Christmas day +

11Events #143 & 144

This week’s event report covers two parkruns – our Christmas day special event and 29th December. Take a look at the foot of this report for details of our New Year’s Day extra event.


Christmas day

I had the honour of being the Run Director this week and roped in my daughter, Gemma, who reluctantly agreed to be my co-RD for the day. Gemma has volunteered a few times but wasn’t massively confident about any ‘speaking parts’ – so what did I do ? I asked her to do the first timer’s briefing ! I have to admit that it was a joy for me to share the morning with Gemma and she proved to be a great help, especially around the finish funnel with so many participants.   4

We had expected to get a decent turnout as the previous years we have had 274 (2017) and 156 (2016), clearly the numbers were getting bigger. However, to get 371 people on the day was magnificent and we were well prepared. We used one of our new stopwatches for the first time – this one is capable of storing up to 2000 records and is much more robust than the older stopwatches. We have additional finish tokens which take us up well beyond 600 finishers. We extended the finish funnel to prevent blockages on the finish line. We have a third barcode scanner (didn’t need to use it on the day) in case we get any long queues. So, all in all, I’d say we were prepared.


Considering how busy it was, our volunteers did a fantastic job, especially the timekeepers who managed to click everyone through so processing the results was fairly straightforward. So this in mind, many, many thanks to our Christmas Day volunteers: Gabbie PATTISON, Peter SMITH, Damian BAKER, Zaheer MAHMOOD, Jean BAKER, Juliet LITTLE, Cath BADHAM, Pearce COLLEY, Regan COLLEY, Chris HUNT, Roger KENCH, Teresa PAYNE, Jean SHARDLOW, Jeffrey SHARDLOW, Stephanie WARD, Dave BOWN, Alan BROWNE, Mark HAZLEHURST, Andrew HOWARD, Andy MORRIS, Gemma MORRIS, Rachael SUMMERS, Mike COLLEY, Dan HARPHAM. You are all stars.


Volunteering is rewarding and enjoyable – ask anyone that does it and they will agree. If you can volunteer and would like to help out and give something back to your local event please leave us a message on our Facebook page or e-mail us on – thank you.


I can’t say that we expected many first time parkrunners on Christmas day, but we got plenty. Welcome to Poolsbrook parkrun to Archie DONALDSON, Cameron DOUGLAS, Caroline OXLEY, Gina STANLEY, Melanie KABERRY, Mikey BROOMHEAD, Nigel WEST, Paul HERCOCK, Sam PANDAY, Steven SMITH, Terence STANLEY. We hope to see you at Poolsbrook every week.


Not surprisingly given the limited numbers of parkruns operating on Christmas day, we had lots of first time tourists and were delighted to welcome James GLOSSOP, David SWIFT, Robert PATTISON, Matt MANLEY, Emma BROWN, Anthea Dianne SCOTT, James LILLEYMAN, Derryn FRETWELL, Beth GREEN, Emma MORGAN, Karl SHAW, David ADAMS, Luke WIGMAN, Collette GAINS, Emma COWELL, Fiona SHAW, Leo SHAW, Jenny DODDS, Anya PORTUS, Lyra DYMOND, Alison SMITH, James BROOMHEAD, Christopher BROWN, Barry RICE, Steve GARNER, Sue ARNOLD, Kirsty SWANN, Matan DUVEEN, David JOHNSON, Julie MEREDITH, Geoff VOCE, John STAN, Megan CROFTS, Emily DODDS, Sarah Jane GALTREY, Juli WAUGH, Craig LINACRE, Caroline FRENCH, Jacob DYMOND, Martin LONG, Karen HYATT, Leighton ELLIS, Sarah PEARSON, Chris WALL, Catherine BEACHILL, Yannie DUVEEN, Caledonia KEETLEY, Ian WAUGH, David DONALDSON, Issy WAUGH, Donna FARMER, Nathan HOLMES, Tracey DONALDSON, Elaine WHARMBY, Ian KEETLEY, Sam LE PARD, Mark MANLEY, Garry WHARMBY, Lee-Anne MANLEY, David COOPER, Daniel CROW, Stuart HOLMES, Alex SHEPHERD.

What a day to achieve a milestone, Stephen Bennet (36 at Poolsbrook) and Tony Hancock (42 at Poolsbrook) completed their 50th runs, as did. Poolsbrook regular Chris Payne (48 at Poolsbrook) with his trusty dog and members of his family. Keely ALLEN (2 at Poolsbrook) completed her 100th parkrun as did Martin Hutton (2 at Poolsbrook). Congratulations to all of you.   60

With good running conditions we had lots of Personal Bests, many congratulations to Christopher GLOSSOP, Darren LONGMATE,Edward GLOSSOP, Gail CROSSLEY, Charlotte SKELDING, Teresa MOSS, Cora LILLEYMAN, Perry SIMPSON, Susan GOODWIN, Liam HOLLINSHEAD, Alistair ATKINSON, Naomi FELLOWS, Katy JOHNSON, Daniel PREECE, Aaron WEBB, James ANDERSON, Sam BROOMHEAD, Sam PASSINGHAM, Paul BLOODWORTH, Chris BROOMHEAD, Christopher ALDRED, James FRY, Lindsay MOSS, Julie RICE, Heather BARBER, Russell HUBBER, Victoria CARTWRIGHT, Jules FOSTER, Kristian WATSON, Michael PAYNE, Harry COCKING, Felix WOODS, Joanne COY, Craig DOBSON, Niki HOBSON, Alice CONNOLLY, Neil COPE, Oskar WOODS, Susan CAMPBELL, Sarah MILLS, Kate RUFFELL, Claire WATSON, Jenny HAYWOOD, John TOSCANO, Kevin SISSON, Peter JOHNSON, Peter STEVENSON, Steve HAND, Martin HUTTON, Robert CASSY, Lindsey CLEGG, Christopher HEGGS, Sophie TOYN, Rob MILLARD, Ashleigh BARRON, Andrew HOWARD.

Sam Broomhead set a new age graded record of 74.86% for the SM20-24 category and Issy Waugh with 82.12% for the JW10 category.

As a reward to all of our participants there were lots of goodies at the finish, cakes, biscuits and chocolates – thanks to everyone who brought them along.   It was a lovely morning all round with lots of Christmas cheer and plenty of smiling faces. What a great start to the day.   24
DSC_2937December 29th  

Today Mike took over as Run Director and had the happy duty to welcome 188 participants which included 3 people doing their first parkrun in addition to those on Christmas day. Welcome to Andrew MARSDEN, Kim KNIGHT, Lisa GROARKE. Mike was supported by a cast of awesome volunteers, namely Andy MORRIS • Cherry HAZLEHURST • Chris PATTISON • Gordon HARDING • Heather HILL • Jackie BOON • Janet HESLIP • Jill LANGLEY • Julie MARSDEN • Lottie HINDLEY- LANGE • Mark HAZLEHURST • Martin BROWN • Mike BROWN • Mike COLLEY • Neil HOLLINSHEAD • Nicola SEARBY • Paul CONSTABLE • Sue DAVIES-BECKETT • Teresa PAYNE • Tim LANGLEY • Tina HENSEY • Victoria COLLEY • Victoria HILL • William STREET – thanks everyone.   IMG-20181229-WA0008

I don’t know if you have noticed, but a few of our regular volunteers don’t take part in the event, but still turn up week after week to help out. There are others who occasionally take part but prefer to volunteer. There is a role for everyone as a volunteer, whether you do it a couple of times a year or every week – it’s always very much appreciated by everyone who takes part. If you know anyone who would be willing to volunteer but does not want to take part in the event, why not encourage them to register and volunteer for us.


Roger gave the first timers briefing and as well as speaking to the new runners named above, he also welcomed 29 first time visitors to Poolsbrook parkrun: Gemma HOBSON, Nikki FLOOD, Suzanne FOX, Heather WOOD, Shaun MILLS, Ruth CROOT, Charlotte MADDOX, Laura WALMSLEY, Leisha SHINER, Heather SHERRIFF, Tom BIRD, Julie WIDDOWSON, Ben STITTLE, Nicola WAKELAND, Jenny KING, Elaine WOODBRIDGE, Cas WRIGHT, Mark DUNNING, Kirsty WOODBRIDGE, Ben STEEL, Dawn GUTTRIDGE, Mark SMITH, Rosie SMITH, Reuben SMITH, Louie SMITH, John MAPLES, Kevin GUTTRIDGE, Andrew WOFFINDIN, Andrea CORBET.

And so to Personal Bests – if you achieved one, you deserve a mention – so here goes: David SWIFT, Martyn WHITLEY, Hannah JONES, Darren LONGMATE, Rachel LONGMATE, Elizabeth EVANS, Matt ROE, Clare MCSHANE, Dean LUCAS, Gemma MORRIS, Sona BIRD, Ashley WILDE, Darren HAYES, Rebecca PIERCE, Niki HOBSON, Matthew MARTIN, Steven SHAW.   IMG-20181229-WA0000

Were there any milestones I hear you ask (or perhaps it’s the little voice in my head that’s saying it), the answer is ………………… YES, we had two 50th runs from Katherine BOON (36 at Poolsbrook) and Nichola HEATHCOTE (40 at Poolsbrook). David Goater completed his 100th event (41 at Poolsbrook) – congratulations to all of you. Twiglet the dog took part for the 150th time with her owner Andrea who has completed over 200 runs.

Another milestone achieved was that our 5000th different participant took part over the festive period (we are now up to 5049) and we had our 500th different volunteer (now up to 507) – these are milestones that all of us at Poolsbrook should be proud of – thank you everyone.


New Years Day

I’m sure that everyone is aware that we will be holding an extra event on New Years Day starting at 1030AM. The later start means that if you choose to, you will be able to take part in an event before coming to Poolsbrook for your ‘double’. There are a few options available to you including Clumber, Sheffield Castle and Graves (0900). More information can be found here: parkrun Christmas compendium.

The café will be closed but we will be opening up the toilets and the room behind the café. We will be providing some coffee and tea, but it would be useful if you could bring your own snacks to share – there must be loads left over after Christmas.

I spoke at the briefing on Saturday about parking – we expect that there will be a very high number of participants – possibly beating our previous record of 473 set last New Years Day. This will mean that the main car park near the café will be full very quickly as no doubt will the Erin Road car park. Please, if you can, park on the roads on the adjoining industrial estate or on the verges, roadside – but whatever you do, please do not block any roads or entrances as emergency vehicles as well as caravans getting access to the campsite all need access at all times. If possible travel ion a group to reduce the number of cars.

It’s going to be a lovely day and a lovely event – don’t forget to thank the volunteers and give a warm Poolsbrook parkrun welcome to first timers and visitors.

Finally – please don’t forget that it’s a 1030AM start , so if you turn up at 0900 we won’t be there and you’ll have a long wait !   Happy New Year.