(not) parkrun week 6 20 – 26 July 2020

Week 6 and the (not) parkrun run report writer has made a serious blunder and run a (not) parkrun PB and failed to log it!! The (not) parkrun equivalent of forgetting your barcode! It's a shame because I had a great run - this weekend my wonderful club Edinburgh Running Network held our annual "LP Run" virtually. Normally we'd all run round a track for 33min 20 seconds (if you're under the age of 30 get someone to explain this to you) to some carefully selected tunes and there are usually as many prizes for the post-run baking as there are for running (because we're that kind of club!).  Hence, this was how I found myself running 14 and a bit laps of a section of Inverleith Park on Saturday afternoon with a couple of fellow ERNies for company and to save me looking like a complete lunatic if I'd done it on my own. It was so nice to have other people to run with again and be able to have outdoor socially distanced coffee and cake afterwards, it really felt like a "normal" run session.

Elsewhere, amidst the traumas of Garmin connect being offline, 28 Porty parkrunners recorded their (not) parkrun time during the week and we welcomed (not) parkrun first timers Robin and Nicola Lockey (great to see this mum and daughter duo are still running together), Mike Tucker, Adam Small, Sheila Masson and Lynne Cowden.

7 runners recorded a (not) parkrun PB and congratulations go to Fiona Coutts, Stuart Donnelly, Chris Noden, Gillian Renilson, Jim Sime, Richard Parkin and Nicola Fielding!

For the first time since (not) parkrun began, Monday rather than Saturday, was the most popular day for recording a (not) parkrun time......perhaps I should take note of this and log it early in the week before I forget in future!!

An update from parkrun was issued this week and at this stage the core team only know as much as is being issued in the "public" briefings.

A full set of (not) parkrun results can be found here. We'd love to hear where you're running your 5k's so feel free to drop us an email or post on the facebook page.

Keep running and stay safe!