(not) parkrun week 3 29 June – 5 July 2020

Week 3 of (not) parkrun saw the start of the school holidays for most and a return to typical Scottish summer weather to celebrate. At least the reservoirs will be breathing a sigh of relief along with all those parents who've been homeschooling.

There was also good news for our parkrunning pals in New Zealand who were back to parkrun for the first time on Saturday after lockdown.  It's great to see them all running again but a little bit sad to have a reminder of what we're missing. We'll get there in time though! As part of their return parkruns chose a "locked down" parkrun country to support and Anderson parkrun in Napier (on the East coast of the North Island) chose Scotland.  There's some great videos and photos on their facebook page with more tartan than a tourist shop on the Royal Mile!

This week 37 Porty parkrunners dodged the gale force winds and torrential rain to record their (not) parkrun 5k time.  9 of these were first timers to (not) parkrun so a special welcome to them. From the returnees, 15 recorded a new personal best for (not) parkrun.  Among them were 3 of the 4 members of the Ulferts-Kilpatrick family who sent us this lovely photo from week 16 of their "mum's (not) parkrun", apparently their food bill is shooting up at a proportional rate to the kids! Lockdown training camp also paid off for Elinor Evans and mum Margaret who smashed their sub-40 goal, both recording times well under 39 minutes.....well done ladies!


Saturday remains the most popular day for recording (not) parkrun times with 17 of the 37 runs recorded.  It's the first time i've done mine on a Saturday and I put it off all day due to the dreich weather (and maybe a little too much zoom chat wine on Friday night). Eventually I dragged myself out before dinner and returned to the "village hotel (not) parkrun" which I've not done for a few weeks. I couldn't even tell you how many laps it is as i lose count but using 2 adjacent empty car parks is the best way I've found to do a non-stop run close to home without having to worry about social distancing. Hopefully it's amusing whoever monitors their CCTV too!

The weather looks a bit more favourable for running this week so let's see if we can get a record turn out for (not) Porty parkrun. You can log your 5k time at any point in the week (submit by midnight Sunday) and can even submit more than one time but only your fastest will show in the results list.

A full set of results can be found here: https://www.parkrun.org.uk/portobello/results/notparkrunhistory/

We'd love to see and hear where you've been running so feel free to drop us a line on our facebook page or through the mailbox portobello@parkrun.com.  There were several reports of "porty parkrunner sightings" too this week so grab a social distanced selfie if you bump into each other while you're out n about, we miss your lovely faces, even the sweaty ones!

Stay safe!