The Running Wilbury’s


Event #138


Hello all and a warm welcome to this week’s run report. If you were in attendance this week you will have noticed a few ‘Running Wilbury’s’.  If you were wondering who we are then look no further.  We are a collection of runners who predominantly met at parkrun.  We have a range of abilities, but we all share the same ethos.  The group is about helping, encouraging, inspiring and spreading positivity about running.

This week, Poolsbrook parkrun had 213 runners, joggers & walkers completing the course with no less than 51 personal bests. We also had a massive 36 volunteers (I’m sure this must be some sort of record). I would like to think that the nine pacers that were on the course may have helped some of you to achieve this goal.


First over the finish line was Steven Gascoyne, closely followed by Joel Siddall, both North Derbyshire runners. Joel achieving his Poolbrook personal best.  Third over the line was seasoned parkrunner Liam Probert with 193 runs to date.  Liam also managed to achieve a Poolsbrook personal best.

For the ladies we had Claire Bracegirdle as the first finisher, very close to her personal best in a time of 21:22. Second lady was one of the Running Wilbury’s, Claire Watson who was pacing at 24 minutes.  Third was Rebecca Richardson of Kimberley and District Striders whose first visit it was to Poolbrook.

For the JM10 we had Oskar Woods, Louis Clarke for the JM11-14 and Joel Moore for the JM15-17. We had Poppy Whitehurst for JW10 and Grace Lane for the JW11-14.  All the juniors had terrific times and we hope to see them back again soon.

There were two milestones on Saturday 24th November.  Robert Whitehurst and Katie Clark were both doing their 50th run.  Katie also achieved a new personal best to boot!!

We had a first-time volunteer on the team, Lewis Curran. We do hope that he enjoyed his volunteer stint and he’s now only 24 away from his purple t-shirt.


We had tourists from as far away as Leeds, Sheffield, Beverley, Rotherham and Colchester but looking at the results I think there may have been a few more!!

Unfortunately, we had ten unknowns in the results. I was sure there weren’t going to be any as run director Dave did check at the beginning and everyone said they had their barcode.  Ok, never mind, maybe next week.  On the plus side we did have all the finish tokens returned, so parkrun will be back next week.

Just one last thing, although I have 107 parkruns under my belt I wouldn’t have been able to this without the help of the volunteers. Without these volunteers I’m afraid that there would be no parkrun and I’m sure you’ll admit they do a sterling job every week.  No job is difficult, I am testament to this as I have managed to do every job that’s listed on the roster. (Except for lead bike and yes, this is a volunteer position as Bushy parkrun).  Full training is given.  So, can I just ask that occasionally, you give something back.  It is very rewarding…..just ask Lewis or any of the ‘Running Wilbury’s’


Andy is your Run Director next week and if you want to help please drop an email to


Emma (pacer – 32 minutes)!