Pontypridd parkrun #301 – back again, in the sun this time!

We got there in the end! Ponty parkrun 301 – great to see you all back again for more fun in the sun.

A view from the RD (Gareth) and team...

First of all, the vital stats: this week 317 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 41 were first timers and 41 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 27 different clubs took part.

Let’s also hear it for our fabby volunteers without whom we wouldn’t be able to run our lovely event...

Rhian HOPKINS • Abby Louise FORSTER • Fiona DAVIES • Elaine HICKS • Robert FLANAGAN • Dianne DAVIES • Ruth COCHRAN • Sandra DAVIES • Gareth HOWELL • John CARROLL • Laura MCCARTHY • Kian BISHOP • Trish TAZZINI-LLOYD • Jon HILDER • Mair JOHNSON • Karl JOHNSON • Lyndon WALKER • Sean LYNE • Catherine POWELL • Kerri ALLEN • Wendy COLLIE • Alison JONES • Peggy EDWARDS • Richard COSTELLO • Lianne EDMUNDS • Sian TAYLOR • Gwyneth LEIVERS • George HOWELL
Thank you!

We went from one extreme to the other with the weather this week. Doesn’t the park look incredible in the sunshine? Fantastic to see it looking so smart after the floods last year.

Conditions were perfect for a good crack at the course, and it showed with so many PBs. Looks like Ponty parkrunners are sun-seekers after all (I suspect we may have seen even more but for a few of us resting ahead of the Treforest 10k on Monday).

Personal highlights…

* First time on the podium! Hopefully the nerves didn’t show…
* A little sprinkling of “Wenglish”… about as much as Covid protocols would allow.
* My first time driving Dolly the Trolley.
* Hearing some more great feedback on the new course.
* And seeing so, so many happy faces in the sunshine.

Some things to think about next week…

* Practice with the megaphone and making sure the RD is in a place where everyone can hear easily.
* Do we need more cheerleaders on the last corner?!
* Is our new “stay on the inside” advice easier to follow than all the left-right-left stuff?? Let us know in the comments!
* The results system! Goodness me, it gave us a hard time today… we had the triple threat of (a) being unable to upload both stopwatches to the site (that’s why we always have two timers) (b) two parkrunners being assigned the same token (has that ever happened before?!) and (c) one of our timers being accosted by an angry bollard. Thanks Dianne for persevering, and Cath for playing the world’s most boring game of timer copy-paste afterward. Phew! Really sorry if any of you lost a PB in the second set of results… I can assure you that they are now accurate and it only took about 20(ish) episodes of Peppa Pig to distract our 1-year-old long enough to get the fix done.


Who’s up for another instalment next week? Mr Johnson will be back in the hot seat for that one. Should be a cracker, especially if this lovely weather holds.

We've got Neen and Sharon taking centre stage this week. Congrats on your 100th at events 300 and 301 respectively. Brilliant effort - and we hope you love your selfie frames as much as we do.

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We had 50 milestones for Stuart Felix, Cath Neale (who we mentioned on the day) and Wyndham Roberts and Sian Wright (who we just noticed in the results). We also had a 100 for Owain Morris (also just noticed but not called on the day). Well done to you all. If any of you fancy a selfie frame and haven't had one, let us know!


Happy Sunday evening all. Hope you have a great bank holiday. Can't wait for #ponty302 already!

Thanks again to you all for your support and smiles. Take care.