is given for unfamiliar roles.
• Have fun: few things are more gratifying than seeing others succeed as a result of your help; go on, try to prove me wrong!
Take a look at the Roster and you’ll see we have plenty of scope and possibility at Plymvalley for doing your bit. We have Plymouth Harriers takeover on 24th and Junior Takeover on 31st August but apart from that, opportunity knocks!


**Christmas Greetings to you all!**

Let's see now, Christmas Eve so I'd better get started on the Christmas shopping...
oh and a quick seasonal reminder of our festive Plymvalley parkruns this year. Tomorrow, Christmas Day, you can build up an appetite with our 10:00am event, hosted by Owain and family.
We will be back as usual for our final 2018 event at 9:00am on Saturday 29th December.
And a 'first chance' event on New Year's Day Tuesday 1st January 2019 at 9:00am especially for those of you who have been partying the night before!
Of course none of these would happen without volunteers so if you fancy an early New Year resolution, take a look at the roster and sign up for a task or two. Give the gift of 'help'; it is great fun, rewarding and totally appreciated!
From all the Run Directors and regular volunteers, we wish you a joyful and peaceful Christmas and a fun'n'fit 2019. See you soon!


Dressed to Hill!

All you need to have a go at parkrun is enthusiasm, and that was very evident this morning, not least of all from the weather, which was giving it all it's got.
However spirits were not dampened, fancy-dress plans were not shelved and enthusiasm was not parked strategically back under the duvet after a crafty peek at the rain outside. So first of all everyone who participated today give yourselves a deserved pat on the back 'cos it all turned out, in fact, quite well. So well actually that 39 of you achieved personal bests, which considering the soggy underfoot situation and the, er, mixed route choices must be some sort of record. So 'have a go, you never know' never rang more true.
It was six years ago, in fact on 22nd September 2012, that we started at Plymvalley and many trainers have passed under the bridge since then (literally) but essentially we have managed to keep it simple, familiar and fun. Which is probably why we have a consistent enthusiastic (there's that word again) turnout. And of course, crucially, amazing help from regular or occasional volunteers. Today we celebrated some of our most 'Valued Volunteers': Susan, Jessica and Matthew Rich, Sharon Beckenkrager, Frank Beal and Judith Lea, all of whom have made a significant contribution, especially this year. There are others of course and all are 'Valued'; thank you! btw don't think you need to sign up to a regular regime like these folk; if every runner today volunteered just once a year that would be half a team covered every week. Just enthusiasm is required.
What a colourful birthday turnout today as well; we had hippies, bees, Blues-Brothers, cows, cave-people, jellyfish, surveyor, Tigger, lobster and an owl to name but a few. Quite a range of species in fact and even some dogs dressed up. And most impressive of all was surely the wedding party of Mark and Cat, all dressed for anything but running, but looking fantastic. Have a great day next weekend you two and best wishes for the future!
So once again thanks to you all for your enthusiasm, particularly incidentally, two significant mile-stoners today: Dan Jones on 100 and young Maisie on 10 runs well done both! Hope you all enjoyed it and see you back soon!

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