Portobello parkrun, Edinburgh is cancelled on 24 October 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

(not) parkrun week 17 5 -11 October

Week 17 of (not)parkrun with 17,511 parkrunners taking part across 20 countries, with an average finish time of 34:04 ⏱️ That's a lower turn out than in previous weeks but parkrun has resumed in a small number of places so that might account for it.

We bucked the trend with a new record turnout of (not) parkrunners representing Portobello with 50 people registering a 5km time over the week. Welcome to first timers Stephanie Maia, Catriona Mutch, Rob MacKean, Zoe MacDonald, Jan Maxwell, Mike Lieberman and Michael Dolan! A special welcome to Stephanie who's never run a "real" parkrun, hopefully it won't be long until you can join us in the park.

The (not) parkrun PB congratulations go to Lynsay Burgess, Claire Mathieson (she didn't have me holding her up this week!), Scott Balfour, Anna Kachkova, Paul Barnaby, Luca Basso, Anne Milne, Connor Ulferts Kilpatrick, Heike Ulferts, Catherine Patterson and Robert Main!

The mid-week announcement from the First Minister meant I had to change my plans for some (not) parkrun tourism on Saturday as plan A was to travel to outside the health authority. However, plan B was swiftly hatched and myself and fellow tourism fan Gary Hall met at Saughton Park in the west of Edinburgh.  The park has had extensive renovation works carried out in recent years and made for a very pleasant morning out.  We did a figure of 8 loop round the park - round the outside of the walled garden, then up the central path and round the outside of the sports field, 3 times and a bit made for a fairly flat and fast 5km. There's lots of parking, toilets and a cafe with outside ordering and seating area so I highly recommend a trip. Get there early if you can as it got busier as the morning went on and the car park was full when I ran through again on Sunday lunchtime.


The latest update from parkrun HQ can be found here. It probably won't  come as a surprise that there's no news on parkrun restarting in the UK yet, but there is positive news from elsewhere in the world with 3700 runners taking part in 33 events last Saturday. In the mean time, stay safe, keep running, keep in touch with us through the facebook page and watch this space for some spooky goings on around Halloween!



(not) parkrun week 16 28 September – 4 October

The results are in from week sixteen at (not)parkrun with 16,316 parkrunners taking part across 20 countries, with an average finish time of 34:07 ⏱️ We had 40 participants from Portobello, recording 51 (not) parkrun times over the week, with an average finish time of 32:50.  Welcome to first time (not) parkrunners Sinead Fielding and Lynsay Burgess!

The rain did not stop play with 12 of the 40 runners taking part in (not) parkrun on Saturday, you hard core people!  I had a (not) parkrun date on Saturday morning with fellow Run Director the lovely Claire (cakes) Mathieson. We met at the slightly random but mutually convenient Straiton retail park and did a loop round Loanhead, followed by an al fresco coffee and catch up, it almost felt like a normal parkrun morning!

The Personal Best congratulations this week go to Douglas Forrester, Jennie Simpson, Paul Barnaby, Elinor Evans, Chris Noden, Naomi Miall, Annette Davison, Scott Balfour, David Mill, and me!

The latest update from parkrun HQ can be found here. There is more good news for parkruns resuming around the world, including plans to start Guernsey and Nobles parkrun on the Isle of Man at the end of this month. Before any plans a tourist trip, there are serious restrictions on travel to both islands!

I know I always say "stay safe and keep running" but this week I have a plea on the safety front that's not covid related.....it's about visibility! The nights are drawing in and either milk tray have resumed home delivery services or the runners of Edinburgh need to ensure they can be seen by fellow pedestrians, motorists and cyclists. If you're new to winter running or maybe running outside more then please get yourself some lights and reflective gear. There's some very cheap lightweight hi-viz vests that you can throw on over any clothing and the reflective "snap band" type strips are great for round arms, ankles or bags. Don't be a ninja runner unless it's a sneaky sprint finish!!

It's World Mental Health day on Saturday 10th October and we all know that nothing boosts your mood quite like a parkrun. Hopefully there won't be anything in the Government announcements later today that prevents us from still doing our (not) parkrun so if you can, why not make a "date" with a running buddy and head out for a run and a chat. The miles go so much faster with company!

Stay safe, don't be a ninja, and keep running!



(not) parkrun week 15 21-27 September

Week 15 of (not) parkrun saw 16,706 parkrunners taking part across 20 countries, with an average finish time of 34:09 ⏱️

38 participants registered to Portobello took part with an average finish time of 31:15. We welcomed 3 first timers to (not) parkrun: Robert Main, Tracy-Ann Aiton and Anna Kachkova.

The role call for personal best congratulations contains some familiar names again, suggesting there's some good training paying off. Well done to Elinor Evans, Douglas Forrester, Dorothy Grooby, Connor Ulferts Kilpatrick, Niami Miall, Catherine Patterson and Alex Boyack.

There is no new news in the parkrun HQ update this week. Mental as well as physical wellbeing was very much discussed in the parkrun Q&A session recently and this is acknowledged again in the update. I think it's safe to say we are all missing our parkrun for more than just the running and with the nights drawing in it's often harder to find the motivation to put on the trainers. You'll undoubtedly feel better if you do though and I'm definitely going to make more of an effort to free up time in my work diary at lunchtime to make the most of the daylight hours. Or why not make a "virtual" date with a running buddy if you're unable to meet up in person then you're more likely to go out and can swap notes on how your run went afterwards? For anyone dreading the winter months this article might be of interest, think like a Norwegian (their parkrun is currently cancelled too!).

Stay safe, keeping running and dig out the thermals, hi-viz and lights!



(not) parkrun week 14 14-20 September

The parkrun results email is still saying week 11 but it's week 14 and 17,815 parkrunners took part in (not) parkrun across 20 countries, with an average finish time of 34:25. 41 of those runners represented Portobello and we welcomed first time (not) parkrunners Jennie Simpson and Russell Simpson.

7 Porty runners recorded a (not) parkrun personal best, congratulations to Catherine Patterson, David Mill, Jackie Blyth, Naomi Miall, Damian Harney, Gillian Renilson and Douglas Forrester! I also noticed that Catherine, David, Jackie and Naomi have never actually run a "real" parkrun so it's fantastic to see them taking part in (not) parkrun and hopefully it won't be long until we welcome them to participate in the real thing.

On the subject of the "real thing", there was a live Q&A session last Friday with CEO Nick Pearson and COO Tom Williams where it became clear that the previous intention to restart English parkruns by the end of October would now not be feasible.  If you missed it you can catch up here. This week's update can be found here, there is at least some positive news elsewhere in the world but understandably no schedule at the moment for the return of UK events.

Which leads me nicely onto the subject of UK events.....those who know me well will know that I love nothing more than a spot of parkrun tourism.  So imagine my delight when my holiday last week took me (and the lovely parkrunning Lynne Cowden) to the Isle of Bute for the day. Bute is home to Mount Stewart parkrun, which from Edinburgh is never going to be the easiest to visit on a Saturday morning - the morning ferry only runs to parkrun o'clock in the summer months, if it's delayed you'll miss the run, using the bus from the ferry is a timing gamble, so you either need to take the car on the boat (quite expensive) or arrange a lift, or you're facing a 4 mile speed session warm up! This seemed like the perfect opportunity to do a recce of the course and record a (not) parkrun time on an actual parkrun course......however, it was still closed due to Covid and we couldn't even get in the grounds. So we dried our tears and I started to formulate plan B......


.......plan B, maybe all was not lost in my quest for some (not) parkrun tourism, I'd be driving past Greenock parkrun on the way home.  The course description reads as easy to follow - out along the esplanade, turn back at the boat club to the yellow post, up to the boat club and return along the esplanade, enjoy the stunning across views across the Clyde as you run.....simple, what could possibly go wrong??

The weather is exactly what went wrong!! This is the view from Greenock parkrun on Friday morning! Now I'm by no means a fair-weather runner, I practically got trenchfoot earlier in the week, but this was not appealing and there definitely wasn't a view to appreciate! However, if you're looking for a flat fast course some time and can find a day when there isn't a gale blowing it would probably be a good one to visit.



So that's my (not)  parkrun tale of woe for the week :( Stay safe and keep running!



(not) parkrun week 13 7-13 September

Week 13 of (not) parkrun saw 18,548 parkrunners take part across 20 countries with an average finish time of 34:23.

40 Porty parkrunners took part this week and there were no first timers. We had 12 PBs, congratulations Naomi Miall, Blair Dinwoodie, Jennifer MacKenzie, Alison Elgin, Georgia Rogers, Elinor Evans, Elaine Wilson, Luca Basso, Chris Noden, Merry Ulferts Kilpatrick, Dorothy Grooby & Fiona MacKenzie.

The latest update from parkrun HQ can be found here https://blog.parkrun.com/uk/2020/09/15/covid-19-coronavirus-update-15-september/ there's still no news for Scotland and my last hope of a race this year has just been cancelled. There's still some virtual races and challenges taking place though, well done to anyone who did the virtual Great North run 40 runs challenge or half marathon distance over the weekends and there's been some really long runs popping up on my strava feed in preparation for (not) the London marathon in a few weeks time. Whatever your distance there's still medals to be had to reward your efforts this year.

Take care, stay safe and keep running! Let us know what you've been up to, we miss you!


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