No Token Magpies!


Event #137


It was great to see 216 of you on what was a cool and crisp morning - what I would describe as perfect running conditions.

The hi viz heroes had to brave it out with gloves and hoodies though as the weather was by no means perfect for standing around. A massive thank you to all of the volunteers today, without whom the parkrun would simply not be possible every week: Jean BAKER, Georgina BELL, Lynn ELLIOTT, Leon FOSTER, Andrew HAYLETT, Heather HILL, Roger KENCH, Louise LOWE, Zaheer MAHMOOD, Andy MORRIS, Julie MORRIS, Gemma MORRIS, Teresa PAYNE, Peter Donald SMITH, Laura STANLEY, Matt TAYLOR, Paul TAYLOR, Steve TURNER, Graham WALTON, Wendy WESTON


Although next week’s rota is pretty much full, we could always do with a few more volunteers in the following weeks, and especially for our Christmas Day and New Years Day events. Please email us at . Some roles such as pre-event setup and Tail Walker allow a run credit as well as a volunteer credit - great for those wanting that milestone T shirt! You can see our event's future volunteer roster via our future roster page.
New runners

Andy delivered the new runners briefing today to a large group of first timers and tourists. We welcomed an amazing total of 35 tourists from far afield, including Dublin, York, Manchester , and Long Eaton : Aaron WEBB, Andrew PICK, Andy DOLMAN, Annabel JOHNSON, Barbara JOHNSTON-READ, Carly JONES, Carter WHITLAM, Charlotte WILLIS, Christopher O'DONNELL, Clare FIELDS, Clare MOFFATT, David HORNER, David MEREDITH, David STEPHENS, Eleanor O'DONNELL, Ian SAUNDERS, James STOKES, James WHYSALL, Jean MCADAM, Karen CALLADINE, Karl CHATTERTON, Linda-Claire SMITH, Mandy O'REGAN, Marcus SMITH, Mary-Jane SAGAR, Pete LONG, Peter NEEDHAM, Philip HICKEN, Pippa MEREDITH, Richard KING, Sally SABOURN, Shane SNOW, Steve STODDARD, Suzanne DOLMAN, Victoria OAKTON


The following ran their very first parkrun. We hope its the first of many! Alex MULLISS, Bailey STEAD, Daniel BEALE, Debbie PITCHFORD, Helen MARPLES, Janet HARRISON, Jessie MOFFATT, Kirstie BATTY, Max CHAPMAN, Molly FLANAGAN, Simon HARRISON, Simon MORTON, Tracy BARKER
Start 2

Well, I did say the conditions for running were perfect today, so it was great to see so many of you get a PB. A massive well done to the following : Andrew ELLIOTT, Anna SHEVLIN, Annette BINGHAM, Bethany KITCHER, Caroline SAUNDERS, Daniel HARPHAM, Diane GUNN, Elizabeth EVANS, Emma TWYFORD, Eve CONNOLLY, Fiona GREEN, Fran MOSSMAN, Gemma MORRIS, Gill TAYLOR, Graham VERNON, Heather HILL, Helen COE, Iain KELLAM, James CROWDER, Jay PARNHAM, Jayne GEDNEY, Joel SIDDALL, Jonathan WHITE, Joseph WRIGHT, Julie SCOTT, Kathy BETTNEY, Katie WALTON, Keith HIRST, Lewis CURRAN, Lisa COWELL, Louise PALMER, Lucy HAMES, Martin BROWN, Matthew TOMLINSON, Michael PAYNE, Michelle BIRD, Nigel SAUL, Paul MULLISS, Peter WARING, Robert CORDIN, Roisin MORRIN, Rowan ROBERTS, Ryan WOOD, Sarah TOMLINSON, Shelley TOMBLIN, Sonia HICKEN, Tanya BEIGHTON, Thomas BETTNEY, Vicky HINCHCLIFFE, William TREVES, Zoe THOMPSON
25th volunteer

Now on to the milestones.

Matt TAYLOR reached the 25th volunteer milestone today.

We had two run their 50th parkrun : James CROWDER , and Robert SCRIVEN

We look forward to seeing you in your new milestone T shirts soon!
50th run

Thankfully no finish tokens went missing today - which is just the way we like it as they are expensive to replace. After getting your barcode scanned along with your finish token please remember to hand your token back to the barcode scanner, even if you forgot your barcode - and unforunately 6 of you did today, which means your’e all classed as 'unknown' in the results.


As a reminder here are out top tips to make sure your name and time is recorded:


1.Ensure that you are registered with parkrun before you take part – follow this link for more information – don’t forget to select Poolsbrook as your home event.

2.Print out your barcodes and take several of them to each event. Keep one on you (ideally in a waterproof pouch or laminated), keep one in your wallet/purse, one in the car, and any others that you have pack them away in other items of clothing that you may take with you to parkrun.

3.Buy one of the more permanent barcodes (wristband, plastic tag) you can find them here

4.If you have lost your barcode, you can get a reminder here and then print out a new set
Volunteers 2

Are you a tourist , or even a regular here and fancy writing the run report? We always welcome others' perception of our event, and by writing the run report you'll get a volunteer credit as well. Please email us on and we'll add you to the roster.


Dates for your diary

24 November – takeover by ‘The Running Wilbury’s’ including pacers

24 November - after the parkrun at 10:30 we have a first aid course open to everyone. Places are limited though, so if you want to attend please email us at .

Christmas day – an extra event starting at the usual 9am

New Year’s Day – an extra event starting at 1030 (a chance for you to do a parkrun double)

Happy parkrunning