Event #203 – 6 April 2019

Portobello parkrun, Edinburgh
Event number 203
6th April 2019

At Porty parkrun we can run in zestful joy, or in somber meditation. parkrun can be about freedom of movement in contact with Nature; or it can be about the discipline and willpower of competitive effort against yourself around the paths of Figgate Park. It can give the rich companionship of running with friends, or the equally rich solitude of running alone. It is a significant part of the lives of us porty parkrunners. This is something we can see so clearly as volunteers, watching the stampede of colourful parkrunners run around the park.

This week was a dreich parkrun, but that didn't stop 279 people completing the 5k course of Figgate park. We welcomed 36 were first timers, from brand new parkrunners, to parkrunners visiting from all over the UK. Although the weather was rather damp, it didn't stop 48 people recording new Personal Bests! That’s an impressive 17% of the field! Congratulations to your achievements!

This event wouldn't be possible without our amazing volunteers, they really were amazing yesterday standing in the cold rain for you all. Big Cheers go out too Lorraine SYME-SMITH, Ian A SMITH, Claire FOX, Fiona M MACKENZIE, Peter MCKILLOP, Sarah DAVIS, Eleanor MACKENZIE, Ann RAUTENBACH, Robert MAIN, Ciara WEBB, Clare LEGGE, Eleanor SINGER, Ian DAVIDSON, Ross J NICOL, Gary HALL, Gosia KARCZEWSKA, Jody LEWIS, Dorothy GROOBY, Anne MOAR, David WOOD, Leah GIBSON, Emily THORBURN, Dan PERREGAUX and David MILNE.

The finish area was definitely the place to hang around if you have a sweet tooth! 4 milestones completed and LOADS of cakes being shared! A great tradition at porty, we love a bit of cake! Congratulations to Morag Mylne, Lisa Egan, Matthew Naumann and Mark Ballard who all completed 50 parkruns, top effort! And congratulations to Ian A Smith who also completed a milestone landmark of 100 parkruns!

Out 4th Birthday will be April 20th 2019
27th April is a Junior takeover.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Portobello parkrun, Edinburgh Results Page.

Portobello parkrun, Edinburgh started on 18th April 2015. Since then 9,930 participants have completed 54,369 parkruns covering a total distance of 271,845 km, including 9,724 new Personal Bests. A total of 787 individuals have volunteered 3,982 times.