Report from a happy first-time volunteer Stella Edwards

A fabulous run report from Stella Edwards all about her first experience of volunteering and how fun and rewarding it was - thank you Stella!

‘Marshall number 4 – Defib position’


I’ve been attending Parkrun on and off since 2013 and I decided that it was about time I gave back so I volunteered for the first time today. Ian told me what time to get there and where I would be. Marshall number 4 - on the road by the cricket pitch entrance. My role was to ensure people knew where they were going and to be with Patrick, his dog Godfrey, David and the ‘defib.’ ‘The defib?! Oh wow, that’s a bit more responsibility that I first thought!’ Luckily Patrick, Godfrey and David are volunteer pro’s, and they had the defib with them. Fortunately, it was not required.

My first thought was ‘I just have to stand there, clap and point, how could it go wrong?’ …… the first thing I shouted was “Keep left” and runners shouted back “Keep right” – yep, it was MY left… woops! I felt like a right plum and wanted the ground to swallow me up, but I soon got over that and started to get more confidence as the run went on. I must have said “Well done” about a thousand times and my hands hurt from the continuous clapping but hey, at least the runners only heard it a few times when they ran past! A big shout out to the 55 first timers and the whopping 67 runners who achieved a PB, including my Husband Eddy!


People started to shout “Thank you Marshall” which was really nice, I got smiles, I got thumbs up, I got people mouthing ‘thank you’ to me, it was great to feel that I was helping in some way, albeit small. When I take part in Parkrun, I find that a simple ‘clap’ or ‘well done’ goes a long way and gives me that little boost so I hope at least 1 person felt that it helped.

Runners started to finish and walk back to their cars, it became difficult to determine who was still running, who had finished or who was just having a stroll in Poole Park and at this point, I accidentally missed a lady who wasn’t sure of the route and ran the wrong way, luckily Patrick spotted and re-directed her (you see – volunteer pro!). To the lady I am writing about, I apologise, and I hope this hasn’t put you off taking part again.

I plan to run next week but I was speaking to another volunteer who told me that she volunteers every 10th parkrun which I think is a great idea, I shall certainly be volunteering again as it is a very rewarding thing to do, I got to see everyone which is very rare, I’m usually staring at the floor telling myself to breathe and trying not to pass out!

One observation I had was there didn’t seem to be anyone taking photos. I used to love looking at all the photos from the run each week and trying to find people I knew, it’s a shame this seems to have stopped, if anyone fancies taking pictures and uploading them to the Poole Parkrun Facebook page, I am sure it would be appreciated :-)

I shall stop waffling now and just end by saying to you all…. “Well done!”


Poole parkrun# 468, And down south, light drizzle!


Thank you to James Sell who got in touch this week to find out what roles he could volunteer in that would allow him to still run, the result is this fabulous news report......

Can you believe parkrun has been back in England an entire month already!? Neither can I but I’m loving it and fingers crossed we shall have many more weeks and months uninterrupted.

Whisper it quietly but I much prefer the new route which has been a great success allowing for more spacing between participants. The new route removes the challenging 2nd lap of the lake on an extremely windy October morning for example and replaces it with 2 laps of the cricket pitch before digging deep and completing a sprint finish back towards the fountain. We were treated to some stereotypical southern light drizzle which didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits and provided some mid event cooling.

This week at event #468 (#5 post restart) We had 682 finishers, welcomed 92 first timers and saw a whopping 93 new Personal Bests recorded. An excellent effort indeed and inspiring to see that so many have stayed in good form during the off season. I am slowly coming back to my pre-covid fitness shaving a narrow 5 seconds off last weeks’ time and now only 25 seconds off my PB. This week I must thank the absolute machine that is David Heath who I just about managed to hang onto all way round and giving the motivation for a sprint finish.

A big shout out to person who made me catch the parkrun bug in the first place; my Uncle Martin! Celebrating his 50th parkrun this week finishing in 20:13 still comfortably having enough time to finish half of his thermos of tea before I’ve even rounded the cricket pitch! Here’s to the next 50!

Me and my uncle

Happy birthday to Hayley Saxby! Who celebrated her 26th birthday in style running in the best shark costume ever. FINishing in a cool 44:02. A shark behind me would certainly make me run faster!

Shark 1Shark 2

Our amazing Poole parkrun was made possible this week by 54 incredible volunteers! A massive thank you to them for all the work involved. Have you always wondered what it’d be like to volunteer? Why not give it a try by emailing There are plenty of roles available including ones where you can also still run!


These are....

Pre-event Set Up

Post-event Close Down

Run Report Writer

Event Day Course Check

and Barcode Scanning if you're one of the faster runners and have the parkrun app on your phone.




parkrun returns

Thank you to James Fuller for this news report

James fuller

Halleluiah Parkrun is back! Today’s date starts 24 7 and that is what Parkrun is to some people.

After a week of temperatures in the high 20’s which attempted to melt my brain, Friday night saw thunder and welcome downpours. So, with pleasure at 9 am there was a light mist to cool the 565 runners who could return to their Saturday morning Groundhog Day routine. After the false dawns of restart dates, more lockdowns than a POW camp and more government rules than a remand school we could simply go out and run... It has been a year and 4 months since the last Parkrun of 14.3.20. During this time, I kept on thinking of all the Park runners who had got to 49 or 99 or 249 Parkruns, would they survive the purge and get their red, black or green shirts?


So, a new route (similar to one run when the velodrome path now a cricket pitch has been flooded) to comply with social distancing and Covid rules. Now a slight downhill grass wider start to the road. Then to the old velodrome, anticlockwise once round and back on the usual anticlockwise lap of the boating lake. Then another anticlockwise lap of the cricket pitch before the finishing straight close to the start by the crazy golf course.

The top five people all did PB’s !!! All must have known their form was good but today’s top male was James Knockton, from Sale Harriers in 15.57, not bad for a 15- to 17-year-old! Second was Patrick Atkinson 16.33 just 11-14!!! Mark my word one of these two if they stay fit and keep improving will go to the next Olympics. Top female was Charlotte Brunch a Poole local athlete in 19.23 in 25-29 category. Closely followed by Top Junior Girl Kate Atkinson in 19.31 category 11-14 impressive! Top gent over 60 was Nigel Cowley was a cool sub 20 at 19.08 and top lady over 60 Poole AC Valerie Walters a good 25.49.


I interviewed a good many people to gauge what they had missed about and loved about Parkrun and the following words came out “Smiley faces, Parkrun community, Inclusivity, Saturday routine & camaraderie”. (no one said seeing me…) Many had not known what to do on Saturday mornings. I had wanted to interview the top male and female but they had long gone, they simply had run off.


As for me I was a minute and 30 seconds slower than my last Poole PR but I have 164 attempts to improve before I get my next T shirt, so there is hope. I have only been this slow when my alarm did not go off I turned up late and the time I had to go back for my name token and I was late starting. I blame the new route, the easterly breeze and new slower road surface in the park.


Well the Temperature was 17 degrees centigrade, Wind was minimal and Easterly, Humidity 89%, , Air Pressure 1006 mb and 100% cloud cover .


Thanks to all the marshals, deputies, sheriffs, traffic cones and Race Director. The dedicated core team led by Mike have continued to work even when there were no runs to ensure we can have our parkrun back. It is appreciated.


It could be your turn to volunteer next week. Your Parkrun needs you! Don’t be shy.


James S. Fuller


Poole parkrun is hopefully back on 24th July 2021…….. all being well

We are hoping to be back parkrunning and walking in the park on 24th July 2021, all being well. As usual it will be dependent on volunteers offering their time. Please email to offer to volunteer.

There will be a different route, so we will NOT be using the pavilion as we will be starting at the other end of the park. Please see the course page which has a description and map

There are also volunteer and parkrunner Covid-19 Codes that we'd like you to adhere to, to make parkrun as safe as possible.  Please have a read below to familiarise yourself with both of these.




Delayed planned return of 5k events in England until 26 June.

parkrun announced yesterday that the planned return of Poole parkrun will not be until at least the 26th June.

When Poole parkrun does return we will NOT be using the cricket pavilion and there will be an alternate course, information about this will be posted here in due course.

If you wish to support Poole parkrun by volunteering when we restart please email

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