Selfie Challenge Week 2: By the pavilion

This week was my first turn as the Guardian of the email and Facebook and as always, my involvement in parkrun hasn’t failed to make me smile and feel a little better about life.

Thank you to every lovely person who posted a picture from the pavilion. The pavilion is a much loved spot, not just for The Hatch and it’s delicious snacks, but because it has been our protective hideaway on a Saturday morning when the weather has been sub optimal (can’t let those biscuits and cakes get wet). I have very fond memories of lining up all the starters under its protective roof for one of my first (and very wet/blustery) parkrun RD stints.

I hope you enjoy the fabulous collection of smiling faces at this very familiar spot as much as I did.

Barbara Field in motion!


Gangsta Gary.

Ruth Dorrel enjoying a refuel.


William and Catalina Lee (hopefully enjoying the fact they are not having to remind people to “keep the path clear”).


The Fields searching for their bacon roll.


Janet Jenkins missing her parkrun posse.


Richard Brakespear enjoying his takeaway veggie sausage sandwich.


Martyn Poole just making absolutely sure no one was home.


Steve Jenkin’s selfie.

Next week I am handing over to Martyn to be Guardian of the email and Facebook. Please post or email in your selfies. I promise to add mine to the bunch.

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