Selfie Challenge Week 4: Car Park Corner

Hi everyone,
It was good to make it back to Pomphrey, my first time back since our birthday on March 7th. It was great to see it looking so lush and green. Despite all the rain we've had over the last week, it was very dry compared to early March when I saw it last!

We had five selfies this week at Car Park Corner, so thank you to Janet and Steve, Martyn, Danny and Jenny for adding their photos to mine.

Janet and Steve, rocking their lockdown hair.

Danny, modelling his summer hat. Shame the weather is more autumnal than summer!

Martyn and friend, enjoying a slight break between the rain showers.

Jenny, enjoying her run at Pomphrey.

The next two weeks in the Selfie Challenge are:
11 July: Selfies at the Cricket Net Marshal Spot (it's where the path splits just past the cricket nets and containers)
18 July: Selfies by the Pond

And finally,
Yours truly. Unlike Janet and Steve, I'm hiding my lockdown hair until its had a proper, professional cut!
See you again soon,