Event #236: 7 December 2019


This morning marked our first parkun in December of 2019. Last weekend’s St Andrew’s Day parkrun was 10 degrees colder than this morning, meaning we went from a white frosty morning to a very much green morning.  And green is going to be the theme of today’s run report.  As I checked the course this morning the park again was thriving as usual, we are very lucky to have Figgate Park as our parkrun location as it’s part of The Green Flag scheme, that recognises and rewards the best parks and greenspaces in Britain.
<ahref="https://images.parkrun.com/blogs.dir/669/files/2019/12/first-timers.png"> And maybe that's partially the reason people like to choose Porty as their tourism parkrun. We had 46 visitors or first timers this morning coming from all over the globe to see us, it was a pleasure having you, and welcome you back again soon.

This Morning 323 people ran, jogged and walked Porty parkrun, and thanks to me organising perfect conditions a massive 31 recorded new Personal Bests ;-)

This parkrun wouldn't happen without our amazing volunteers. Your Hi Viz heroes were...Eleanor MACKENZIE • Ann RAUTENBACHRobert MAIN Richard MUDIEOliver FERIA-YATESRoss J NICOL Fiona NICOL Gary HALLLaura PLUMBGraeme SYMENico FERIA-YATES Elaine BERRI Dorothy GROOBY Laura HARRISONRachel WARRENDavid WOODQuinn UNGLESS Keith ADAMSONDan PERREGAUXDavid MILNEDiana BARDSLEY Elaine WILSONMatthew WELDON

Milestone Awards


Laura Dickson completed her 50th parkrun today, and has run our parkrun 30 times! Well done Laura!



Mary Hockenhull also completed her 50th parkrun this morning, her 46th at Portobello.  Mary says she is very chuffed to get to 50 parkruns, and has thanked all the volunteers who make it happen week in and week out, She also says parkrun has changed her relationship with running for the better.  I have to agree with that one Mary, running at parkrun has definitely helped me enjoy running so much better that it did before.  Well Done Mary!

mary pup


And we finish the Green theme with Mike Lieberman starting his parkrun journey in 2011 (4 years before Portobello parkun had even started) today joined the exclusive club, 250 parkruns, claiming his green 250 T-shirt!  Like I said on the pre run brief, 127 runs at Portobello, 381 laps of the park! It is such an impressive stat!  Mike always gives a nice thank you to the volunteers as he runs past,  I feel its a really nice thing to do as you run the course showing appreciation to the Hi Viz Heroes, Mike is also a keen volunteer with us, and I would like to show my appreciation to you for your volunteering also. Mike congratulations on reaching 250 parkruns.

mike cone

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Portobello parkrun, Edinburgh Results Page.

I cant beat any better news than this so I will finish here, have a great weekend everyone, hope you enjoyed your morning with us, and we will hopefully see you back soon.