Remembrance Day

(not)parkrun results...

Within this, the first week of Lockdown 2, 24 athletes completed 55 walks/jog/runs between them. (not)parkrun can be absolutely any 5k you wish, as flat or as hilly as you want or can find. Recording a (not)parkrun is similar to a freedom walk/jog/run, but can be logged on any route - it doesn't have to be at Pomphrey Hill, or any other parkrun course. You simply log on to your profile and submit your own time. For more details, see the parkrun FAQ page.

This weeks results can be found at (not)parkrun. Well done to Debra FRY for achieving a PB!

...and shares

Gary Woodruff wrote: "Where else! Pomphrey was heaving with people getting in their exercise. Everyone was well behaved and disciplined with the distancing though which was positive to see."

Dave Sharratt shared: "Took my 7 yr old for a junior (not) parkrun and shaved 1 minute off her time (the juxtaposition of me being keen to see her fitness develop whilst protecting her from my pushy parenting so that running is something she can grow to love)."

Sarah Brocklesby ran her "7.5k around Stoke Gifford."LD2-2

Janet Jenkins posted: "First time out for a while, with my running buddy, Jenny Dodd. We ran 5k around Bitton Village. Slow and steady but good to be out. (sorry no pic - too busy talking!)."

It didn't surprise me (anyone?) that Martyn Poole came to "Pomphrey of course" for his (not)parkrun.

RD Steve Burge posted: "Up Pomphrey for me today." LD2-3

Finally, Carole Pugh wrote: "Did 5k along the cycle track around Emersons Green, not bad considering I fell at 5K yesterday but carried on and completed a half marathon."

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