Who are you ?

Water  Event #136


What a beautiful day and a wonderful way to start the weekend. What could be better than getting up early to run around the beautiful Poolsbrook Country park with friends and family, and being rewarded by lovely sunshine and above average temperatures for the time of year ?


Many thanks as ever to our volunteers who make the event happen. This week we thank Andy MORRIS • Andy PORTWOOD • Chris PATTISON • Ellis HEWITT • Gabbie PATTISON • Gemma MORRIS • Georgina BELL • Graham WALTON • Jean BAKER • Julie MORRIS • Keith HUDSON • Louis CLARK • Marie CLARK • Mark HAZLEHURST • Megan DERNLEY • Michael JOEL • Roger KENCH • Teresa PAYNE


Next week it could be you ! We need volunteers to make our event happen, and as we grow bigger we need more volunteers – so if you feel like supporting your local parkrun please consider volunteering. As usual you can let us know by leaving a message on our Facebook page, or by e-mailing us at poolsbrookhelpers@parkrun.com . If you would like to see what volunteer roles still need filling for the next few weeks take a look here.


As we are now in November, in addition to the usual call for volunteers for the next few weeks, I’d like to remind everyone that we are going to need volunteers for Christmas day and New Years Day. If you are prepared to help us to put on these two extra events over the festive period, please let us know in the usual way.   PeopleIt was great to see 11 new parkrunners yesterday, and we really hope to see them as regulars at Poolsbrook parkrun in the future. This week we welcomed Adam SKELDING, Colin HARRIS, Emma TWYFORD, Fran MOSSMAN, Ian SUTTON, Joanne CHAPPELL, Nicole EVANS, Rowan ROBERTS, Sarah HICKEY, Will NORTH, Zoe THOMPSON.


We also love to meet visitors and this week the following people visited Poolsbrook parkrun for the first time: Aston PERRIN, Brendan SMITH, Craig LEE, Dave NUTTON, Jake LODGE, Julian BLOOR, Kate FLETCHER, Mark ROCKEY, Megan JOHNSON, Nadine HILLS, Toni BRIGGS, Zoe RYLATT.


For some reason we had a lot of unknown participants this week – we can only assume that they didn’t bring their barcodes with them which seems like a shame as it means that they don’t get an official result. 16 unknowns is a pretty high number for us – so who were you ?


On a brighter side, congratulations to everyone who achieved a Personal Best (PB) this week: Adrian MCGUIRE, Amy DILLON, David BARKER, David BROWN, Diane OSHEA, Gemma MORRIS, Georgina SMITH, Hannah WOODS, Heather HILL, Helen COE, Henry KAY, Jamie HOWARD, Jonathan THACKRAY, Karen READ, Katie WALTON, Keith GREEN, Keith HIRST, Kerrigan SHAW, Lisa SAICH, Louise BEACH, Matthew TOMLINSON, Nigel SAUL, Oskar WOODS, Paul MULLISS, Peter HOOLEY, Tanya BEIGHTON, Tina HENSEY.

Start 3We always ask about milestones at the start of an event, but this week we didn’t get any hands shown so assumed that we didn’t have any. However Jane Boot took part in her 50th event today and they have all been at Poolsbrook parkrun. Congratulations Jane.   It looks like we’ve got a few regulars who are close to their milestones – so please let us know, ideally beforehand so that we can give you a mention in the run briefing.


As a reminder, we are offering a free of charge 2 hours first aid course on Saturday 24th November starting at 1030AM straight after our parkrun. If you would like to take part please let us know by e-mailing us at poolsbrookoffice@parkrun.com – we are keen to have as many people around with basic first aid training as possible.

Runner  Dates for your diary

24 November – takeover by ‘The Running Wilbury’s’ including pacers

Christmas day – an extra event starting at the usual 9am

New Year’s Day – an extra event starting at 1030 (a chance for you to do a parkrun double)

FinishersLet’s do it all again next week !   Capture