Pomphrey Hill parkrun is cancelled on 15 August 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Selfie Challenge Week 8: Steve’s Clacker Corner (Top of the Tarmac Hill)

Hello again,

Another week of missing our favourite Saturday morning gathering and if you can believe it or not it’s week 8 of the Selfie Challenge.
I was out running a few times at Pomphrey over the past few weeks and it’s been brilliant bumping into some of you especially those of you donning Pomphrey Hill apricots.

(not)parkrun results

We're now 7 weeks into (not)parkrun. This week 30 athletes completed 40 5k runs between them with an average time of 28:37. This can be absolutely any 5k you wish, as flat or as hilly as you want or can find. Recording a (not)parkrun is similar to a freedom run, but can be logged on any route - it doesn't have to be at Pomphrey Hill, or any other parkrun course. You simply log on to your profile and submit your own time. For more details, see the parkrun FAQ page.

This weeks results can be found at (not)parkrun.

11 of this week's athletes recorded a (not)parkrun PB, so well done to Derek McSweeney, Paula Adamson, Paul Taylor, Steven Burge, Dave G, Michael Francis, Phil Cossey, Barbara Sullivan, Nigel Jennings, Adrian Grimshaw, Catherine Parker.
We also had one newcomer to (not)parkrun, Simon Walker.

The Selfie Challenge: Up Pomphrey!!!!!

How could I start with anybody else! Even though his clackers may support an offensive Rovers badge I always have a smile on my face at every pass.  I always miss him when he isn't stood here, I give you Steve Jenkins.


It’s me! If I look a bit sweaty, I am 8k into my Sunday run and only halfway through.

Janet writes: Steve was getting withdrawal symptoms so we took a trip out to Pomphrey to the top of the tarmac hill, so he could shake his clappers.

Lisa smiling in the sun, missing the sound of Steve and his clackers.

Big smiles as Lyndsey gets to the top of the tarmac.

Garry and Maleficent out on their usual walks. Picture was taken moments before Gary stole her umbrella in the rain to pose as Mary Poppins.

Our Adrian looking back at the view Steve would have on a normal Saturday morning.

Party at the top of the Hill with Barbara and co. I think I still hear her shouting "thanks Steve" on her (not) parkruns.

Richard getting his photo just in time and he hopes everyone is doing well, what a nice chap!

The next two weeks

8 August: Selfies by the Finish Line
15 August: Top of Pomphrey Hill

Until next time; be safe, stay healthy and look after each other.



Selfie Challenge Week 7: The Bottom of Pomphrey

Hi all

It feels rather strange to be posting the Not-Run Report for week 7 of the Selfie Challenge. How is time moving that fast? Especially with 12 weeks of Pomps Peeps Profiles before that, since we last ran/jogged/walked together. We have a 15 week old kitten, Ziggy Stardust, who hadn't been born when Lockdown started and who has been entertaining us, attacking ankles and falling asleep on laps for the 7 weeks he has been with us, in his forever home.
Just because he's too cute not to show you!

(not)parkrun results

We're now 6 weeks into (not)parkrun. This week 27 athletes completed 33 5k runs between them. This can be absolutely any 5k you wish, as flat or as hilly as you want or can find. Recording a (not)parkrun is similar to a freedom run, but can be logged on any route - it doesn't have to be at Pomphrey Hill, or any other parkrun course. You simply log on to your profile and submit your own time. For more details, see the parkrun FAQ page.

This weeks results can be found at (not)parkrun.

10 of this week's athletes recorded a (not)parkrun PB, so well done to Nigel JENNINGS, Derek MCSWEENEY, Richard BREAKSPEAR, Ian JONES, Gary WOODRUFF, Matthew HICKERY, Dave GEE, Phil COSSEY, Derek TAYLOR and Stephanie FREEMAN.
We also had three newcomers to (not)parkrun, Daniel HEDGE, Barbara SULLIVAN and fellow RD, Steve BURGE.

The Selfie Challenge: Up Pomphrey!!!!!

Vic, Julia and Dominic have written:
"Just on our way up! Missing our Saturday morning swearing sessions which start right about here (on a good day!)"
Stephen writes:
"Sunday morning I accepted the Pomphrey Hill selfie challenge and trundled around the course on my pseudo-parkrun. The weather was glorious and took my selfie on the top section. I think the view from there is quite spectacular. The hatch was open and was joined by some other runners and dog walkers. Oh .... and a playground has appeared out of nowhere. Stay safe."
William and Catalina posted their photo on Saturday and said:
"About to go 'Up Pomphrey!' in the sunshine."
I'd like to know when they found such vibrant sunshine on Saturday and what they did with it?! All I saw was rain...really heavy rain...rain...rain...really heavy rain...rain. Mind you, my garden is now looking green and lush as a result.
Adrian is taking the opportunity to break free of parkrun's clockwise course and writes:
"After being a rebel and running "Down Pomphrey"."
Gary writes:
"Revelling in the majesty of Mr Hill".
Danny posted the photo of him and Matt, with this caption:
"Looks like the start of a bromance at the bottom of Pomphrey Hill. And what should this couple be called? Mattan? Dansell?"
Other names offered include 'Danpast', 'Manny', 'Smithell', 'Bessith', 'Matt-a-dan' and 'Madan'. Neither Danny or Matt have subsequently commented on what their preference is...
Martyn enjoying the sunshine and his Tough Mudder swag.

The next two weeks

1 August: Selfies at the Top of the Tarmac Hill Marshal Spot (where the wonderful Mr Steve Jenkins and his clacker can regularly be seen cheering you on)
8 August: Selfies by the Finish Line

Until next time,



Selfie Challenge Week 6: The Pond!

It's already week 6 of our selfie challange and this time we challenged you to take a selfie by our pond!

This is a much loved part of the course and on a Saturday morning voulenteers can often be sighted clapping and encouraging runners/joggers/walkers past it.

We had so many selfies entered this week and the pond is looking healthy as always! Thank you to everyone that shared thier pond photo this week!


First up is one of my fellow RDs Steve! Sporting a matching headband and t-shirt as always!


Next is RD William and his friend/fellow parkrunner Alan! It's lovely to see the smiles all round

Here is Danny who was very pleased that he was in the lead on his own parkrun, although did mention the lack of other runners may of had something to do with that!

It's good to see Diane Thomas by the pond on her morning run! FB_IMG_1595319761657

Adrian decided to take a selfie with the back of the pond. Now renamed the 'Dark side of the pond'. Who knows how you get there? Who knows what else is there?

Martyn did a 5k round Pomphrey and it looked very hot! Well done! FB_IMG_1595319756890

Gary managed to get a closer look at the pond, though I may suggest you be careful as there have been Loch Ness monster-ish sightings. We don't know what lives there! FB_IMG_1595319775461

Thank you again to everyone who took the time to vist the pond this week. I hope you find time to vists some other nice spots at pomphrey in the coming weeks! Here's what's up next -
25th July - Bottom of Pomphrey!
August 1st - Top of Concrete!

Here is my selfie! Is it the Lock Ness monster? Is it a dog? Or is it a flying fish? I guess we'll never know.
See you soon! Ella :)


Selfie Challenge Week 5: Cricket Nets

I cannot believe we are in week 5 of the selfie challenge already, and we've now had 4 weeks of (not)parkrun as well.


Around 40 people registered to Pomphrey Hill parkrun are logging a (not)parkrun time each week. This is similar to a freedom run, but can be logged on any route - it doesn't have to be at Pomphrey Hill, or any other parkrun course. You simply log on to your profile and submit your own time. For more details, see the parkrun FAQ page.

Well done to this week's 31 runners who logged 40 (not)parkruns between them, and 16 of them logged personal best runs.

This week's Rogues' Gallery

This week we visited the cricket nets marshal post for selfies. Over the years, this corner has a few nicknames. When the course was first measured, there were no storage containers which now hide the view of the cricket nets themselves! However, the spot was often called after the marshals who enjoyed cheering there; first it was Caroline's corner, and later it was Roy's favourite spot as his dog, Cooper, had plenty of space away from the runners. Many of you may remember Roy's story, as he went on to have a go at running the course!

On another occasion, a junior marshal had an adventure there as he lost a tooth during the run! All worked out well on that day too, leaving nothing but good words to be said about the cricket nets (maybe because it's one of the first posts to be visited by the tail walker on their final lap!?).

Visits this week were logged by:


Gary, indecisive about which diretion to walk the course in!


Val and Richerd, who say: "We are submitting a picture of us tail walking with our dog Sadie. This corner we know as "Roy’s corner" - we hope if he reads this he is well and look forward to seeing him again at parkrun. This corner is also where Richard did his first ever marshalling duty for parkrun. We opted to tail walk this week’s selfie as we don’t think we could run the course at the moment (we also need to train Sadie into the role of tail walker). Hope everyone is keeping well.


Janet and Jenny, out for a morning run.


Martyn, finding the cricket nets, and I'm sure he knows where the marshal should stand :)


William, saying "Hi folks!".

The next two weeks in the Selfie Challenge are:
18 July: The Pond - our normal route runs along one side, but feel free to be creative. Just don't get wet!
25 July: Bottom of Pomphrey - start practicing your "Up Pomphrey!" shout :)


Trust me, it's this way!

Trust me, it's this way!


Selfie Challenge Week 4: Car Park Corner

Hi everyone,
It was good to make it back to Pomphrey, my first time back since our birthday on March 7th. It was great to see it looking so lush and green. Despite all the rain we've had over the last week, it was very dry compared to early March when I saw it last!

We had five selfies this week at Car Park Corner, so thank you to Janet and Steve, Martyn, Danny and Jenny for adding their photos to mine.

Janet and Steve, rocking their lockdown hair.

Danny, modelling his summer hat. Shame the weather is more autumnal than summer!

Martyn and friend, enjoying a slight break between the rain showers.

Jenny, enjoying her run at Pomphrey.

The next two weeks in the Selfie Challenge are:
11 July: Selfies at the Cricket Net Marshal Spot (it's where the path splits just past the cricket nets and containers)
18 July: Selfies by the Pond

And finally,
Yours truly. Unlike Janet and Steve, I'm hiding my lockdown hair until its had a proper, professional cut!
See you again soon,

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