(not) parkrun week 10 17 – 23 August 2020

The results are in from week ten at (not) parkrun with 18,181 parkrunners taking part across 20 countries, with an average finish time of 34:10.

It was another record turnout week for Porty (not) parkrunners with an attendance of 44 runners, no doubt partly assisted by the ongoing Edinburgh Running Network challenge that awarded them a bonus point for a logging a time on Saturday, and also boosted by the return of the 4 members of the Ulferts-Kilpatrick family who resumed "mum's non parkrun" after a summer break......although there will be inquiries as to why they didn't run on their holidays ;)

This turnout of 44 gave us the 32nd highest turnout of 674 parkruns in the UK. The highest turnout was at Chelmsford Central (171 not parkrunners), followed by Witney (155) and Bushy Park (145).  Admittedly, Bushy Park is a much bigger event than Portobello and regularly tops 1000 runners, with an average attendance of 742.  Chelmsford Central has averaged 498 runners and Witney 243. Our average attendance at Portobello is 282 but in recent times has been much higher than this.....so basically what I'm saying is that I think we can do better than 44! Let's see some more Porty folk logging a 5k (not) parkrun time and see if we can move up that UK table next week.

We had 3 first timers this week, welcome to Gordon Turnbull, Caroline Rogers and Gary O'Neill.  There were an incredible 15 PBs this week and congratulations go to: Jody Lewis; Nicola Fielding; Fiona Squires; Claire Mathieson; Elinor Evans; Eric McPhail; Luca Basso; Chris Noden; Joanna McKenzie; Jenny Bush; Maddy Smith; Paul Barnaby; Stephane Maurage; and Gillian Renalson.

You can log your 5k (not) parkrun time on any day of the week and it can be run on any route or on a treadmill. If you're running further then you could take the time for the first or fastest 5k split time from your run. You can record any number of (not) parkruns throughout the week but only the fastest will show on the public results page. There's definitely no harm in logging one early in the week in case you forget to add one later (not that I'm still bitter about that PB I forgot to record!). If you're having problems accessing your parkrun account there's a password reset on the sign in page. https://www.parkrun.com/signin/

stay safe and keep running!