(not) parkrun week 5 13 – 19 July 2020

week 5 of (not) parkrun already! I genuinely don't know where the weeks are going at the moment, i'm sure last time I checked it was only May! Hopefully now that some of the restrictions have been lifted you're starting to get out and about a bit more and see more people. I had friends visiting this weekend which was lovely and we paid a visit to Portobello beach on Sunday morning, bumping into a few parkrunners along the way. Sadly we didn't manage a run over the weekend as a very long walk round town on Saturday left us all with rather tired legs!

This week 20,587 parkrunners took part in (not) parkrun across 20 countries, with an average finish time of 33:59.  35 of those represented Portobello parkrun and we welcomed first time (not) parkrunners Eilidh Still, Steven Starthearn and Simon Hayes.

The lockdown training continues to pay off with (not) parkrun PBs recorded by: Jackie Blyth, Eleanor MacKenzie, Debbie Blackwood, Natalie Gorrie, Claire Cakes Mathieson (oh how my waistline is missing her cakes!!), Chris Noden, Nye Ulferts Kilpatrick, Elinor Evans, Margaret Evans and Alison Elgin.

Saturday remains the most popular day for recording a (not) parkrun with 12 of the recorded 35 runs so it's great to see the tradition being kept alive!

The latest update from parkrun can be found here. It probably won't surprise you to know that there is no further news on a return date, so keep training and keep logging those (not) parkrun times! You can run your 5k where ever and whenever you like (I ran to the post office carrying a parcel last week!) and I've seen reports of runs in France and Germany this week, proving that even the parkrun tourism fans can still get their fix!

The full set of results history for (not) parkrun can be found here.