Poole parkrun is cancelled on 2021-05-15 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Poole parkrun water and refreshments


In lieu of the ongoing public health issues, we have decided that the provision of refreshments, i.e Teas and coffees and perhaps more importantly water will be temporarily suspended.
We do realise that this social aspect is an integral part of the run and will look to reinstate at the earliest possible opportunity.
We would suggest that individuals make sure they bring their own water where necessary.
There will obviously still be water available for emergencies.
The tokens have been washed from last week and wherever possible this will be continued..
Please let your parkrunning friends and family know of this


Ian’s 100th parkrun

Poole parkrun

820 people took part in Poole parkrun #462, with a fantastic 51 people helping. Well done to all the runners, and many thanks to all those who gave up part of a dull but dry Saturday morning to help out. Although there was a brisk breeze, conditions were fair overall allowing a massive 113 personal bests; Matthieu Marshall of Southampton AC led the field home in 16:32 and, on International Women’s Day, Nancy Taylor from Poole AC showed us what the ladies could do by finishing in 19:40, despite also being one of the youngest competitors. Nancy was pipped to the post by just four people taking into account age and gender, with Duncan Campbell taking the honours.

There were 62 first timers this week. Milestone runners were restricted to just four: two doing their 50th and two their 100th, including myself. But equally importantly 19 people ran their second ever parkrun, which is always the hardest to do – you’ve done it once before but can you really repeat it? Once you have done 99 parkruns (and 5 more people reached that total in Poole this week), it’s not that hard to do the next one – my previous one was only last week at my home parkrun in Milton Keynes, although in celebration of the leap year they ran it backwards (well, anti-clockwise) for a change so it felt like a first time run. But the leap from one to two was a lot harder – so here are some thoughts on how to go from one to two, then three, five, 10, 50 and 100!

You can’t expect to get a personal best every week – it’s not uncommon for your second parkrun to be a PB, but you cannot keep doing it, otherwise you’d be finishing before you start. And for those tricky first few parkruns, celebrate getting round the course, rather than worrying about the time it took. Once you feel you have seen enough of the boating lake, so there’s less enthusiasm to get up on a Saturday morning, try another parkrun for size – there are several quite close (dare I mention Bournemouth?). Or if you are visiting a relative, try their local parkrun: I have done 21 at Poole because my mum lives here, and not just because they are such a great crew organising it (but they are, too)! And you may find a parkrun on holiday: fitting one in round rigid bed & breakfast hours can be tricky, but worthwhile, and if you can find an international parkrun (I have done Hasenheide twice) there’s added kudos.

Don’t be worried if your parkrun elsewhere is slower: Poole is really fast (9 of my 10 fastest runs ever have been here), and some parkruns have hills! Milton Keynes has zig-zags up a hill by a Buddhist Pagoda – not great for fast times, but unique on the parkrun circuit. And if you’re feeling lonely among the 819 other runners, just say Hi! – parkrunners are friendly group and don’t bite (not even the accompanying dogs). And if the parkrunners around you don’t look friendly enough, bring a friend of your own: he or she may also get the bug (running bug, I hasten to add) and can race you to your hundredth parkrun.

And finally, don’t forget to say “thank you” to the marshals and all the other helpers, without them you couldn’t do any parkruns, whether your first, second, 100th or 447th.

PS Well done to Robert, the other 100th today – but he’s done 99 at Poole!

Ian Byrne


Holly’s double day

Holly aged 5 has completed a double volunteering session, as well as marshaling and lots of encouragement with mum Sara, she has also completed our run report, so that deserves double thanks!
Read Holly's account below



Can you introduce yourself first?

My name is Holly and I’m 5
And why were you volunteering at Poole parkrun this morning?

Because I go to Rainbows and I’ve got lots of badges to earn and this was for my Helper badge.
Was it your 1st time?

It was my 1st time volunteering but I sometimes go to watch mummy run. Oh, and I do the junior parkrun too

What job did you do as a volunteer?

Me and mummy were marshalls. We stood near the big car park. When we walked there I saw my teacher walking her dog!
What did you have to do when you arrived?

I had to go and get my hi-vis from where Edie’s party was (the cricket pavilion!). It was very busy and noisy in there. We had to take cones and spread them out as nobody is allowed on the grass.
What job did you do as a volunteer?

Me and mummy were marshalls. We stood near the big car park. When we walked there I saw my teacher walking her dog!

What was it like seeing the all the runners coming passed you?!

GREAT! There was so many people
How many runners do you think there were today?

A million thousand hundred and 5 (I wasn't even going to try and put that in numbers!)
What kind of things did you say to the runners as they went by?

“Keep going!” I made a sign saying that too. “Try your hardest”. I clapped and gave high fives too
What did lots of people say to you?

“Thank you!” and “thank you mini marshall!”
What was the best thing about volunteering today?

biscuits! (*mummy rolls her eyes*)
…..anything else?!?!

Seeing all the runners coming round at the start.
Do you think you’d like to volunteer again some time?

No I want to run it next time! (I think we’ll stick at junior parkrun for now)
Do you have a message for todays runners?

Yeah. Well done. You all did great. I loved it
What would you say to anyone thinking of volunteering?

It was great. Have a go because its fun and you get to see lots and lots of people


International Women’s Day #IWD

The 8th March is International Women's Day every year and to mark the occasion this year we welcome everyone to come along and join is on Saturday 7th March.

International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating women's equality. International Women's day (IWD) has occurred for well over a century, with the first IWD gathering in 1911 supported by over a million people.


Ninky’s Saturday

Thank you to Ninky and Sarah Swifft for jointly writing this news report.
It looks like Ninky thoroughly enjoys his weekly 5km fix around Poole park

Sarahninky1     Sarahninky4


Since my Mum, Sarah, adopted me at the end of 2018, I have been doing parkrun with her. I am a 7 year old Yorkshire Terrier, my legs are 4 inches long and my name is Ninky. I have done 29 parkruns at Poole and 1 at Upton.


I like Poole as there isn't too much gravel on my tiny paws. We start right at the back, along with lots of my other dog pals where we like to have a good sniff and woof chat before we get going.


Mum has to keep the lead tight, so we don't cause a trip hazard, although sometimes I do pull up for a call of nature or to have a drink from a puddle or two. Sometimes I wear a posh coat or a fancy dress outfit to run in which seems to make people smile.

Sarahninky3        Sarahninky5

Mum never pulls me, she runs at whatever speed I want to do and we normally we finish between 30 and 35 minutes.

I really enjoy doing the parkrun but what I like most is seeing all the other humans and dogs - it is simply the best way to start the weekend!

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