Event #200, 16 March 2019

200 events-WOW! Portoello parkrun, Edinburgh started on 18th April 2015. Since then 9,819 participants have completed 53,401 parkruns covering a total distance of 267,005 km, including 9,554 new Personal Bests. A total of 783 individuals have volunteered 3,915 times. Did you know that 267,000 km is the orbiting distance of the Chandrayaan-1, an Indian satellite? Fact!

Massive thanks to all our volunteers today:
Lorraine SYME-SMITH • Scott BALFOUR • Fiona M MACKENZIE • Ian HALL • Chris RUSSELL • Michael James HANNAM • Robert MAIN • Stuart FLETCHER • Clare LEGGE • Emma LOUGHEED • Richard MUDIE • John CURREN • Kathy MCKEAN • Gary HALL • Rachael SINCLAIR • Matthew GORRIE • Jennie SIMPSON • Elaine BERRI • Nicola DUNN • Thomaas MALCOLM • Angus CHANDLER • Isaac SIMPSON • Andrew MYLNE • Rhona MYLNE • Hollie BANNATYNE • Helen MERRY

Volunteering is easy and it’s fun. If you can help in future weeks please email portobello@parkrun.com

Spring Planting
Please don’t trample on the spring bulbs near the finish area or leave jackets etc near the saplings at the concrete tubs.

Finally, we said a fond goodbye to Rubena at the cafe this morning and a hello to the new owner. Don’t worry though, Rubena said she will come and run at Porty now!