(not) parkrun week 7 27 July – 2 August 2020

Week 7 of (not) parkrun saw 30 Porty parkrunners record their (not) parkrun 5k time.  3 first timers joined us this week so welcome to Loic Beaumatin, Luca Basso and Dorothy Grooby!

There must be some good training going on as 11 runners recorded a (not) parkrun PB! Congratulations to Ciara Webb, Valerie Chapman, Sally Johnson, Jim Sime, Siobhan Sellar, Eleanor MacKenzie, Adam Small, Joanna McKenzie, Nicola Fielding, Margaret Evans & Debbie Blackwood.

(not) parkruns can take place on any day of the week, although Saturday tends to be a popular day.  This week the most popular day was Thursday ( 6 runs), closely followed by Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday with 5 runs each. You can log a (not) parkrun time on any day of the week and may record more than one time per week but only your fastest of the week will show on the results table.

I've indulged in some (not) parkrun tourism this week with a trip to visit my parents for a change of scenery. It's been nice to run round some different streets and I even found a "home from home" narrow boat while on a walk along the canal. The owner told me it was named by the previous owners after the Portobello area of London where they'd lived and not after our favourite parkrun!


I also had a walk round the location of one of their nearby parkruns. Bonus point for anyone who came name the venue of this start line....... (clue, it's North West England).


We had a "postcard" in the mailbox from Stuart Donnelly this week who tells us "I'm running round and round in circles in Aberlady - nearly 3 loops of the village to get to 5k.  I started the year in pretty bad shape as my “real" parkrun times will attest, but after 8 weeks of running for 30 minutes every single day during lockdown, I’ve never been fitter or run faster - the key seems to be not going too fast to start, and not increasing the pace too quickly either; consistency Is the key and helps avoid injuries and niggles.  That and a bit of strength and conditioning along the way." 

Great training tip there from Stuart - so many people set off too fast and crash and burn, steady pacing is a real skill to master!

Keep up the training, enjoy the last week of the school holidays and stay safe!