Alternative Course: from 24 August 2019

Following the closure of one of the bridges that is a fundamental part of our route, leading to a cancellation on 17 August, we are pleased to advise that we have access to an alternative route which we will use from 24 August. There are a few things to note:

* No dogs or buggies are permitted to participate in Portobello parkrun whilst we use the alternative course. This is for safety reasons.
* The start will be in line with the bird feeder.
* There will be a marshal to direct you over the alternative bridge. It is a hard right turn onto the bridge and a hard left to get off it. The surface of the bridge is rough. Please slow down and cross with care.
* There is a short contraflow section, which will be marshalled. You must keep left and in single file. Other park users have priority over all parkrunners and you must give way to them, even if you have to slow down or stop.
* No overtaking in the tunnel.

We will have some ‘roving marshals’ this Saturday, people who are running and will marshal as we go. This will ensure runners understand the course and take heed of the fact that we must give way to other park users, especially at the contraflow.

See you on Saturday!