Pomphrey Hill p”arrrr”krun run report

This week's Run Report has been written by Lynsey Miles, a former member of the Core Team at Pomphrey and a current member of the Core Team at Curly Wurly.

Event 321 go!!!

Aaaha me hearties........ (This is all the pirate speak I can muster...)

Those who know me will know I started my parkrun (and in fact my overall running) journey at Pomphrey Hill. Back in the olden days when the finish was on the grass on the right, where the playing equipment is now, and the RD's used to stand precariously on the stone wall to do the briefing.

Many of you will also know that I am also a little bit fond of dressing up so when I found out that they were doing the International Talk Like A Pirate Day again at Pomphrey I absolutely knew I had to come. Facebook reminded me of the same day 4 years previously so I knew I had the costume. I soon managed to dig it out amongst the ducks and unicorns and to my surprise I could still get it on despite the extra lockdown lbs.

Some awesome costumes were worn by many and a great time was had by all.

321st Pomphrey Hill parrrkrun 005

321st Pomphrey Hill parrrkrun 001

My favourite pic however has to be this of Martyn Poole and Steven Burge. Classic!!!

321st Pomphrey Hill parrrkrun 208

The run was started in the new (ish) start place by the cricket nets by Captain Ris who was on fine pirate form as she read the run brief in true pirate speak - a copy of it can be found at the bottom of this Run Report.

321st Pomphrey Hill parrrkrun 008

She started us all off with a 3-2-go!! - Where on earth had 1 gone? It was a very sunny and pleasant day for all 254 parkrunners and the 24 volunteers. I loved all the encouragement and the music at the top of the tarmac hill. A special mention goes to Liam Worgan who was celebrating his 100th parkrun so a very well done to you!

321st Pomphrey Hill parrrkrun 461
I loved coming back to Pomphrey and by writing this run report this is my 50th time volunteering there. Next unofficial milestone will be to get to do 100 runs there too which isn't actually too far away.

So I will be back again for another fabulous event. but in the meantime bye for now.


321st Pomphrey Hill parrrkrun 448

Pomphrey Hill parkrun
Event number 321
18th September 2021
This week 254 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 35 were first timers and 33 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 22 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 24 volunteers:

Janet JENKINS • William LEE • Catalina LEE • Ris SCOTT • Dave HORNE • Stephen JENKINS • Lynsey MILES • Trudy REED • Duncan GOUGH • Andrew BANFIELD • Sarah BROCKLESBY • Sally CURNICK • Mark COX • Martyn POOLE • Andrew FIELD • Barbara FIELD • Gary WOODRUFF • Steve MOODY • Nancy SHELTON • Michelle HART • Nick LEIGH • Mike DIMOND-JONES • James C. • Richard GARDINER

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Pomphrey Hill parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Patrick MARTIN who recorded a time of 15:37 on 4th February 2017 (event number 156).
The female record is held by Victoria KENNY who recorded a time of 17:49 on 11th September 2021 (event number 320).
The Age Grade course record is held by Caroline LAVIS who recorded 91.77% (25:31) on 1st January 2020 (event number 304).

Pomphrey Hill parkrun started on 1st March 2014. Since then 10,994 participants have completed 78,144 parkruns covering a total distance of 390,720 km, including 13,817 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,107 individuals have volunteered 7,521 times.



Ahoy me hearties! Ye be well come to me good ship Pomphrey!

Now avast and hark what me say! I nay want you bum-squabbled!

This be a run, it not be a race.

Me be the scurge of these seas but other ships do sail them too. Buoy up the local sailors and greet them with an “Ahoy”!

T' course be 3 laps. Ye go that way, past me small sea, up the rigging that some seadogs may call Mr Hill up to the crow’s nest. Be wary on t’ first passage up t’ rigging as it be busy an ye nay want a black spot! Ye then go past the school an down the tarmac slope. Ye take a sharp corner, stay the course and go past the land lubber Pavilion. Then go past the carriages an ye will be back ‘ere at the start. Ye do that 3 times. Then ye go to the finish by the small sea.

Ye will stay on the left. If ye needs to overtake, ye will steer to the right. T' finish be on the right.

Ye will proceed using as much of my ship as ye can, and stay social distanced, ye nay want the pox!

Me will nay have spitting or high-fiving on me ship, ye will nay behave like scurvy dogs!

When at finish, ye will move through the funnel and hold out yer hand for a token.

Tokens be not treasure! Me crew will keel haul any scurvy dog that tries to hornswaggle away me tokens – leave them in the bilge buckets!

Ye will find the scanner crew and get your barcode and me token scanned. Me crew follows the parkrun code, so nay printed barcode, nay time, nay exception!

Lads and lasses under 11, ye must stay within cutlass reach of yer adult.

Ye may have 1 ship’s dog, on a short lead or one buggy. Ye will start at the back.

Be ye ready? Batten down the hatches and clear the decks!