Poole parkrun # 342

A huge thank you to Karen Bradshaw a visitor from Brierley Forest parkrun for this week's news report. Great job on the PB, especially given the weather too!


It was a very gusty morning for my third parkrun at Poole, but oh my, what a day to get a PB, and I did! This is also my first time volunteering, so all in all, a great weekend.

My local parkrun is Brierley Forest in Nottinghamshire, but this weekend I am visiting my son and daughter-in-law who were both playing a part in the running of parkrun today. I managed to keep up with the general middle group and although the weather wasn’t kind, it seemed to go really quickly.

The people are so friendly at Poole. I talked to them about where I came from and whoever I spoke to said how they like to keep running as it is such an achievement when done!

I have done three runs at Poole now, 32 at home in Nottinghamshire and have even visited Devon! Since I started parkrun (only a year ago), I have managed to knock off 12 minutes over the past year. By the way I am in the 65-69 age group, so age is no barrier when it comes to running, everyone can do it!

I do love a PB who doesn’t? But the main thing is getting out there in the fresh air, meeting new people and keeping fit at the same time.

Parkrun is for everyone; elite runners, marathon and half marathon runners, then there are the everyday runners just like me.

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