Turkeys, Santas, Elves and all sorts of other things

Event #142


We had 174 Santa’s, turkeys, elves, reindeer and others turn up to enjoy what turned out to be a mild morning in Poolsbrook. The sun even came out for a while to cheer us all.

Mark was your RD for this festive event and he made a great effort to get into the fancy dress theme with a very festive turkey outfit complete with all the trimmings.


Our volunteers were once again simply amazing, a massive thank you to the following:




As you know we are running a couple of extra events over the festive period. We are still short of volunteers here and there, so please consider helping out if you don’t fancy running, especially New Year’s Day where there may be the odd hangover here and there …. Blow away the cobwebs and come and give us a hand. There is a special request for a few marshals to assist with car park duties on New Year’s Day, this is a great role as you can get a credit for helping, and you will also get to run. Please email us at PoolsbrookHelpers@parkrun or via the facebook page if you can help. If you are considering helping but are uncertain about what is involved then have a chat with us, all the roles are straightforward and we will give you full training. Many of our volunteers comment about it being a rewarding experience.

There are other volunteer roles where you can also run, you could consider helping with set up, tail walking, VI guide or why not try your hand at putting a run report together.

At parkrun we all love milestones and this week saw the following fab achievments:

  • Rachel Brown achieved her 50th parkrun and did it in great style earning a PB. This was the 9th time Rachel has run at Poolsbrook.
  • Karen Ball also hit her 50th parkrun with a very nice looking run indeed. 47 of Karen’s 50 runs have been at Poolsbrook.
  • Sharon Collis achieved her 100th parkrun with a solid run, 44 of these being at Poolsbrook.


The picture shows Karen and Sharon having completed their parkrun.


We welcomed Martyn WHITLEY and Darren LONGMATE completing their first ever parkrun.

And a big Poolsbrook welcome to the following 15 tourists visiting us for the first time:




A massive welcome to everyone that was here for the first time, we hope you enjoyed yourselves and would love to see you back here. Tourists please spread the word about what a lovely parkrun we have here. First timers, we hope to see you back over the coming weeks.


We welcomed back Sam White to Poolsbrook, Sam ran it in 18:01, but was chased very hard by Steven GASCOYNE and Tim CLAYTON. Also a special mention to Helena SCHOFIELD who has hit a rich vein in form and came very close to the female record at Poolsbrook (equaling her PB of 18:45) ….. we’re rooting for you Helena.


So on to PB’s, very impressive performances to everyone and in particular the 23 folk here with new PB’s


Joel MOORE, George WALLACE, Ben MARSHALL, Ben ROE, Ian ATKINSON, Neil WALLACE, Dan BOYS, Rachel BROWN, Ellis HEWITT, Alan TONKS, Carly JONES, Hannah JONES, Nadine HILLS, Diane OSHEA, Julie NEWMAN, Gemma MORRIS, Ruth BOYS, Michael PAYNE, Nichola AYRES, Clare MCSHANE, Luke PAYNE, Imelda COLE, Chris PAYNE


Here’s a pic of Chris Payne crossing the line to achieve his PB, the pic was taken by master photographer Mark, capturing the rainbow as well.



Regarding Barcodes, we had 11 folk who did not have their barcodes this week. As you will know we are a barcode only event, you are of course welcome if you don’t have your barcode, but you will not get your time recorded, nor a credit towards the parkrun milestone t-shirt. We are not able to take barcodes off your phone under any circumstances, we need your physical barcode please.
As a reminder here are out top tips to make sure your name and time is recorded:
1.Ensure that you are registered with parkrun before you take part – follow this link for more information – don’t forget to select Poolsbrook as your home event.
2.Print out your barcodes and take several of them to each event. Keep one on you (ideally in a waterproof pouch or laminated), keep one in your wallet/purse, one in the car, and any others that you have pack them away in other items of clothing that you may take with you to parkrun.
3.Buy one of the more permanent barcodes (wristband, plastic tag) you can find them here
4.If you have lost your barcode, you can get a reminder here and then print out a new set


And now some words from who I fondly regard as by far our loudest marshal, no prizes for guessing who I mean and of course he’s always found at Rogers corner. These lovely words were put together following last week’s bitterly cold run.


View from the other side of the pond
Andy asked for missives from other park run fans , so here is an offering from the other side of the pond. First as it is December let me split a few infinities and mix a metaphor or two with you to celebrate today’s run and secondly apologies if I ruined your run plan and you thought you were ahead of your schedule but it was ice ice baby today , so it was full PPE for the ice jumps.

Certainly it was the hardier or foolhardier who took to the Poolsbrook stepppes today and well done to the lads from the hockey club making their debut today ( hope we see you again lads). From my side it is always fascinating how from the start you all spread out so quickly , it all looks very genteel and orderly even the chariots quickly find their place avoiding scything down any unfortunates who ignore their Celtic war cries ( why ruin the story with facts) and soon the pounding of the barrel of runners( I love collective nouns) can be heard before you hove into view. It makes it fun that so many of you seem to be enjoying the whole thing and respond with grins or a cheery hello, but technology does rear its remarkable head as some of you are plugged in , pounding along to the beat, grim looks and total focus, runners on a mission. The odd thing is many of you greet me with my name , but I haven’t a scooby doo about yours , so apologies there. As the lead runners come round on laps 2 and 3 it is heartwarming that those of you combining running with nature study or solving the issues of the day wish them well. I don’t know about Tigers in the Sundarbans of Bangladesh but those at Poolsbrook are fearsome, fit and thriving. Soon I can see the café buzzing the air shimmering with the fumes of self satisfaction as you stride proudly from the finish, another run done.

Over the weeks I notice how you are going quicker, losing weight ( the kilos fall off you), how you stand a little taller and yes prouder, why? Because you all deserve it. I for one am happy to stand on the other side of the pond and give you an hour of my time for something that is what I believe England, Britain, people are all about, having fun and doing something that makes us all feel better. Happy Parkrunning and have a cool Yule.

The man across the water


Many thanks for these words Roger.


If anyone has a story or thoughts they would like to share with us, they are as always most welcome. I think we all love hearing about the different experiences and likely draw from those. Please send us your words and we will include them here in a future week.

So our next parkrun is of course on Christmas day. It is the usual 09:00 start. We will not be marking the course out, other than the finish area. It will be fully marshalled though. The café will not be open and we will not open the back room, in effect come along enjoy yourselves and then of course it will be time to get back and put the turkey on.

Andy and Gemma Morris take the helm for what is going to be a great morning.

Don’t forget that our friends at Staveley junior parkrun are up and running at 9AM every Sunday for kids aged between 4 and 14. You can find out more on their Facebook page.


Poolsbrook parkrun
Event number 142
22 December 2018

Happy parkruning - Chris