Pontypridd parkrun #304 – the one with fast buggies, dinosaurs and bad weather predictions

RD’s view....

Wow - well that nice weather was unexpected! After the Met claimed a 60% chance of rain last night, I’m sure a few of you will have packed your wet weather gear ready for a soaking this morning. Then - glorious late summer/early autumn sunshine. Oh, the joys of living in Wales.

Results are here.  A very smooth process this week; the only delay coming from having to stop Thomas (my 1 year old) stealing my sausage bap at the Lido Caff.  We did pick up on a couple of funnel duckers though - please please do remember to take a finish token if you cross the line (and please only cross that line once).  Kudos also to Rebecca - our finish token distributor today who coolly coped with the slight mishap of our box of tokens tipping over.  You’re awesome!  To the token magpies, queue jumpers and funnel duckers out there, watch out for our new security system - sneak peak below! :-)


(NB: it’s not a real dinosaur, and we actually do love all our parkrunners really).

As for the run/walk/jog itself... congrats to James Thie, our first finisher over the line for equalling Jac’s “unofficial record-not-record” since we started using the new course design, from last week. A pretty stellar 16m 18s. Also, to our brave volunteers and parkrunners at the tail, coming in at 55m 46s - that’s a fair bit quicker than walking pace. Good effort guys - congrats!

This week we had 274 parkrunners at Ponty - a bit lower than recent numbers but we still love seeing you all, whether it’s 50 or 500.  We had 31 first timers and **42** recorded new Personal Bests... wowee!! There must have been something in that weather for sure.

We had participants from 29 different clubs and some fab tourists from Daventry, Evesham and Loughborough. I didn’t get everyone’s names (sorry!), though I couldn’t resist a special shoutout for Steven and Aimee Mears, our double-act from Loughborough who ran an incredible 18m 18s with a buggy and also celebrated a 50th parkrun milestone respectively. Thanks for coming guys, you smashed it!

Let’s also hear it for our 31 volunteers - including one very familiar and famous name who gave up his run to cover one of our marshal spots at the last minute. Thank you Mr. Pritchard! Was lovely as well to see Mrs H and George on the bridge - they had a lot of fun out there: thanks to you all for giving them a big Ponty welcome.

Rhian HOPKINS • Simon PRITCHARD • Dianne DAVIES • Ben REES • Ruth COCHRAN • Darren WARNER • Maad KHALIL • Gareth HOWELL • Carolyn SMITH • Gail GRIFFITHS-WARNER • Trish TAZZINI-LLOYD • Rebecca HOUSE HOWE • Mair JOHNSON • Karl JOHNSON • Alan EARLY • Lyndon WALKER • Sean LYNE • Patricia TAYLOR • Paul JONES • Teri HOWELL • Diane DAVIES • Ruth NORTHWAY • Alison JONES • Peggy EDWARDS • Rebekah DANIEL • Richard COSTELLO • Blaine BURBIDGE-SMITH • Viv BURBIDGE-SMITH • Lianne EDMUNDS • Claire COSTELLO • George HOWELL

Want to add your name to this list of superstars? Slide into our DMs or send us an email (pontypridd@parkrun.com). You can see the future roster here...



The moment none of us has really been waiting for - the latest reveal of our Thursday Trivia question.  We asked you to guess how many of our 8686 finishers prior to event 304 were ‘one hit wonders’ at Ponty parkrun.  The answer was... 3849!  That might surprise many of you - but we think the role Pontypridd has as a member of The Full Ponty (see here) may very well have something to do with it.

Of course this does mean ample opportunity for yet another totally-pointless-but-utterly-fascinating graph showing how often we get our lovely runners, walkers and joggers coming back for more.  So here you go!


Look at that bar on the left!  Chesney Hawkes himself would be proud of that (thanks to Rob Joslin for the much better reference to ‘the One and Only’).



Ahhh yes, those magical selfie frames.  It’s such a privilege to put these together every week.  Thanks to everyone who has sent in images - we’ve created a Facebook album as a “hall of fame” to keep them in forever.  Fair play - you’re a good looking lot!  Featured this week are:

  • Anthony Williams - for his 100th Ponty parkrun
  • Paula Taylor for her 100th parkrun overall
  • Linda Edwards for her 100th parkrun overall (we hope we got that one right - we just caught it at the last minute!).

Please put your hands together for our latest Hall of Fame inductees!  We don’t know if that means you get to call yourselves “HoFfers”(?!) - but it’s a cool thought anyway :).


Last but by no means least - massive congratulations to one of our regular Pontypridd parkrunners Neil Jones who finished first this weekend at the Vale Coast Ultra! For those not familiar, it’s a run from Penarth to Ogmore-by-Sea along the Welsh Coast Path.  A mighty effort - see you back at Pontypridd soon!


Have a great week all, see you soon. Diolch pawb, gweld chi wythnos nesaf. Bydd Gareth nol yn y sedd boeth am rif 305. Hwyl am y tro!

Tim parkrun Pontypridd. x