We post regular reminders on our facebook page (see to become a fan), but thought it'd be worth collating them in one place for the benefit of all.

Numbers at Glasgow parkrun continue to grow, so please be sure to pass on some of these tips to first timers you might suggest the event to:

  • Arrive in plenty of time to park. The Burrell carpark does get full, so check out the alternative options. See our Course page for bus/train/subway details, and parking suggestions here. Please don't park elsewhere in the park itself, and please note that we've been asked by park management to not use the riverside carpark by Pollok House. Remember too there is a 15mph speed limit throughout the park.
  • There are toilets in the park, but they're a 20 min round trip at an easy paced jog. The Burrell facilities opens at 10am. Arrive in plenty of time and consider working in facilities into your warmup. Map to the toilets here.
  • Whilst we have permission to use the park, we do not have exclusive use of the park or paths, so at all times please yield to other park users (whether on two legs or four), even when they may be in the wrong. Keep left on paths. Please intervene if you think another runner is being rude to a park user, and try and solve problems or issues. Direct people to the race director if necessary.
  • Be aware that dogs are not required to be on a lead, so please don't remonstrate with dog owners about this. The Glasgow council requirement (which we have clarified with park management) is that dogs are either on a lead or under 'close control'. We'd therefore ask runners to steer clear of dogs, and accept that dogs and dog owners have every right to use the park. Please report problems to the race director if necessary. If you're running with a dog, please keep to the side, and keep the dog on a short lead to avoid tripping other runners.
  • Support your fellow runners. Stop and help if they need it (your PB can easily wait another week), raise the alarm if necessary.
  • Have fun and encourage other runners wherever they are in the field. Being supportive and encouraging to everybody taking part is a big part of what parkrun is about. 
  • We like to see younger runners taking part, but we must stress that children age 10 and under are accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian. Official guidance does not recommend that children under 13 ‘race’ at the 5 Km distance, so whilst they're welcome to take part, it should be 'just for fun', and they shouldn't be put any undue pressure to perform.
  • Don't forget your barcode! No Barcode, No Time.
  • Always take a token at the end of the funnel. Leave it in the tub if you don't want a time or forgot your barcode.
  • Don't go home with tokens, and please bring any back you may have accidentally taken. The complete set costs about £150, making each token worth about 30p. We have to replace every one that's lost.
  • Come for coffee afterwards! We go to the Burrell Cafe for coffee and cake straight afterwards. It's a great way to get to know your fellow runners. Pull up a chair and have a chat!
  • More details, tips and answers are on the Glasgow parkrun website, and the parkrun FAQ.

and finally

  • Please think about volunteering. Our event is free because runners like you enjoy the event and get involved every now and then to keep it free and an enjoyable and sociable hub for the Glasgow running community. It may look like we're always well covered, but it's not the case (particularly at the end of the month).
  • Don't be put off getting involved if you think things look complicated: They're really not! All of our jobs are easy and straight forward, and we give all the training you need. It's a lot of fun too, and many of our volunteers come back to help again and again. But we'd love them to be running more often too, particularly our core team.
  • E-mail if you want to get involved. We welcome occasional helpers and people wanting to get involved with results, organisational and technical matters.


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