Event #199, 09 March 2019: In Memory of Liz Lynas

parkrun was always more than just a run in the park to Liz. She finished her first parkrun at Portobello on 30 April 2016 and her 100th at Porty on 1 December 2018. She touristed at Edinburgh, Livingston, Hay Lodge, Haga (Sweden), Ormeau, Vogrie, Strathclyde, Lochore Meadows, Dunfermline, Southwark (informally twinned with Porty and affectionately known as 'Southobello'!), St Andrews, Hasenheide (Germany) and Falkirk, rating each on their welcome to walkers and whether the toast was any good in the cafe. Liz loved toast! She also received a prize at Porty's second birthday for taking a massive chunk of time off her PB and last year for volunteering - she volunteered at parkrun or junior parkrun on 58 separate occasions.

Liz was also an excellent parkrun recruiter. She recruited lots of people who are now regulars at Porty, and I know on Saturday there were lots more first timers there only because they knew Liz - 64 of you had never done Porty before and we hope to see you again.

parkrun is only possible because of volunteers. This week's high-vis heroes were: Angela NICHOLSON • Angus CHANDLER • Christine CARLTON • Ciara WEBB • Clare LEGGE • Dan PERREGAUX • David LIMMER • David MILNE • Dawn-Marie MERCER • Elaine BERRI • Emma LOUGHEED • Fiona EADES • Fiona MCLAREN • Helen RALSTON • Ian A SMITH • Ian HALL • John CURREN • Katy SMILLIE • Lorraine SYME-SMITH • Michael GRANT • Rachel BISSET • Robert MAIN • Ross DOUGLAS • Samantha PATERSON

If you can help on a future week, please email portobello@parkrun.com with your barcode number. All the roles are straightforward and we will explain everything on the day.

Spring Planting
Please avoid trampling the bulbs that are beginning to shoot leaves near the finish area. There are signs asking you to avoid that area. We noted that folk are locking bikes to the fence which is fine, just walk along the fence line and the bulbs will be fine.

We've also had a request from the Friends of Figgate Park to avoid leaving jackets near the saplings in the 'Fruity Corner' (where the concrete planters are). There's a picture on our social media of this today.

Finally, use your parkrun to make connections with people. That's what Liz did. We have quite an incredible community of runners, joggers, walkers, and volunteers at Porty and we all have one thing in common - getting out and moving around for the benefit of each other on a Saturday morning. #loveparkrun, Liz did. We hope you are now at peace our wonderful friend.