Fright Night!

It wouldn't be Halloween without some frightful sights and what a sight we are getting as we move into November. The weather has soaked all of our (not) parkrunners this week however, don't feel too disheartened though as I am here to cheer you up with some past Halloween costumes at Pomphrey Hill to remind you of what to look forward to next year.
Before this though, let's check in with this weeks (not) parkrun results.

(not) parkrun results

Week 20 saw 22 (not) parkrunners this week run 52 (not) parkruns. Special mentions go to Gale WOOD & Debra FRY for their first recorded (not) parkruns; to Dave GAnthony WORGANHayley BENNETT & Rosalyn CASTLE for (not) parkrun PBs.  Looking at last week it seems Hayley has her second PB in a row, a massive well done for that.
The speediest Pomphrey (not) parkrunner was Dave G with a fine time of 21:53.
You can see all of the week's (not) parkrun results here.

Some more (not) parkrun stats coming your way courtesy of
Worldwide 17147 parkrunners recorded 28089 (not)parkruns, with an average time of 34:41.
In the UK 10857 parkrunners recorded 17282 (not)parkruns, with an average time of 32:50.

Lockdown 2

We are now facing another lockdown however, reports so far of the restrictions are that we can still get outside and run, either on our own or with one other person.  It's important in these times to try and stay healthy (physically and mentally).  I myself will still be trying to get out to get my (not) parkrun times submitted and I hope I catch a sight of some of you running around Pomphrey.

Some useful links:
parkrun COVID-19 (Coronavirus) update
Meeting with family and friends Gov. Guidelines


Before we get to the goods, I would personally like to thank the following for their submissions, without you I would just be a lonely ghoul.

Janet Jenkins: Gary Woodruff: Debra Parsons: Craig Pilkington: Julia Dunn: Hayley Bennett: Lynsey Miles and, of course, myself Martyn Poole.


Debra Parsons: One of our EGRC Halloween run groups who braved the wind and rain on Saturday morning - we all missed our parkrun Halloween run this year


Last Year 2019


Craig Pilkington: It was a wet one, but a good one! David Hemmings Elena Von Thode Minguet Giorgos Sigalas



Hayley Bennett: 2019


Lynsey Miles: Pomphrey Hill 2015

123245487_3427591587330256_6931704517657030020_o (1)

Janet Jenkins: Can't make it to Pomphrey for Halloween this year but this is 2018 on a lovely sunny day with Jenny Dodd and Cathy Boynton.


Gary Woodruff running as a nun

Thanks to everyone for keeping things going and do continue to enjoy your (not) parkruns!


Until next time; be safe, stay healthy and look after each other.