Lessons learnt

We all have a parkrun story. This might be a weird unique story or a story shared by many. The strange thing about parkrun is that almost everyone has a story about it. Can you say the same thing about other things in your life? I dabble in making candles. Not particular good at it, it gives me something to do. I added too much dye on a recent candle and ended up with this "glow-stick". I don't have a candle story like I have a parkrun story. I don't really have a story for any of my hobbies like I do for parkrun. Why?


I think the reason why parkrun is different is that isn't something you do in isolation. Part of the appeal is the parkrun community, the bond between us. This community makes parkrun a little different than just running. It is losing the connection to this community that is making lockdown so hard. So if we can't run together, what are we doing? Learning a new language? Learning to play a musical instrument? These seem to be the common suggestions of things to do. I haven't, have you? With all my running plans for the year up in smoke, I have struggled to find anything to focus on. As a consequence, I haven't been a happy bunny at times. So I've started an Open University degree to give me some focus. It is certainly keeping me busy!!!

These "run reports" aren't much of an actual run report. They are our attempt to try and maintain that link with our parkrun community.  We are trying to show people that they aren't alone. We try to encourage people to do a (not) parkrun to remain active. My running has taken a nose-dive in the last month or two. But I'm learning not to worry about it. I'm trying to run without expectations so when I have a bad day, it doesn't knock me for six. So instead of running towards a training goal, my running is more about releasing the pressure of work.

Last Monday, I had a nice bimble around Pomphrey for my (not) parkrun. Played some Pokemon Go on the way round. Got reminded that Mr Hill gets muddy at this time of year and had to remind myself to be careful on the wet leaves on the tarmac slope as Steve Jenkins wasn't there to tell me himself. Wasn't anywhere near my PB but felt good. I took a moment to appreciate the view from the top of Pomphrey. I reminded myself that I'm lucky to be walking distance from such a nice place.


Went out for another (not) parkrun on Saturday and....... Well, another lesson learnt! The large portion of chips from the night before was still sitting quite heavy in my stomach BEFORE I finished off the remaining sweet and sour chicken balls for breakfast.... Don't think I will be making that mistake anytime soon. But so what? Some days are good days and some days aren't and that is perfectly fine. Sometimes we feel that everything needs to be perfect. "This run isn't a good because it wasn't a PB!" Rubbish. This was a good run because I did it. I didn't choose to stay in bed. I choose to do something and something is better than nothing. It was also good as I managed to keep everything down!!!!

We may not be standing shoulder to shoulder waiting for someone to finish the pre-run brief and say "3,2,1 go!". We are certainly not within touching distance of each other. But we are still together and will continue to be together as long as we choose trainers over sofas. We are all part of the parkrun family and we will run together again.

This weeks (not)parkruns included PB's from:

Debra Fry, William Lee, Chris Amos and Joe Thatcher.

Julia Edwards did her first (not)parkrun.

Good thing about (not)parkrun, you don't even your barcode!!

Stay strong. Check up on your friends to make sure they are okay.



(not)parkrun RD

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