Event #234: 23 November 2019



November the 23rd (11/23) is Fibonacci Day.  The day honours one of the most influential mathematicians of the middle ages - Leonardo Fibonacci.  The date November 23rd is celebrated because when the date is written mm/dd format (11/23) the digits in the date form a Fibonacci sequence:1,1,2,3. - I thought I’d mention this as today was our 234th parkrun event making todays secret code 11234..... aaaaanyyyyway moving on...

Introduction - After a really cold start of the week, we finally hit Saturday morning to start our weekends of in the best possible way! Figgate Park, Portobello.

830am I walk the course to check the course, walking the course you can really feel the atmosphere building as you meet the early arrivals warming up, Dog walkers saying good morning, the wildlife in the Figgate pond getting on with life.  Conditions were damp, leaves had dropped, and clouds were very much in control of todays weather.

0900 volunteers arrive, we set up the course, and have a quick catch up before we start.  Thank you so much for your hard work this morning.  Your volunteers were. Eleanor MACKENZIE • Ann RAUTENBACH • Robbie YATES • Richard MUDIE • Joyce SALVONA • Oliver FERIA-YATES • John CURREN • Ross J NICOL • Fiona NICOL • Marianne JAMES • Nico FERIA-YATES • Christine CARLTON • Neil PARK • Jennie SIMPSON • Naomi SIMPSON • Kuba SKRZYNIARZ • Luca BASSO • Quinn UNGLESS • Jim MCDOWALL • David MILNE • Matthew WELDON

0915 - We meet the first time and visiting parkrunners! I really hope you enjoyed your first event with us, and really hope to see you back soon. 3969 miles were covered travelling to us today from visitors, coming from Middlesbrough, Northampton, Buckie, Workington, Worthing, Pontypool South Wales, London, Portsmouth, Wakefield, York, Wilmslow, Nairn, Norwich, Glasgow and Redcar! 

0930 - The pre run brief.  Thank you for all listening this morning, we had a few shoutouts today, Congratulations to Luca Basso for his 100th parkrun, and his 25th Volunteering! How good is that!! Luca is a well known face at Porty and I'd like to thank you for all your help volunteering over the years. 234-3

If a double milestone wasn't impressive enough for you, how about this then! Six year old Sarah Esmeralda O'Neill completing her 50th parkrun, not only completing it, but collecting a personal best time at Portobello!! Those stats are just incredible! Well done Sarah!!!234-2Our Time Keeper today was John Curren, another Porty regular and another amazing milestone, 25 volunteering stints to make our parkrun happen.  Thank you so much for all your time John, its very much appreciated by all of us.234-4


09:33 - The Run!!! All 363 of you looked amazing out there, bringing much needed colour to the overcast day! No Incidents throughout the morning made me a happy RD! from start to finish, you were all perfect! Thank you! 234-6

10:40 - The Café The best bit about parkrun milestones is the celebratory cake! Thanks very much to the O'Neills for this! it was delicious!!234-1

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Portobello parkrun, Edinburgh Results Page.

Hope you have a great weekend folks,