So many cakes !


Event #139

I love milestones and was lucky to see five this week, and in addition – got to find out about an unofficial milestone afterwards.   So, first the official milestones:

  • 50 parkruns – Richard Harding, Hannah Woods, Tina Cheetham, Libby Woodhouse – the latter two were first time visitors.
  • 100 parkruns – Gordon Harding

And, the unofficial milestone:

  • 50 volunteers – Roger Kench

Congratulations to all of you and here’s to your next milestones.   Milestones

As usual, we have to thank our wonderful team of volunteers who made the event happen. Many thanks to: Andy MORRIS •  Cherry HAZLEHURST  •  Chris PATTISON  •  Christopher LINDLEY  •  Ellis HEWITT  •  Gemma MORRIS  •  Giles SEARBY  •  Glenis WILSON  •  Gordon HARDING  •  Graham WALTON  •  Heather HILL  •  Jake STALLAN  •  Jean BAKER  •  Juliet LITTLE  •  Keith HUDSON  •  Roger KENCH  •  Steve TURNER  •  Teresa PAYNE  •  William STREET  •  Zaheer MAHMOOD


If you can help us next week or on any week in the future just leave us a message on our Facebook page or e-mail us at . We can’t do it without you and your efforts are always very much appreciated.




In addition, we are currently seeking volunteers for Christmas day and New Years day - if you can help on either of these days, please let us know.


This week we welcomed two people who took part in parkrun for the first time, Ben MARSHALL, Chloe CARRINGTON. We hope to see you both again next week.


We also welcomed first time Poolsbrook parkrun visitors Tina CHEETHAM, Libby WOODHOUSE, Melissa HUDSON, Natasha CARVER, Reece CARVER, Neil BUSSEY, Shelagh MITSON, Sam FOSTER, Steven ALLEN, Tommy DICKSON, Paul WOODHOUSE. We hope that you enjoyed our parkrun.


Congratulations to the following people who earned a PB this week: Samantha WARD, Simon HARRISON, Luke PAYNE, Emma TWYFORD, Joshua LEUSBY, Julie SIDWELL, Fran MOSSMAN, Imelda COLE,  Clare MCSHANE, William TREVES, Lucy RUNDELL, Ryan WOOD, Susan GOODWIN, Stephen MCFARLING, Gemma MORRIS, Nicky WHELAN, Murray WHITE, Jules FOSTER, Ian ATKINSON, Keith HIRST, Niki HOBSON, James CROWDER, Heather HILL.   Runners 1


Two of our regulars who achieved milestones this week have provided a few words for you to share, and many thanks to both of you for the cakes - they went down very well.

Richard Harding

Today’s my 50th run and also possibly my 10th without a hangover (we’ll see). Everyone has their own reasons for taking part at parkrun, I had a couple. Firstly I tore my cruciate ligament and after a few years of trying to play football without one I realised it wasn’t possible and I needed something else to keep me active. Secondly, and the larger influence, was my Dad, who’s doing his 100th today. He’d been at me for months telling me how good parkrun was and I finally, almost reluctantly, agreed to join him. He dragged me round that first time and we finished together at the line. Since then in all but 3 of my runs we’ve finished together and that’s the important thing for me as well as the debrief over a cup of tea.

The hardest part remains getting to the start line!

Whether your running to win, to beat your mate, to get a PB or improve your fitness my Dad has always said to me “have you enjoyed it? That’s all that matters!”




Gordon Harding

Just a few lines for my 100th- It was with childish excitement and a bit of nervousness that I approached Poolsbrook parkrun this week. It seems unbelievable to be running my 100th parkrun , to share it with my son’s 50th made it even more special. Nothing has changed since I gave my story at the 50 milestone, just met more of the parkrun family! Thank you again to all the amazing volunteers, stars every one.

Peace and love, Gordon X


Thank you both for your stories – we’d love to hear more, if you would like to share your story please e-mail it to us at , thank you.



So, what’s coming up next:


Dates for your diary

  •  December 22 – Christmas fancy dress run – anything Chrismassy
  • Christmas day – an extra parkrun starting at the usual time of 0900


  • New Years day – an extra parkrun and a chance to ‘do a double’ – starting at 1030



For this years double there are a few more options for you to choose from, these are the ones that we know about at present:

  • 0900 start – Clumber, Bakewell, Markeaton, Graves
  • 1000 start - Hillsborough


  • 1030 start – Poolsbrook, Brierly Forest



For a full list of festive parkruns – look here.   First lady

Lost property - we have quite a few items of lost property at the moment and can only reasonably hang onto it for a short time  as it takes up space and we have to transport it to and from Poolsbrook every week. If you let us know if you have left anything behind and also when you will be able to pick it up, then we will ensure the item is waiting for you when you are ready to collect it.  Otherwise, after a few weeks we will either take the item to a charity shop, or dispose of it if it can’t be recycled any other way.


Run report – would you like to have a go at writing a run report ? It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just your view of the event that you just took part in or volunteered at. It’s nice to hear a new voice and you get a volunteer credit for it. All you need to do is to send the words to me, I’ll  put it in a format that can be published and add photographs (unless you send your own). Let us know on our Facebook page, or speak to the Run Director before or after an event to offer your help – in the same way that you would volunteer for any other role.



I won’t be here for the next parkrun as I’ll be somewhere warmer. I’ll be thinking of you – have a great parkrun.