Defib Appeal

As well as being Valentine's Day today, February is also National Heart Month... 
It's a fact of life that when people get active - as they do at parkrun week in, week out - sometimes something goes awry with the 'ol ticker. In these cases, it can really help chances of a positive outcome to have an Automated External Defibrillator close by. 

We'd really love to be able to raise the money to have a defibrillator available at Pontefract parkrun. We can get one along with appropriate training for a group of people for £750 and we've already got over £200 in the kitty. 

We're not asking for large donations, if everyone who took part yesterday gave a couple of quid we'd reach our target straight away. If you can spare say, the price of a pint, please visit our 'about us' page and click the 'Donate to parkrun' button. Please add the 'special instruction' - 'Pontefract defib' as you go through checkout.
Thanks in advance and hopefully we'll be asking for volunteers to train very soon!